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LotR Helm's Deep version 1.1

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is an much improved version of the other Helm's Deep scenario. This one is much more challenging and better looking and more triggers.

Again you control Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas and have to defend Helm's Deep from Orcs. This time the Orcs are stronger, have better units, and they might come at you with siege weapons.
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File Author
could someone please review this
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
The scenario is based on the book Lord of the Rings, The two Towers and you defend Helm's Deep with Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas against the Orcs.

PLAYABILITY: This is an improved version of an earlier scenario from the same author, but I have the impression to play test instead of reviewing. It took 4:29 minutes to block the generating process and 2:31 waiting to win in the old version. Now it takes a bit longer, but you still win fast, under 7 minutes on highest difficulty, even though these points increased from two to three. I replayed, leaving the fenced area by the second entrance and helped the ally only in the end. Loosing the bowman did not make me loose and when the last ally died my two severely wounded heroes fled to the castle to heal, which made me win the scenario in a hopeless situation. 1
- If you put more triggers, you have to play test to see if they work like intended. You released your second version too fast and have to put more effort into your work.

BALANCE: I do not know how the author intended me to play or even loose the scenario. 1
- For balance the solution is like the above, play test your scenario over and over again. Important is, that you play it as you do not intend the player to do and then take these possibilities from him. Change the victory condition at the castle.

CREATIVITY: The enemy generates militias. 1
- Make your scenario longer, incorporate more from the book.

MAP DESIGN: Here efforts were made compared to the first version and map design deserves a higher rating now. 2
- Look at some good maps or start with a computer generated map and change it to your needs.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Two objectives and the King ask you to defend Helm's deep. Not really a story. You are told that the scenario is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, which is a great book and I saw the animated cartoon. But you have to give some information about the history. Why do I fight the Orcs? What is Helm's deep? Who are the characters? Above I just wrote bowman, as I do not recall which of the three names was given to him. 2
- Do a history section where you tell us what happened so far. Start the story about Helm's deep, closing where the scenario begins and have the objectives work like intended.

OVERALL: I regret that I can not recommend downloading the scenario.
Map Design2.0
“Lord of the Rings: Helm‘s Deep version 1.1” is an
updated version of a previous scenario by klarson.
With this new version a few bugs have been fixed but
there is still place for improvement.

Playability- While the number of units were lowered,
the bugs of the first one were almost solved and a few
new ideas were implemented, the overall score didn’t
change much. You can still easily win by doing
nothing at all. I must give it a 2.
(There WAS an improvement but there are still
problems... One is that the ally units still walk
over the enemy’s re-spawn places. Another is that
there is still not enough action involving your
guys... make it so there is actually danger to your

Balance- Again, the amount of ally units were lowered
but they are still too strong. Since you control
three heroes and there are a bunch of other ally units
to do the fighting it is not hard at all to win. I
must give it a 1. (A good way to easily make this
score climb is by raising the enemy hp and attack.
You could give them a boost every so often and maybe
creating stronger units ex. throwing axemem, woad

Creativity- The creativity was better with a “beast“
among the enemy orcs but there was still not enough
material to raise the score. The only other
interesting part was the walls which were surrounded
with rocks. I must give it a 1. (A very good idea to
include the catapults, rams and elephants but it still
proved to easy. My suggestion is have attacks coming
from three different sides of Helm’s Deep and make
elephants really strong!!)

Map Design- By closing in the player from exiting the
player and not allowing him to see the empty spaces of
grass 1 the score has certanly improved. You can now
find stuff like cliffs and water around Helm’s Deep.
Now you also get to have a close look at the city and
it gives you a reason as to why you get to see it. I
give it a 2.
(There is still too much grass 1, having soem battles
ocurring in the outskirts of Helm‘s Deep would also
improve the score. More eye-candy is also good.)

Story/Instructions- It’s based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s
“The Two Towers” but there was no background given, no
description of who the characters were and even though
it had clear directions that was not enough. But
because of clear directions I’ll give it a 2.
(You did modify it a bit but you took out the fact of
how long you must hold the Deep from orcs. Also, it
would be good you explained who the heros are and what
they suffered trough. Not every one has read LotR,
though they should hehe.)

+ A cool theme based on The Two Towers.
+/- The map was improved but it can still be improved
- A bug in which your allies walk over the enemy‘s
spawn point..
- It is too easy, no effort is needed.

Overall: This is overall a better Helm’s Deep than
it’s first edition but some of the “upgrades” didn’t
really work and must be rethought of. This is a short
scenario and those who want an easy one, you’ve found
Gabe_Logan007 What's Helm's Deep? It's not in the movie!
villalobos47004 The Helm's deep will be a great battle in the movie "the two towers"

Looks like it will take 50 mins of the film
slush if you base your statements on the movie beware. I was shocked to see that they left out the trip from crickhollow to bree in FoTR.
Daveguy_700 Why are all you guys talking about the movie??? The book is, like, 10000000 times better then the movie.
C J Because it has many more scenes and make the story complete.

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Map Design2.0
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