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The Battle of the Catalaunian Fields2 v2.0

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This is probably my final release of this scenario. This version features an overhauled map, improved sound files, improved trigger settings to reduce lag and is now a mix between role playing game, and build and destroy. **NOTE: If you have an old slow computer this scenario has heavy Battle scenes and it will bog down a low end video card.** Once again, Attila and the Huns, along with his OstroGoth, and Germanic allies invade the Western Roman Empire, bringing Hun death to the Roman province of Gaul. General Flavius Aestius, (the Last of the Great Romans), and his VisiGoth, and Alan' allies stand in Attila's way. The Stage is set for one of the Greatest Battle's the Western World has ever witnessed. It is believed that up to 300,000 were killed in this catastrophic one day Battle. Attila's Hunic Horde after this great Battle was never the Devastating force that it once had been. Attila would later invade Italy and try and take Rome itself after this great Battle. But plague spreading through his troops and shortages of supplies, and the "ever present wound" from The Battle of the Catalaunian Fileds would once again keep Attila from Proclaiming himself Emperor of Rome. As well; this great Battle, although won by the Romans was the last Great Campaign that the Western Roman Empire's Army would ever put onto the offensive Battlefield. From the end of this catastrophic Battle and to the final collapse of the Western Roman Empire; it is my opinion that this catastophic battle was the starting point for the final fall of the Western Empire. As you play Attila the Hun; Get ready to once again re-live and fight the Greatest Battle that the Western World has ever seen!...........The Battle of the Catalaunian Fields!
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Map Design5.0
Playability: Wow, The Most Challenging Scenario Ive played yet. I found no bugs during the game. A 2v3 is very difficult when its on hard mode and I started out with virtually no amry at all, well I lost all of it in the cut-scene, that was the way it was meant to be...sadly..nut yes. Your enemies, 2 Byzantines and Goths make a challenging enemy, I couldnt advance until I had a chance. They come at you every minute in little legions of huskarls and cataphracts and a bunch of cannons. The Byzantine army focused mainly on Champions in the early raids and Elite Cataphracts and more Champs the rest of the game, And the Goths made Huskarls and would send them at you in the dozen, and they had 2 heroes too! both had 10000 HP and 110 attack, I killed them both in the first 30 minutes of the game with catapults behind 3 layers of walls. You better wall up at the fields where you lost the first battle, because at 25 minutes they start their attack, and use the General and Atilla if you in trouble.

Balance: Well Im a rookie, and wanted to take a challenge and beat it at the default difficulty of Hard, very challenging, beat the game in 2:30 game hours, the opening cut-scene in the fields was great but I saw Eagle Warriors fighting against me. Eagle Warriors in Europe? Though you lose as the Huns lost the battle in real history, you are outnumbered 2 to 1 plus you can't escape because theres a wall behind you. There were triggers where when you got to the West Roman City, each time you destroyed a building with a flag next to it, Roman Reinforcements (30 cataphracts) would come to the aide against you, and it was difficult to advance. When you destroy the first castle in the fields, it says that your Hun reinforcements have arrived, their about 40 Elite Tarkans. At the end there was one Town Center I destroyed and I think I set off the biggest trigger of them all. It said Roman Reinforcements were coming, so I knew they were only 30, but they didnt stop coming, I looked and they came from 2 different locations, about 70 Cataphracts in total came out. Its good to get -50% spies and then get spies, its good to know when they are gonna attack you with groups of cannons and trebs. There was also a trigger which gave each enemy like 42000 in resources so thats why they never stopped attacking you. Dont count on your Ally in the beginning, but he will come to good help in late Imperial to take down the Roman Base.

Creativity: Excellent!! The reason its 9MB+ is because the designer had music from Warcraft 3 and he had periodic taunts of marching soldiers and fighting sounds in the background each time you were fighting, but it gets annoying after awhile, but its great. He had 20+ sound files. He had some excerpts from AOE Attila campaign.

Map Design: Excellent!! The Catalaunian Fieds looked great, a bunch of farms and a couple hundred dead units looked realistic. He had it nicely laid out, he put the Franks, a Neutral civ, which was wiped out except a castle and a few houses which were all in flames. It showed the Franks as if the Huns slaughtered the civ, with farms and a few burning, abandoned buildings and mills. The Map size was huge so I could see that he spent alot of time designing the map, very highly detailed. Scattered trees here and there, a good supply of gold and stone and fish for my fish boats, and he had a trigger which gave you 30+ sheep every 45 minutes or so.

Story/Instructions: Good!! He explained exaclty what you had to do, explained that if Attila died or the Wonder was destroyed(highly unlikely with a attack of like 120 and HP of 10,000) the scenario would end. He gave a good full paragraph of the History of the battle. Some 300,000 died! Holy Sh*t! In total I killed a merely 3,200 units! And had exactly 30 castles! I had 5 other castles but those dang cannons and trebs!
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
-The Battle of the Catalaunian Fields2 v2.0
-by haneysr

The Battle of the Catalaunian Fields is a historical campaign about a great battle between the Huns and Romans.
Playability: The scenario was overall fun to play, but the beginning dragged it down. The player has to sit through several very long monologues about the actual battle, taken straight out of the Conquerors campaigns. Due to a bug apparently, all the speech played twice, resulting in 15+ minutes of narration, sometimes overlapping, which was not fun to listen to and made me turn the sound off. Other than the repeating narration, I didn't notice any bugs, although the AI quickly wasted General Aetius and Theodric the Goth attacking by walls.
My Suggestions: Remove the opening narration. It is really not necessary, since most players have heard it already playing the ES campaigns, and it says basically the same thing as the history section. The battle sounds also became tiresome.
Balance: This scenario was beatable, but it was very hard. A new player would probably not be able to complete it. The enemy throws gigantic hoards of enemies against your meager defenses, and unless you attack them early, there is no hope. Taking out all the enemies takes a very long time, even on low difficulty levels. For a decent player, a fun challenge, but for a newbie, this scenario is practically unbeatable.
My Suggestions: Remove some enemies, or make triggers with difficulty levels as conditions adjusting the number (or quality) of enemies.
Creativity: The battles between the Huns and Romans have already been covered in ES's Attila the Hun campaign. Aside from that, there were some creative elements, like the early destruction of a weak town with rams, and extra supplies at each new age.
My Suggestions: Try to use stories that have not already been used in AoK or TC.
Map Design: The map was great. Very full of buildings and enemies, none of the space was wasted. The gaia parts looked very nice also. A great map to play on.
My Suggestions: More terrain mixing could help some
Story/Instructions: I almost took off a point for having too much of this. The story is given twice, once in the Histroy tab, again in opening narration. The instructions are also very clear, simply destroy all the enemies of the Huns.
My Suggestions: Take out the opening narration
Overall: A good scenario with an excellent map and more than enough historical information. Other than the annoying and excessive sounds, this was a very entertaining battle.

Good Points:
  • Very nice map

  • Lots of history

  • Clear objective

  • Fun to play

Bad Points:
  • Way too many sounds, especially opening narration

  • Story has been done before

  • Very difficult

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Map Design5.0
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