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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Four Relics of Fire - Remade

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The Four Relics of Fire - Remade

Author File Description
Zanzard Lothar
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
The Original "Four Relics of Fire" was my FIRST released scenario ever. By today's standards, it is a horrible scenario. By the standards of the days of yore, the original "4 Relics" won a scenario design contest!

With much more experience under my belt, i remade my own scenario, and as life has it for me, it turns out this is my last work as an AOK scenario designer.

Four Relics of Fire has 4 chapters in one scenario, each with its own unique gameplay. You can bet that no AOK scenario before the "Four Relics of Fire" has presented the gameplay option that it provides. It is practically 4 scenarios condensed into one history and one package.

Both people who hate lengthy cutscenes and those who love them will be pleased. This scenario presents an option for players to either skip cutscenes or watch them in their full formats or in smaller formats which tell the story the same way and let the game flow faster.

The scenario also features custom music. Instead of playing madly in lopping motions, wether you like it or not, the music in this scenario plays at your whim, there is a jukebox for you to choose what you wish to hear. Even more, instead of presenting just a single music pack for the scenario, you have 3 choices of music packs that fit this scenario.

CREDITS: While i must Thank Tsunami Studios for hosting the scenario and making it possible for me to make it, i would like to especially thank Anastasia from Tsunami Studios and Ingo Van Thiel for being the two most important playtesters for this project. I also must thank everyone who chooses to play this scenario, even more those who comment on it and help me boost my ego! :)


IMPORTANT NOTE - 21 of february of 2004
Due to space limitations on my Webpage, i had to delete from it the sounds of this scenario that once were there for download. So the different music packs are no longer available for download.

The file on the Blacksmith has the scenario itself (in a 1 scenario campaign format) and the basic sounds.

And now, for the scenario story:

It is the year of Our Lord 834, and we are in northern Brittania. The western world is struggling with the reality of the world after Charlemagne, but Northern Brittania has problems of its own.

Somewhat isolated from the rest of the world, but not free from it, Brittania has been taken up by Christinaity. The lands south of Scotland and Ireland have few, yet exisiting, cities, and the rest of the land is divided into bickering fiefs of Christian Lords. Most of these fiefs suffer from fighting each other and choking on their own problems and isolationism. But one fief has had a different fate.

Lord Providence and his subjects occuppy lands between the realm of Nottinghamshire, where the city of Nottingham lies, and Lancashire, the northwesternmost British realm where Christianity has the upper hand. Lord Providence has maintained the peace by, first, choosing to offer trade over warfare when dealing with the Vikings, foes of almost every other British settlement. Secondly, Providence has earned the respect of all of his Christian Neighbors when he came to be in possession of important symbols of Christianity: the Four Relics of Fire.

The Relics are told by lore and legend to possess great mysterious properties, and the fact of the matter is that ownership of the relics and the ensuing prestige are probably the greatest power they could offer. Providence has always prospered when his neighbors faded, but there was one thing that Providence never expected.

Christianity has prevailed in the south, but it still has many foes in the north. Worst of them all are the Druids. These Pagans are known for their savagery and for their gruesome human sacrifices. Normally, the Christian fiefs have had little pains coming from them, but Lord Providence is an exception.

Creeping from recesses of Lancashire untainted by Christianity, the druids came one day. These barbarians appear to have formed under a single man, who they call only "Druid King". Unfortuantely, this Druid King has done what Lord Providence feared the most. He oredered one great assault upon Lord Providence, to steal away the Four Relics of Fire. He succeeded.

Now, Lord Providence is broken and battered. His helpless men are weak. His only hope are several groups of messengers sent all over to other Christian fiefs. In his desperation, he even sent off one messenger to the nearby struggling town of Nottingham. But what will happen next to this desperate man and his desperate land?!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dragonlord1 It's 7:30am, wow, well this is a great scenerio, i liked how you could chose your option of music!!
deathdart Gr8 work man!
Lord Frederic I have a problem with your scenario. It starts to play the introduction cutscene but when it tells you to choose the castle it starts from the begining.
What can i do?

Lord Frederic
_Yhagoro_ If it asks you to click either the blue outpost, the green outpost or the castle again, just click the castle and it will go to the next scene...

and uhm...Zanzard, I destroyed both mangonels and the trebuchet, but nothing I doing something wrong?
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Has anyone managed to complete this? It looks good but I have the same problem as above.
Jas the Mace1 I also get to that point after destroying the siege...nothing happens

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