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The Pabsthooligan Boxed Set v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
This is the last will and testament of Pabsthooligan, Scenario Designer. In it is one previously released campaign, one released scenario, and one unreleased scenario. This file contains:

THE FOUR SEASONS, VER.2: Everything that was fun and great about the first version, without the AI and trigger problems. Tons of new triggers, new battles, greater depth of story, new cutscenes, and even map changes.

RIVERS OF BLOOD, VER.2: Now with the help of Puzzleman made "Difficulty Level"-friendly! Same carnage as before, but easier! For those who really like blood, "Hard" or "hardest" settings will pour it on, while wimps can now join in on the fun with the "moderate" choice.

WOAD STRIKE: A previously unreleased scenario of action-packed Scottish craziness! Jaw-dropping map, more triggers than all my other scenarios combined (that's not actually too hard), mega-battles and more.
In the rough-and-tumble Scottish lowlands, the assassination of a Kerr bishop triggers a break-out of clan warfare. As a small group of Kerr warriors goes deep into enemy territory to strike revenge, they are unaware of the sinister conspiracy about to spring into motion...

This is the last submission of mine. I've tried to make everything not just better, but actually worthy of playing again and again.
Thanks to AOKH for the opportunity and kudos to Angel Spineman.
Your Buddy,
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Map Design5.0
First, I'll explain how I did this review...

There were 2 scenarios, and 1 campaign with 4 scenarios in it, so i'll count the campaign as 2/3 the final score, and the

2 scenarios as 1/6 the final score each...

First off...

Rivers of Blood:

Playability: 4, This scenario was fun to play, and it's not too long and not too short (it'll take about a couple hours depending on your playing style). If you choose different difficulty levels, the number of the final castles you have to destroy is different. But it lost a point because at some points of the game, it gets a little laggy.

Balance: 5, If you screw up, and dont follow intructions, you will lose easily. But it is beatable if you do what your supposed to do, and it is also challenging. During the 2nd part, you have to build up and destroy the enemy castles, this

is more challenging because there are 3 enemy teams, and only 1 of you, also, your ally does totally stupid things like use TKs against Jannies, and unpack 10 trebs to attack units...

Creativity: 3, There's nothing really new in this scenario that wasn't already done in other scenarios, but it does have features that make it good... the multiple difficulty objectives, having to do a certain task... not just conquest..

Map Design: 4, It's a well designed map, most of it is used, but... there were some pretty big empty areas... my suggestion is to place some trees and landscape there so it makes it look nice :)

Story/Instructions: 3, The instructions were clear, but there wasn't any really good storyline. (it's also hard to make a really good storyline in a single scenario... unless you have characters chat to reveal storyline)

The 4 Seasons Campaign:

Playability: 5, This was very fun! Not a single dull moment, there's always action happening... A time limit, you getting attacked, you attacking the enemy, having to defend villagers while their doing a certain task.

Balance: 5, It is HARD, but it is possible to win! For example, the first scenario (winter), you constantly get attacked at the beginning, and at one time, i was down to 2 villagers and 9 food.... but if you can survive the few initial attacks and the monks that come at you... by the time you can put up a castle in a strategic location, you should do OK!

Creativity: 4, The idea for the campaign was very unique, and one of the objectives being to defend the enemy's wonder from another enemy's attack was also good! But other then that, a lot of features were used in other scenarios (like buildings on mountains)

Map Design: 5, The map looked good, lots of eye candy, and I can see that a lot of time was put into it. Also, the entire map was used, without any blank spaces :)

Story/Instructions: 4, The instructions were good, they told you what you had to do... although the instructions were a little unclear in the last scenario (i dont want to give anything away though... so you'll see when you play :). As for the story, it didn't tell that much... all it told was what happened in Japan...

Woad Strike:

Playability: 5, This scenario was fun, fast paced, and made me want to play it again :) You get time limits on when to do things, and you get specific tasks to do to proceed to the next part.

Balance: 4, It was kinda hard to destroy the castle because a villager was repairing it... it took me a few tries to destroy it... It would've been better if the player recieved a treb or ram during the 40 minute time limit

Creativity: 4, It was well done, i could see the author tried to make it unique :), but things like the mini-massacre to destroy the enemy's castle was already done in other scenarios

Map Design: 5, Well done map, scenery looked nice, there were no empty spots and the author made use of every part of the map

Story/Instructions: 3, There wasn't really that much storyline, and the instructions were a little unclear... I had to try about 10 times to figure out where the certain base was... (it was a hidden path and there was no hint to where to go...)

Notes: This is my first review, so it'll take a while for me to learn how to judge every campaign/scenario :)

All scenarios/campaigns were played in Standard AoK without the patch on hard difficulty, If this is played with the patch or in TC, it may not work as it is supposed to...
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"The Pabsthooligan Boxed Set v1.1" contains a number of campaigns and scenarios, most of which are unavailable elsewhere on the blacksmith. As expected out of base Age of Kings materiel from within the first year after release, the content is dated significantly. At best, the scenarios can be considered modestly playable with a few really poor games.

Playability 2

Two scenarios and a campaign with four scenarios are available in this set. The two scenarios are reasonably playable, being Woad Strike and Rivers of Blood. The 4 scenario campaign was pretty bad IMO with some missions perhaps being broken to Conquerors Xpack changes, others being really tedious B&D on large maps with tough enemies with the 75 pop limit. The gameplay was rather simple, with the Four Seasons campaign being more comparable with AoE1 scenarios.

Woad Strike was a mission where the player steps into William Wallace's shoes and leads a small squad on a run through an english controlled countryside, and later takes control of a base. You are tasked with destroying a castle but only heavy heavy skorpians, pikemen, and woad raiders. This isn't impossible but its quite annoying to cope with.

Rivers of Blood is an interesting mission with a B&D section at the second half. While it has been improved over the first iteration, its still a 75pop B&D against multiple tough enemy bases, and I still found my city was never under attack despite the scenario presenting a siege situation.

Balance 3

The difficulty was reasonable on most maps, but often approaching cakewalk levels. The enemy attacks are fairly lethargic, often leaving the player to be the one initiating combat even in defensive missions. The challenges presented were sometimes interesting but cumbersome to interact with. Too often though it was destroy multiple enemy castles in a 75 B&D.

Creativity 3

While the complexity of the missions was fairly low, often being similar to AoE1 missions, the creativity of the author in coming up with interesting scenario concepts is quite evident. Every scenario takes an interesting approach to providing a fun gameplay, although its the technical execution that undermines this.

Map Design 3

As expected of such an old map, there is a great deal of antiquated map designing. The Four Seasons campaign was particularly poor, with many random map quality eras. However there were also many points of decent detailing, with some interesting if odd terrain mixing. The forests of the Rivers of Blood map truly caught my eye, and I find them to be quite nice looking, and a bit different from the norm. While technical detailing of the maps are certainly not a strong point by any means, I found many aesthetically pleasing zones on the maps.

Story\Objectives 3

The scenarios had a modest amount of story elements present, but it is the campaign that carries most of the weight here. Each mission had a goodly amount of objectives, instructions, hints, etc and a story linking the missions together. Haiku were created for this Japanese Four Seasons campaign which was interesting to see. Overall, story is not exactly a strongpoint of the pack but as always the Review Guidelines suggests a 3\5 for this level of content so that's how I call it here.

Final Thoughts:There isn't much point downloading this file unless your taking an academic interest in scenario construction.

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Map Design4.0
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