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Greatest Medieval Battles I v1.1

Author File Description
Latin Design Team
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 4
Greatest Medieval Battles I
Scenario, triggers and history by Babieca del Cid.
Traduction into english version and participation by hacker14.
Internal playtesters are Red Devil, Javier Lopez, El Espíritu del Vino and Mannedoc.

This campaign is one of the first projects of the "LATIN DESIGN TEAM". This campaign consist in 4 .scn that takes you back in time into 4 different greatest battles, this campaign works a lot of units that you must use correctly to win the battle, sometimes you will find your enemy trying very powerful tactics, or maybe you will be the one who is going to try them on your enemy.
The important part about this campaign is also that you can resurect the battles as they really happened, in the same places, where the fun factor is still there involved in the battle, tactics and triggers.

To Install.
You must extract the files in the correct locations.
Ai and Per files go to the Ai directory
The Campaign files goes to the Campiagn Directory

To Zanzard Lothar for his Immobile Units AI.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Chris Some mixed thoughts on "Greatest Medieval Battles I":

The first 3 scenarios were slugfests between 300 or so unit
armies and all you really had to do was throw 'em at the
computer, move a few groups here and there to mop up, and
- boom! - you're done. Maybe try adding a little more to do
like scouting the enemy before attacking or bringing
supplies to your army or whatnot (this wouldn't stray too
far from the historical battle theme and it would increase

The maps are maybe a little too historically accurate...
they are pretty much devoid in anything to look at (the
exception would be mission #3 -- nice change of scenery :).

Mission #4 was a much better and more enjoyable scenario
than the previous 3. The trap (umm... "tramp" :) )
was a good beginning and the computer player's troops were
considerably more difficult to kill (finally forcing me to
use those "powerful tactics").

Various bugs I spotted:
- Obviously, whenever a Big Battle stomps onto the scene,
it's favorite sidekick, Mr. Lag, tags around, too. :)
- Mission #2's in-game text is in Spanish (not a bug, just a
- Instrucions and story are a bit hard to read (once again,
just a note)

My rating:
Playability: 3
Balance: 4
Creativity: 3+
Map Design: 3
Instructions: 3+
Overall: 3.2
hacker14 Well, hi, im the lider of the Latin Design Team.
Chris thanks for your comments. We will take them on count for the Next GMB.
But some of them are terrible (like the spanish thing) so we are correcting it right now, and be sure that by tommorrow 8i hope) the blacksmith should have the update.
Well, just an one thing, the maxium nuber of units is around 210, its not even close to 260.

Thanks to everyone that download this campaign
Chris *different heheh* I dont know if it was just me, or were the Lithu...uhh...Oh yeah, Lithuanians Neutral to Myself in Scenario 4 so when we Trapped..*tramped heheh* the computer palidins I got Whiped out by my ally??*err... neutral Friend* if thats how the scenario goes my bad but, well its not Fun losing all your people before a real battle starts =).
Babieca del Cid Yes we have changed those things, but well about the 4 scenery I didn't have any trouble, also I have talked to others to test the version and they talked about the 2nd scenery where the words in spanish appears, but I told them if they found something strange in the 4th scenery like the Lithuanians being neutral, and nothing... they said that they didn't have any troubles with that... let's hope this update finish with those troubles. :)
The Conquistador I played this campaign and it is so BORING and uncreative. The entire campaign took less than fifteen minutes, and in all of them your victory is ensured. And the lag is really, really bad. The map design was only mediocore, and very little triggers are used at all. Usually the computer player just sits there and wait for you to kill them. I would recommend you guys take some reference from some of ES's battle scenarios such as the fifth scenario in the "Attila the Hun" campaign in the X-pack. If you don't have the X-pack, you can still make battle scenarios like deathmatches where there is great violence and action but also requires thinking and stradegy.
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"Greatest Medieval Battles I" is a very good campaign. It truly stands out in this RPG-filled Blacksmith and is enjoyable to play. It has appeal to hardcore gamers and beginners alike, as it is a great collection of battles of bloodshed, and also has a number of triggers to compliment the battle. I must admit, it has a couple of faults, but the other parts more than make up for it.

The playability of GMB was good. The scenarios are fun to play; By the fourth scenario I had a little feeling it was getting a bit tedious, though. Another faulty spot that could use help is that in the first scenario, the objective was to assasinate the enemy king; when I succeeded in doing that, I lost the scenario. A good point, however, was that the scenarios all start off with one's units organized and orderly, ready to confrot the enemy.

Balance is a very good spot in GMB. The battles are all winnable, though they aren't too easy, IMHO. In the fourth scenario, however, the enemy attacked my ally instead of me, and I reckoned I was supposed to help him out, but I'm not sure that was the designers' plan, as one of the hints said that my ally will actually help me! The good spot is that the designers show they really thought the compositions of the armies out; an important step in designing large-scale battles like these.

Creativity was great. Finally, something other than an RPG! :) The dialogue messages that compliment the battles are useful and inspiring. The objectives aren't too unusual, however.

The map design is a strong point in GMB; The designers took a while to figure out how to design the map, and it shows. It's a shame, however, that one in't required to explore the map, and only a portion of it is used.

I'm sorry to finish this review with one of the less attractive parts of GMB: Story/Instructions. That part of the first scenario was a disappointment, and though in later scenarios that improves, it was a shame to start off with spelling and grammatical errors. The second scenario (at least its beginning) was in Spanish, one of the languages yours truly does not know. The hints in the third scenario were bad: "Use correct counter-units." (Oh, really?), but, I must admit, by then all of the aspects of the Story/Instructions were much better improved than the faulty first scenario. The bitmaps of all the scenarios were beautiful and a point worth commending for. And I'd like to wrap it up with an excerpt from the fourth scenario, when the enemy was decieved into their doom: "Jesus Christ! This was a tramp!" :)

Download the "Greatest Medieval Battles I", it's more than worth it. Way to go, Latin Design Team! I hope the sequel will be just as good, if not better.
GTOKINGS I like big phat battles like that its my favorit thing and you should check out my game "Kushluk the great good version" the last game in cenario is around 2000 warriors going at it. I was wondering if you have created any battle games lattely if yes please tell me if not plz create one.

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