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My-Best-Scenario version 1

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
This scenario has more resorses and other stuff.

made by jake
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script_kiddie Not much to say, heh. Hey pretty good scenario for an 8 yr old. Well you start out on an island as the Britons, the beginning of the scenario has a short battle scene. Your fighting the Franks, but as you play along, your enemy offers you an alliance so the game doesnt make sense, theres virtually no fish on the map, just like 6 patches on the whole map. The Goths a netural civ in the south are very uncivilized, the best thing they can do is build towers in their island, with only archers and militia in their arsenal, they never upgrade. Another ally is red, he is also an ally, but they never seem to to anything. The whole map is boring, theres no one fighting against each other, just a lame map. Dont bother, walk away.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
My Best Scenario is a B&D but a FF for your main enemy. You play the British against the Goths and Teutonic while the Franks are your ally. Three war parties start on a separate island while the English share their island with Japanese bandits.

PLAYABILITY: Your units and buildings are in full view on the small island and an easy prey for the enemy. Balance in a B&D is a major factor and affects playability more than in other game styles and I refer to the balance rating this category. The Japanese bandits do not interact after they become your ally. Another problem was the high population of the Teutonic with the player population limit of 75 in original AoK but they had more than 20 units closed behind fortified walls with no gate, too many trade boats, no villagers and no resources on their island, which made the end game too easy. 2

BALANCE: All players start in the Dark Age, while player 1 has only a transport, the main enemy, the Teutonic have a huge naval force, canon galleons included. I played the scenario on hardest, hard, and moderate and found the game unbalanced, no level suited me. The first game, hardest I gave up, the second, hard, my forces had to flee on the island of the Franks to protect the houses and to build up out of reach of the enemy war ships, as the home island is too narrow. After the Teutonic lost their naval forces, they could not produce any unit or advance from Feudal Age because of the limited starting resources. Destroying the castle was too easy; you landed north of the castle out of sight of the enemy troops, after killing some helpless cavalry with your galleons. The third game, moderate was too easy and boring as the Standard AI of the enemy did not attack. 2

CREATIVITY: The creativity is in the start, the opening battle and the design of the fortified castle. 2

MAP DESIGN: The map is below random map quality. The author uses no terrain mix, no elevation and the enemy island is just flat grass 1, no tree. The trees on the other islands were good, done with a small brush and I liked the fortified castle. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The scenario has no story at all. You get two objectives and the only hint: “You are the British and you are at war with the French” is false, player 1 has the French as ally and the enemy is Teutonic. 2-

OVERALL: Depending of the difficulty level, the scenario is a too easy or too difficult B&D.

SUGGESTIONS: Fewer units for the Teutonic, no units behind closed walls, but add villagers and resources. Give larger islands to the Teutonic and player 1, so you can build houses on your starting island. Look into diplomacy; you might like to change the Goths as they are too neutral. Try a story, the category is the easiest to score.

FINAL OBSERVATION: Compared to the first version, playability, balance and map design improved; good progress.

[Edited on 07/26/08 @ 08:06 PM]

Official Reviewer
@ script kiddie

I consider myself as an experienced player, but gave up on hardest. It would be nice if you could post a walkthrough, how you beat the scenario on that difficulty level. If you played on standard or moderate only you should maybe try hard and correct your comment.
Sir Perceval Hey Script Kiddie!! Don't be too hard on him!! :(

I am 13 myself!! :(

[Edited on 08/07/07 @ 02:59 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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