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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
.: Story
In the year 1396, a war broke between the Tuetons and the Goths. The Goths had armies much stronger and greater in number. The Tuetonic Knights, Berserks and Arbalests were no match for the Gothic Armies. In 1403, the war ended with the Goths\' victory.

A few Tuetons were all that survived of the Tuetonic Empire. This is where you come in. After the war, most of the Tuetons were imprisoned by the Goths. After 6 years of imprisonment, you, Deathdart, plan to break out of the prison and with the help of General Maverick and General Ice Man build an army and defeat the Goths. In your attempt to build an army, you must free the prisoners and persuade them to join your side. Many risks lie in your way, such as the Gothic Spearmen and Skirmishers and even some more unpleasent surprises. You must defeat all who come in your way if you are to escape alive!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Jailbreak" is a scenario in which you have to break out of prison, you take command of a teutonic knight named Deathdarts, and must rescue 2 of your Generals, namely Ice Man and Maverick and then preceed to escape.

Playability: Playability wise this scenario was a little below average, the fighting and all things you did in the game pointed towards fighting, whether it be upgrading troops or fighting guards. It became a little repititive.

Balance: Despite being a little repititive in places, the balance was challenging. I give it a fair mark, as its reasonably easy to win the early fights but as you progress it becomes harder and harder. This problem stopped the balance score from rising to the next notch, you can lure the violent prisoners to your healing center's and convert them instead of fighting them, which can led to having a stronger force which can greatly affect the balance early on.

Creativity: The creativity in this scenario was good. The healing center's, armoury, the upgrades for gold system, gaining gold from the cells. It had many ideas which were I feel some of which, were a little over-used. The only way I can see the creativity improved was if the author would continue to build upon ideas, perhaps getting the sounds of screaming for the torture room just to enhance the factor that little bit further, taking it to the next step.

Map Design: The map design was a tad boring, the prisons were all roads to represent the paths, but endless walking with little to no change map wise is a serious issue. If the author was to update his scenario I would do so by changing it around a bit. The trees were also clumped together with huge palettes, perhaps using a smaller brush size would be good advice to the designer here. Only around half the map was used, which considering the several other map issues keeps the score below an average mark.

Story/Instructions: The introduction screen contained detailed instructions and a mediocre hints section, no bitmap or history however. Story wise in game it wasn't too predominant and for certain the focus was on the fighting and escape, with little dialogue and most of it kept very short. To improve the Story/Instructions section I suggest the author to include a bitmap, and a history section and add more text dialogue in game. Perhaps some sub-level bosses to fight whilst trying to rescue the two General's.

Overall: An interesting idea, carried out in places well but varying the terrain seemed a problem.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
The story is fictional and tells you about the wars of the Teutonic against the Goths between 1396-1403, their defeat and transfer to prison. After six years you get weapons and plan a jailbreak. This is were you begin, you play the author, a Teutonic knight named Deathdart and you have to free two fellow generals from prison.

PLAYABILITY: The fun is limited due to the fact, that you mostly destroy palisade walls and kill some guards. There was no need walking to the haycocks, as you start with 100 gold on Extreme Difficult and I still had more than 100 gold at the end of the game. Except for one place the upgrades are free and the two healing centres only cost ten gold. 2+
- I agree, there were places with more enemies, but some variations, maybe outside the prison would have added. In the editor you set the resources for player 1 to 0 for all resources, but you get between 100 and 700 gold at the start, according to the difficulty level the player sets. This is due to the fact, that you allowed player 4 with the maximum for all resources = 99’999. I changed that to 0, replayed and Player 1 also starts with 0 resources. You should have play tested your game at least once.

BALANCE: The beginning is too easy, starting with 100 gold, but I will not rate this category down for that fault, as bugs are rated in playability. Starting with 0 gold got Deathdart down to 21 HP, as he had to go to the next section, freeing another prisoner, before paying for healing. After that it becomes quite easy, so you get too sure and are not prepared for the surprises waiting for you, which gave some reloads. In general the mid part of the scenario is perfectly balanced, as you have to lure units to your healing centre, in order to build up an army. You can not beat the group in the south with the few prisoners joining you and the enemy spearmen get very inventive to kill your monk. After two bowmen join you, it becomes disappointing. You can lure and convert one enemy after the other, without the others reacting. A big plus for balance is the upgrade system. Only the units being together are getting upgrades, so that in the end your army is a mix of strong and weak, asking strategic decisions from the player. Ice Man and Maverick are freed after the upgrading and their weakness also adds to the balance. 4+
- Stronger enemies after the beginning and the north group attacking all together, would be the key for a higher rating.

CREATIVITY: The story is weak, no creativity in map design and the jailbreak in Robin Hood Lite is more creative. The healing centres, in other words fenced monks, exist since Roland’s Quest, but still good. I liked the idea of earning gold for freeing prisoners and the upgrade system. No deduction was made, that the gold is not needed. 3
- All aspects -like story, map design, sounds, music, objectives and others-, influence this rating, on which you could work.

MAP DESIGN: The map is done from scratch, but not better or as good as a random map. You walk on pavements, surrounded by stone walls, gates and palisade fences, the prison, which resembles a maze. Unfortunately there is no variation. Where you see trees, they are all the same. 2
-If you can’t do better, take a random map and adapt it to your needs. Have three, for each general one, prisons on the map and have your army travel through landscape, fighting enemies and searching the prisons.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: You have a small story, three clear objectives, a rich hint section with thirteen hints, the player gets information under author's description and a Read Me is added. The story can not develop during the game, as the places of the two generals are revealed from the beginning. The quality of the story and spelling errors prevent the highest rating. 4-
- The idea is basically good, but you could have an ex-officer of general deathdart, who sneaks into the prison to free him, as a more convincing start.

Overall: 3.0 and worth a download. The player should set resources of player 4 to 0 before starting and play on high difficulty, like that the playability gets better than the above rating. IMHO it is not the reviewer who has to fix scenarios before playing.

@ The author

Edit this scenario, when releasing your MP3 Audio and I review again.
Map Design3.0
The Teutonic army was overwhelmed by the Gothic hordes and a plethora of Teutons were imprisoned. Deathdart
is one such prisoner who decides that the time has come to escape. You must navigate through the prison ,
rescue two generals , and ferry them to safety.

PLAYABILITY: I found the gameplay to be very repetitive. All you did was fight guards , rescue prisoners , and
upgrade weapons. The game was very one-dimensional because you received your objective at the beginning of the
game and never was deterred or offered an alternate path. Even the prison maze was shallow because there was only
one logical path to rescue the generals. On a more pleasant note , the game had no bugs and ran smoothly on my
350 pentium.

BALANCE: At times this scenario was challenging , but there were two defects that could be exploited. First ,
the monks at the healing center could be used to convert enemy units . Secondly , you can see which prisoners
would attack you if you entered their cell by checking their diplomacy. Both of these problems could be easily
fixed , however.

CREATIVITY: This scenario's creativity was mediocre. You could get healed by monk healing centers. Your hitpoints
and attack could be raised by reaching certain areas of the prison. If you rescued a prisoner you received gold.
Finally , the armorer would sell you weaponry. There were enough creative elements to enhance the scenario , but
none of them were implemented in a creative manner. The author should of racked his brain a little more to concoct
more appropriate ways (for the situation) to recieve bonuses.

MAP DESIGN: Large portions of the map lack any artistic value. At times it was possible to predict what was around
the next corner. Nonetheless , other areas many me feel like I was strolling through an endless row of dank cells.
It may have helped to mix the different kinds of roads more , add dirt , or gaia paths.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The author bothered to give a player a brief explanation for their predicament. There were a
few helpful hints too. I found it strange how Deathdart opptained his sword and armor at the beginning , though. The
scenario had no bitmap , but you wouldn't see it anyway because it's a single player scenario.

Jailbreak is a straight "3" across the board. It's not noticeably strong or weak in any one area. However the concept
of navigating a prison alone will probably never be a classic. It would work better as half a scenario. Now that
Deathdart and the generals have escaped prison , it would be exciting to see how they get revenge.


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Map Design2.3
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