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The Nexus

Author File Description
The Downward Spiral
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 8

  • 8 detailed scenarios
  • Custom music providing a mood to each scenario
  • A spine shivering plot
  • Edge of your seat gameplay
  • Two cutscene episodes, six playable episodes
  • Several custom made AI files


    Download the primary zip first. Once that is done, it is highly advised that you download the Nexus campaign's music pack. Although it is probably about a hefty 20 megs, it is definitely worth it. If you have a fast modem (or you can deal with long downloads), please download this file.

    Once these two (or one *sniff*) downloads are complete, extract them into your primary "Age of Empires II" folder. All required files will be automatically placed into their required destination folders. Afterwards, run Age of Kings and select "Single Play >> Custom Campaign." (Duh :-))


    It was the year 1281, and chaotic turmoil had extended over the all possessions of Japan. First, a bloodline of profligate unmoral Mongols had been invading faultless villages and raiding military encampments. Although Japan was a hearty nation, the never-ending Mongol attacks began to whither down on the country's defenses. Second, a dire cupidity for power caused profound corruption within the midst of the church. A silence of dark secrecy was hidden completely from all who inhabited Japan except those of superior rank. Lastly, a tattle of archaic immortality, The Nexus, danced across the lands of Japan and continued to be the topic of converse.

    About a decade ago, the Emperor of Japan made the determination to win Mongolia. His son, Prince Kushluk, and the mercenary company The Dogs of War led the skirmish. Prince Kushluk hired Siegfried, leader of The Dogs of War, to aid him in assaulting the Mongol capitol city, Ulaanblaatar. The raid was a triumphant victory, and Mongolia was left in a dirt-poor rupture. Since then, the Mongols held a bloodthirsty loathing toward the Japanese. Years later when Mongolia mended itself, petite attack parties were quickly and continuously sent to Japan. Before the Emperor could believe himself, Japan's military had unnerved precariously. Citizens of Japan dispersed throughout the city streets. Some said Japan would be conquered by Mongolia. Some said that all should disappear or go into concealment. Others said that the mythical act of savior, The Nexus, would liberate Japan from the Mongols.

    Not only was the occupancy of the ravaging Mongols an immense fear in Japan. A faint wind of corruption swept across the fellowship of Japan. Valued forerunners were committing illegal crimes, striking ghastly lies, and disrespecting their own kin often. The higher ranks were utterly corrupted. There were many theories for the root of this corruption. Gossip and propaganda dispersed inside and out Japan about the causes of corruption as fleet as a comet soaring through the sky. Many thought that the Emperor was just an amoral man. Others thought that the Mongols had threatened the Emperor to do many of the things he had done. However, those who were more innovative thought that there was a "lost belief" of Japan that still existed among the higher ranks of their nation. In reality, this lost belief did exist. Only the armed forces and monks of sovereignty were told of this lost belief. This lost belief claimed many things. It claimed that there were two spellbound currents that ran through everyone and everything. There were luminous currents and unlit currents. Those who could receive luminous currents could use their powers to benefit others. Those who could capture unlit currents could use their powers to harm others. This lost belief was known as "The Transcription." The Transcription stated that only the chosen ones could harness the currents of luminous and unlit powers. There were gathering points sprinkled throughout the world where these currents could be drawn. Many knew of The Transcription, but not many were "chosen" to have the power to harness these currents.

    Among the upheaval of the Mongols and The Transcription, one last thing concluded the anarchy of Japan: The Nexus! This legend had been passed down for generations, but there was always one thing that remained. Everyone who made out the words of The Nexus had no concept of what it was, what is was for, what it looked like, or if it even looked like anything. All they did perceive is that it was theorized to hold the capability to attain any devoir anyone ever wanted. To this year, 1281, the legend continues. As the legend continues, defiant souls continue to search for the authentic actuality of The Nexus.

    Many characters are soon to embark into quests of dreadful importance. Twin warriors of great respect are soon to reveal hidden words of dark secrecy that will make a complete turning point in their life. A religious leader and the son of a great ruler are soon to face what the least expected. An honorable mercenary is soon to engage in a mission of more importance then he ever expected. Lastly, a religious preacher is soon to cross the eyes of two innocent warriors in search for their destiny. Follow these characters in their question salvation in The Nexus Campaign!


    First I'd like to thank all of the playtesters for the Nexus Campaign: The Great Alexander, Jan Van Rio, The Loco Snake, Elite Raider, El Cid, Raziel17, SiLg, Dr. AoK, Unworld Man, David, Shadows, MIB Mats, and last but definitely not least, Cat ;-). Thanks guys, everything was greatly appreciated. Now, here is a list of some additional credits:

    Ex-T - Fixing a bug in Episode II and finding music for Episode I and II.
    Mark Stoker - Fixing a bug in Episode III and letting me use some sound effects from his masterpiece "Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction."
    Wild1234 (A special thank to this guy) - Making all of the AIs (except idle ones) for the Nexus campaign.
    Magnus - Letting me use his "em1idle" AI.
    Strider - Finding me the drum sound effects featured in Episode III.
    The Rasher - Helping me with the intro .BMPs for the Nexus Campaign.
    Shadows - Bein' there to talk to when I REALLY got bored of the Nexus Campaign ;-)
    Cat - Sending me a copy of Episode V when my stupidy drove me to delete it off of my computer :-)
    Angel Spineman - Uploading this to the Blacksmith even though its approximately 20 megs ;-)

    Well thats it. I hope ya' enjoy the campaign! If you liked the Nexus try some of my other works. Currently, I have one other scenario entitled the Curse here in the Blacksmith. I have two projects planned for the X-pack (AOK: TC) as well. Please send me some feed back here, or simply submit a player comment. Thanks a bunch!
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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Anonymous O WOW IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!
    HAVEN'T PLAYED IT YET, but. . . This is going to be a GOOD campaign.
    RoRLegion Yeah...I have played the smaller version of this. It is good, but I had to download the campaign-scenario utility because it wouldn't go past Episode V.
    Iron Knight This is the best campaign ever made! The only problem I had was that "Song 2" never played. Is there anything you need to click on?
    Once again, this IS the best campaign ever made!:-)
    ThisNameWorked2 Come on, people!!!!!
    This is THE NEXUS!!!!!!
    Why is nobody downloading it? it's one of the best, or the best, campign ever published!
    Irish Woman Great campaign as usual TDS! I loved the ending but I don't want to give anything out here. One thing is bothering me though, it's been a day and no review yet! Usually you get one within hours. What's wrong? ;-)
    Shadows Hey TDS, I just wanted to tell you, great cpn..its been a long time..and I remember the first two scenarios of the nexus..and I have noticed you have greatly improved your skills as a designer. Hope to see more great work from you on TC...
    WarTiger GREAT CAMPAIN!!!
    thats about all :)
    Slasher71 This is THE canpaign!!! It's simply the BEST. It could have
    been in the original game. It's a "state of the art" masterpice,
    joust splendit GREAT WORK TDS!!!
    cavfancier What can I say...the wait was worth it, and so was the music download! 20 megs in 1:45 hrs, 56 k :( but I was working on the computer anyhoo, so it was fine. A definite must have for the campaign! P.S. If you don't have "The Curse" yet, get it...
    cat See TDS I told you this was the Best Campaign that I have ever had the pleasure of playing.I agree with everyone and more, your scenario's were a joy to play and all that Map detail along with the most fasintating Eye Candy I have ever seen made this a very terrific piece of art and work from you. Thanks TDS and if you need me just send it too me :-)
    AOK Dragon Tester & Publicist
    Pages: [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 » Last »

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