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Golden Axe

Author File Description
a Byzantine
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
This is a scenario where you play as three heroes trying to free their kingdom from Death-Adder.It\'s taken by the original Golden Axe by Sega.

There is a bonus scenario in this ZIP file, MK.
Mortal Kombat.In MK you must defeat a serius of enemies like Kano, Sub Zero, Reptile e.t.c. You play as Liu Kang, Sonya and Cage.
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zyxomma100 Believe it or not, I have that game stored away somewhere in my house. I'll d/l this now.
a Byzantine
File Author
I didn't say anything real though.So here is some info.

Golden Axe:
Death-Adder tried to overcome to the kingdom of Sun with his army of Soldiers.Alex a mesenger found you and gave the message before he dies.You play as Ax the Gladiator,Tyris the Amazon and Battler the Dwarf,all tragical victims of Death-Adder.

Mortal Kombat:
You have been chosen to defeat the champions of Shang Tsung sorcerer of Shao Khan,the ruler of the Outworld.Sonya,Johhny Cage and Liu Kang are now in the Island to defeat the Champions so evil cannot invade earth.But beware of Motaro the greatest champion of Shao Khan and general of the Outworld legions.....
Map Design1.0
Playability-1- The scenario is too boring I'm just 3 heros that kill evry bad guy with no problem at all, this scenario as very poor trigger work and the scenario is too short.

Balance-1- Again I had no problem at all beating up my enemies all I had to do was click on my soldiers put them near an enemy grup and start beating up, not to say I killed the final boss with only one of my heros.

Creativity-2- Well the scenario had a video game's story line and I saw nothing that mekes this scenario special or ceative, it's just a too simple scenario.

Map Design-1- The map is a very good size map the only problem is that only 20% of the map is used, the rest is covered on water, I bet the game that inspired this scenario had more than that!

Story / Instructions-1- The scenario could use more chats...
the instructions are also very poor they did'nt told me about the game enough, there sould had been more telling me about the story
Map Design1.0
Golden Axe is a scenario loosely based on the old Sega Genesis game Golden Axe. Sadly, I still remember that game vividly, although I lost it long ago.

Playability- 2
It wasn't boring to the point of death, but it came close. A few chat messages give you something to look forward to to give you something to read. The three heros are blandly named Amazon, Dwarf, and Gladiator, and the enemy named Death Adder.
Suggestions: Add more of a story. You could have at least added the original story, and given the heros their actual names. In the game the skeleton swordsmen (eagle warriors) jumped out of the eagle's feathers, that would be a bit startling for the first time player. :) More chat messages would be nice too.
Nitpickers note: The game attempted to add a twist by saying Death Adder was a minion of Death Bringer, whom you then had to defeat. You could have added that to your scenario, along with Death Adder, Jr.

Balance- 2
It's too easy. I reloaded once because the Amazon died, but the trick is not to use her; the others are strong enough. :p
Suggestions: Don't increase the enemies, but instead weaken the heros. The story says you can choose from one hero, but you can use all three if you want. Maybe fixing that would make it harder.

Creativity- 2
I like seeing other people's renditions of certain stories. You didn't have much content to work with (what would you expect from a Genesis game?), and I'm not going to take off for that. However, you should have added your own story twists to spice it up a bit.
Suggestions: Be creative, as the title suggests. It's not too hard to add elements to a story. Even adding simple ambushes or more bosses could boost this score.

Map Design- 1
This was one of the weak points. It's either plain grass 1 with a few trees or dirt 1 with craters.
Suggestions: Make use of the GAIA objects found in the Units section. Go to Others, then GAIA.

Story/Instructions- 1
There were practically no instructions. As a basis for this grade Sega had a nice little mini-story which you could have used or modified.
Suggestions: Elaborate on how the heros got into this mess. You say Death Adder took the throne, but... it needs more flare.

+ points:
*The triggers all worked; there were no bugs
*The town was shown well, although it could have been beautified

- points:
*Scenario was too short to let plot develop
*Few chat messages/instructions
*Too many parts of the original story were hacked off and not enough added

I'm sorry, but I cannot recommend downloading this scenario.

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Map Design1.0
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