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Tribes of War - Aztec Rivers

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Tribes of War- Aztec Rivers

Author: ElfTheHunter
Date: June, 13, 2002
Private Forums:


Unzip the files to your AoEII: Age of Kings root directory (default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II).

During the first war, when the four "outsiders" first appeared and raged war on your ancient land, the Ghosts of the Jungle fell... The mighty civilization collapsed under betrayal and civil war. Only a hand full of aztecs survived, the others died to become true ghosts. But now that the "outsiders" have built castles and cities your men are ready to take to battle again and reclaim what is rightfully yours!

"...I and my brother were crossing the small passage through the jungle where we had gone for many years, when I saw at the corner of my eye something move in the foliage. It was nothing but fog but through it I could see the head of a eagle attached to the body of a man holding a spear. I gave a scream and looked at my brother but he was already headless. I ran back as fast as I could towards the village, only once or twice did I glance back and I saw the ghosts pursuing me, running among the leaves and even jumping in the foliage above me. Finally I reached the village but safety was still miles away for the village had been burned down and there was no safety here. I became overwhelmed with fear and collapsed and now I awake here priest, safe, or as safe as it will get if the ghosts are back..."
~account of a girl from the hunnic tribe~

This is the sequel to Clans of War. A B&D map that was presented in four original forms, all playing on a different part of the scenario and with a different civilization. "Clans of War" was nominated for an Orion Award (unnoficial award) for Best MultiPlayer Scenario. The sequel features new gameplay elements and map design including:
*3 different goals
*a unique soundtrack
*Many different eye-candy including the corn-fields which is original
*Raising morale and gaining units and resources for destroying a player
*Tribe Leader units that are stronger than normal units
*two volcanoes (even if innactive)
*detailed description pages for victory, defeat, instructions, hints and history
*a unique poem by me is found in scouts


if you do find a map, tell me and you may appear in the credits for the Gold Edition of ToW.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
During the first war our Aztec civilization was destroyed by the outsiders, as we call them. Our fallen brothers became ghosts, while only few of us survived. Each of the four outsiders established a castle in the land of our ancestors. Duke Athiar is challenged by his son Luther for leadership, offering us a chance to become his ally. The time has come to strike back. The scenario starts as an RPS/FF but is mainly a B&D, one of the best I ever played.

PLAYABILITY: The game grasps you, I played the Demo once and the scenario thrice and each time I had a different game. Nothing more to say for the high replay value and entertainment you get out of it.
In order to have good game play follow the instructions. The victory conditions should be on Standard, as there is a timer for destroying Luther's wonder and then you have to bring him to his father Duke Athiar. There are only two relics on the map, one is reserved for the player behind gaia walls, the other on Sultan Zulik's land. Once Lord Macklin's monk passed my walls with the relic, the next game I collected it as Macklin destroyed Zulik and the last game I had to do defeat Zulik, giving me each time an unintended early victory. So you have to take one relic out of the monastery and replace it before the "400 years" are over. When you forget this because of a battle, it is quite annoying to go to saved game and play the same sequence again. You get another unintended outcome by arresting Luther after destroying his wonder and garrison him in your castle, giving you time to collect resources, get to Imperial Age, destroying Sultan Zulik's wonder, while Lord Macklin wipes out Emperor Guilek, Luther, the Bandits and Zulik. Do not play like that, it spoils the fun. To defeat Zulik you have to find his last villager. Twice two were dancing, stuck somewhere, like in the old times of AE. Another bug is Emperor Guilek's first castle, which is surrounded by walls with no gate, closing in the enemy samurais. Two unintended outcomes and a gateless wall. 3+
- Make Zulik give up when the military buildings are destroyed, block the wonder for him as he is wasting resources, instead of creating an army and place the relic nearer to his camp, so that Macklin does not bring it early to player one. Put a gate into the walls of Guilek's castle and get rid of the unintended outcomes. Give villagers to player one only after Luther is brought to his father. To keep the timer for destroying Luther's wonder, Ingo van Thiel proposes to place a third relic on the map, where no player has access, avoiding that all relics can be gathered.

BALANCE: I played two games on hardest. The TigerRM AI of Lord Macklin is challenging and concentrating on military. I really had a hard time defending, as the enemy came with a lot of units. The GothmogII of Sultan Zulik is trying to build a wonder and is not active enough. It would be interesting to replay that AI with the wonder blocked. The Duke AI was disappointing, as Emperor Guilek did never attack, only some Elite swordsmen, pike men, spearmen, three Scorpions and few Samurais to defend. In two games the TigerRM AI was too strong and eliminated Guilek, as I destroyed Guilek's castle early. Leaving his castle intact makes you discover another bug. Around the castle, which is initially given to Guilek, the main part of his army, a trebuchet and many Samurais, was walled in. After converting the Samurais the AI reacted and gave some fierce resistance, but too late, I read on the screen: " Guilek: If you didn't cheat you're well prepared to play on the most challenging difficulty level! Tim Koschützki, The Duke AI-developer." Well, I did not cheat and thanks for the compliment Tim. I hope to replay your AI under fair conditions. The DukeAI was first in all ages, best in technology, stone, gold and food, second in wood, but last in the amount of military units of the three, which might be a result of a missing gate. 4
- Block the wonder and put a gate in the wall.

CREATIVITY: Great creativity by ElfTheHunter, new game elements, creative map and over 60 AI and per files. All this is very special for a B&D. You gain resources and units for destroying an enemy castle and the moral of your troops is raised, when the tribe leader is present. The creativity of the map was outstanding, increasing the game play. I liked the changing of the plot line, but will not tell more. A perfect soundtrack comes for this jungle scenario, creating a special atmosphere. The only down point is that the music is repetitive, which is a problem because of the high replay value of the scenario. Anyway, I did not realize that, when I played for the first time. 5
- You should avoid repetitive music.

MAP DESIGN: The map design by ElfTheHunter is fantastic. Great terrain mix, you have snow landscape, desert, jungle, mountain regions and pine wood. Different eye-candy like the corn-fields, two active and deadly volcanoes, appealing waters, featuring rivers, sea, well-spring and water fall. The various water depths are detailed and the shallows look better than flower patches on water. Undoubted one of the best maps in the blacksmith. Yes, I saw one sea rock on land after the surrounding wood was chopped and also a few palm trees mixed with pines, but even if I mark the map down for these minor flaws, it is still a 5.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: A small, creative story, three clear objectives, a poem in the scout section, good helpful read me and authors description, a bitmap, hints, well written victory and defeat screen. A sound and solid 5.

@ The author: A fantastic scenario with potential for a higher rating after an edit.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
-Tribes of War: Aztec Rivers
-by ElfTheHunter

This scenario is about a tribe of Aztecs fighting back against foreign powers occupying their land.
Playability: This scenario, although it was a Build and Destroy, was a lot more fun than a typical Random Map. The AI's provided an extra challenge, and the part at the beginning was also fun. There were more triggers in this scenario than the average B&D which also added to the playability. No bugs, either.
Balance: The balance was pretty good. As I said before, the AI's were challenging. Sometimes they were too challenging though, I had a lot of trouble beating this and found the higher difficulty levels nearly impossible. Still, this scenario had good balance.
Creativity: The part at the beginning of the scenario was very creative, but aside from that and a few little things scattered throughout the scenario it was a basic build and destroy-conquer all your enemies, etc. Still, for a B&D it was rather creative.
Map Design: The map design was stunning. The author obviously put lots of time and effort into making the map look beatiful and natural. Great map.
Story/Instructions: The story was pretty good, and the instructions were clear and had a nice bitmap. I liked the loss screen (which I saw plenty of times) a lot too. Great story, especially for a B&D.
In Conclusion: This was the first build and destroy scenario I played and really enjoyed. Lots of effort was put into this and it shows. If there are more Tribes of War scenarios I will be sure to download them too.

Good Points:
  • Great map

  • Good story

  • Fun to play

  • No bugs

Bad Points:
  • A bit too hard

  • Could use some more mid-game events to differ from normal B&D's

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Map Design5.0
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