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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » LotR The Fellowship of the Ring - Old Forest, New Friends

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LotR The Fellowship of the Ring - Old Forest, New Friends

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This is the third scenario in my originally 5 scenario campaign. Unfortunately, you would've been bored out of your mind with the other four, so I've only released the one.

This scenario is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings Part I: The Fellowship of the Ring" and takes place within the chapters that explain Frodo and company travelling from Buckland to Bree.

The scenario is a mix of Fixed Force and RPG/RPS. I hope everyone enjoys the challenge the scenario offers, and the humor and music it brings out. Best of luck to the other designers here at AoKH!

Save often, and enjoy!

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Map Design4.0
“Fellowship of the Ring- Old Forest, New Friends:” was a fairly good scenario. Very creative and fun but it did have a few bugs. It was about the part of the Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo and the others were traveling from Buckland to Bree, with a few twists.

Playability- This was great! There was some boring parts but with a lot of side quests and cool cut-scenes it became very entertainning. There were a few bugs that didn’t allow you to win and the side quests to get money were quite hard and frustrating but overall it had a good playability. I give it a 4!
(There were numerous small bugs, specially in the village part. But most noticible were the bandit attack, which never happened and something went wrong in the lumber mill quest. But most important was the fact I couldn‘t get Sam, Peppin and Merry back, thus not able to win.)

Balance- The balance of this scenario was not based on fighting but exploring and trying to find items for side quests. Bandits along the way showed little resistence but there was a part where I was afraid I might lose which to me sounds like a well balanced scenario. I will give it a 3. (It seemed weird that the hobbits were easily killin Barrow Wrights, they should have proved to be more of a challenge.)

Creativity- Creativity was very high!! With everything from using a catapult to bury a guard under a stack of hay to a “ghostly” Wright. The cut-scenes were very entertaining and the side-quests were varied. I give it a 4! (All I can suggest is have a little more unique side-quests. After a while it became too frustrating to have to search for horses and bandits.)

Map Design- With A LOT of eye-candy it was not hard to tell a lot of time and thought was put into this map. While allowing for the hobbits to move around the forest still looked odd and out of place, exactly how it‘s supposed to look. Very good map with detailed shorelines! I give it a 4! (There were parts that I‘m sure I missed the importance of them but I will mention them anyway: The Ruins and the old crazed inventor. While I‘m sure they belonged to some secret side-quest I was unable to discover it.)

Story/Instructions- The story was excellent and the instructions were well given until the side-quests started to arrive. Then things got confusing and some of the speeches passed by too fast and I was forced to look in the Chat message. Otherwise a very good story and understandable instructions. I give it a 3.
(Whatever the secret side-quest was it should be more accessible. Also the lumberjack and some other quests were not very clear in what to do.)

+ Many many side-quests!
+ The map was detailed and well done.
- There was a series of bugs and one that did not allow you to win.
- It‘s the middle of the story, you do not know what is happening and what will happen (unless you‘ve read the book).

Overall: This is a great download! While there are a few bugs or misunderstandings you’ll enjoy this scenario very much! Download now!
Gabe_Logan007 I'm Downloading this now, I'm not sure if it's good but it sound's like it!
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The Fellowship of the Ring- Old Forest, New Friends
Review by: Dark_Warrior_1_

This scenario is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's popular book series "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" and takes place within the chapters that explain Frodo and company traveling from Buckland to Bree. This was one of the best Lord of the Rings campaigns that I have played and with some work could be rated in the “Best of Aok” section of the Blacksmith.

Playability: I enjoyed this single scenario map very much, but a number of bugs were the cause of this categories average rating. When sneaking past the guard it is possible to bypass him allowing you to kill a wolf needed later if you are caught. The author intended sneaking past the guard as more of a challenge but killing the wolf that may be needed further on in a cut scene should not be possible. When playing a second time I took the authors advice of getting caught by the guard, which, as well included a bug. When firing an onager filled with hay toward the guard in attempt to immobilize him, the guard moves out of the way. That causes the guard to be only partially damaged so when he is killed he is not in the intended area for the hay to be created, taking away from the whole effect. There were other bugs later on in the scenario one of which made it unable for you to complete the scenario. Enough about the flaws, now for the good points. The author provided a musical piece written by him, which gave the scenario an overall good feel and an enchanting calmness. There were also a number of enjoyable side quests and cut scenes, in particular the one with Tom Bombadill. Although the first objective of getting past the guard had a number of bugs it was a great idea and fun nonetheless. 3

Balance: I found this scenario to be very balanced for its style. As any Lord of the Rings fans can tell you there isn’t much fighting between Frodo and his company of hobbits in their journey from Buckland to Bree, in fact there wasn’t actually any at all. Ultima_Knight did a great job by adding challenging and unique side quests to make up for the lack of battling. There were also bandits along the way that combined with the side quests made a distinctive challenge. If it wasn’t challenging enough the first time the author has provided some suggestions in the hints section to improve the difficulty level. 4

Creativity: This is undoubtedly a creative scenario. From burying a guard with hay to escorting a carriage, the side quests had excellent creativity. Although the side quests were good, the best creativity was found in the cut scenes. The cut scene with Tom Bombadill freeing Merry and Pippin was very creative as well as the disappearing Barrow Wright. Although these things were included there was nothing really amazing, which prevents this category from an above average rating. 3

Map Design: The map design is above average and well deserving of its rating. Terrain mixing, use of elevations, and eye candy were all great but at some points it seemed that the gaia objects were a bit overused. The towns were above average, but weren’t all that impressive. Overall I felt that the map design was missing something that a Lord of The Rings scenario should have. An amazing and enchanting map should be top priority for this type of scenario.4

Story/Instructions: The author gave the story a nice twist by adding his own things to improve the game play but even so I didn’t feel that the story was stressed as well as it could have been. The instructions were very well explained but for some of the side quests I was left pondering what to do. The story is one of the most important parts of a scenario and in this case the story seemed to be lacking. This combined with unclear objectives were the cause of the average rating. 3

Overall: One of the best Lord of The Rings scenarios in the blacksmith and with some tweaking could be found in the best of Aok.

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Map Design4.0
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