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Colonization v1.2

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

by RoboPaul88

In this scenario, designed to work either as Single Player or Multiplayer, you can control either the English, Spanish, or French in a struggle to control the New World. You must not only fight against the other colonial powers, but against the angry Natives too. You win by either destroying the other two powers, or by defeating your mother country in a revolution. Good luck, and may the best nation win!

-Advisors that actually talk in your nation's language (with English captions)
-Geographically accurate map
-Abundant resources
-Thoroughly playtested
-Three playable civs

Changes in Version 1.1

  • Bug allowing Natives to advance to Imperial Age fixed

  • Revolutions made easier

  • Revolutions made possible even when lock teams is set to on

Changes in Version 1.2

  • Revolutions fixed to work in multiplayer too

  • Balance issue concerning Spanish fixed

  • English starting point moved south for gameplay reasons

  • Town center foundations automatically laid to allow AI to play correctly in single player

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
karikarki A very nice scenario w/ excellent story/instructions, map was very nice but could've been better. The creativity was limited by this event actually happened (well not really but y'all know what i mean). The balance was nice as was the playability. Though being able to change diplomatic stance was needed as my units kept not attacking.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Colonisation is a B&D for Single and Multiplayer use. The campaign offers you two scenarios on the same map. You can either fight against the other colonial powers and the natives of the American Continent or declare independence from your European homeland.

After the early colonization of the American continent by the Swedes, the Dutch and later the French, which let the Spanish only come up north until New Mexico and Florida, the British took over the colonies of the area now called the United States and Canada. The defeat of the French on the North American continent during the period of the seven year war in Europe (1756-1763) lead to the colonies revolution against the English crown and The Declaration of Independence, as the English protection against the French was no longer needed. The late interest of the English crown, the English trade posts were erected by individuals, in the American continent was due to the fact that England was not depending of the trade monopole of the Italian city-states with the Far East like the Portuguese, Spanish and French. The French and Portuguese tried to find a way around Africa, while the Spanish, having waved the trade rights around Africa to the Portuguese by contract, invested into the idea of Christopher Columbus sailing west. Later, still hoping for a shorter way to the west, they build up colonies in order to find a way through the New World by boat, as in Central America salt water, another ocean was discovered on the other side of the continent. A dream that had to wait until the construction of the Panama Canal, but that is another story.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is fun and a good B&D on a great map is always a nice way to pass your time. I also played the first two versions of the campaign on different difficulty levels and the main problem in all versions is the long waiting period for attacks and the inferiority of the Spanish settlers. In this new version of colonization, the French, playing on hardest, offered to set diplomacy on neutral and announced that they declared independence to their native country, but never built a boat to fulfil that objective. To save some challenge for the end I sent thirty galleons down to support the Spanish enemy in their loosing fight against the natives, but in vain, the Spanish gave up before challenging player one in battle. The Spanish were literally starved to death as they do not have comparable resources or access to the rich fields in California and Alaska like the other three powers. Neither the computer colonists nor the natives built a harbour, trade- and fishing-boats, even though you were told that only canon galleons were blocked. With a population limit of two hundred, player one has a big advantage trading with the British Isles. 4-

BALANCE: I played the scenario on hardest and did not find it very challenging. You can build up your forces for some time without being disturbed by attacks. The Spanish, being crushed by the natives, gave up without ever attacking; the French attack a castle with one canon or trebuchet only or by an army of axmen without the support of other units. The defeat of the French gave me instant victory, while the natives had still several castles, towers and military buildings and I could not plunder the gold of Tenochtitlan. 3

CREATIVITY: All aspects of a scenario are to rate in this category. To mention is the map design and the variations and multiple uses for the player. Colonization is for single and multiplayer and your choice is to play the British, French or Spanish, to defeat the other two colonial powers and the natives or to do a revolution and defeat your European homeland. 3+

MAP DESIGN: The best part of the scenario, the map is thoroughly done, creative and very detailed. The American Continent is placed in the middle, while Europe’s coast line, from where you start, is in the East and China, your other trading partner in the West of the Map. You really have to see for yourself. 5
-Great work!

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Your objectives are clear, the hints helpful, the campaign comes with an expressionist bitmap, good author’s description and read me. The history section’s description of the events is short and Colonization is presented with no story at all. The review tutorial is crystal clear about the easiest category to rate: “If there are instructions but no story, the max score is a 3.”

OVERALL: A good game for Single Player, but probably more challenging for Multiplayer.

OBSERVATION: The author ascribes the discovery of America to Christopher Columbus. Fact is that the U.S. is celebrating the October 9th as "Leif Ericsson Day" in recognition of the first arrival of a European in North America around the year 1000 AD. It was President Lyndon B. Johnson who designated the day to Leif Ericsson in 1964, approved by a unanimous Congress! Truth is that in 986 an Icelandic trader, Bjarne Herjulfsson sailed from Iceland to Greenland, to visit Eric the Red, who was outlawed in Norway for killing a man and outlawed again for manslaughter in Iceland, to finally discovering and colonizing an island he called Greenland. On his journey Bjarne got lost in storms, drifting too far west and discovering a new coast with plenty of woods. He was exploring the North American coast from south to north, without ever putting his foot on the American soil, heading from Newfoundland to Greenland, where he told his discovery to Eric the Red. Eric sent his son Leif in 999 or 1000 to discover the New World which he did in the opposite route of Bjarne, going ashore and spending one winter until he sailed back. Back in Norway Bjarne Herjulfsson was treated as a coward for not daring to go ashore and the glory was for Leif, who was called Leif the Lucky.

SUGGESTIONS: The computer AI detects your map from scratch as a land map and other than your text is suggesting the players 2, 3 and 7 will not build harbours and boats. Load a suitable AI from the blacksmith for your campaign which is designed for water maps and more aggressive. Give more land and access to the north for the Spanish or make them allied to the natives, with an in game story of treason. The Indians could even be historically correct the allied of the French, as they were in the French Indian War against the English. Try a small story and consider a history section with more information about the early colonization of the American continent. Not every game suits Single Player use and I have the impression that Colonization was designed for Multiplayer. Adapt this submission to its exclusive use as a Single Player and leave the Multiplayer option to your upload in the specific section.

IN CLOSING: I recommend downloading the campaign for its great map and for those that look for a B&D not too difficult to win.

Cat Ketch I have played your scenario several times. I decided to use the editor and change the human player to Spanish and French. I saved the scenario with a different name each time.

Playing as the French colonists, The English didn't really make an effort, but the Aztecs started off by being enemies. A real blast @ moderate difficulty!

When playing as the Spanish colonists, the boat from Spain touches South America fades out and the game announces "You Are Defeated". Any idea as to why?

I really love this scenario, the next time I play it, I'm going to crank up the difficulty a notch. Thanks for writing it.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

I didn't really intend for the French and Spanish to be used in single player, so I didn't debug them. I never seemed to have any issues playing with them on multiplayer, though. Weird.
Jas the Mace1 Great map!!!...The 1st time I played it (on moderate) it was going pretty good...then suddenly I was 'victorious' (yea) In the map editor I unchecked 'allied victory' and raised the difficuilty to moderate...played much harder and way longer (I personally like to fully smash a map)...Great looking continents...I liked the erie feeling sailing down the Amazon...overall a to play!

Jas the Mace1

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