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n Bergria

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is just one scenario of my forthcoming campaign.
Campaign is story about the struggle of Heinirch for "King and country" against Wilhelm and his bad guys. Scenarios take place in Europe and North-Africa.
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Dark Reality
Map Design5.0
First off, this was a very nice scenario. It is, however, hard to comment on, as it has already been declared one of many scenarios in an upcoming campaign.

You are Johann and Heinrich, two unknown characters who are on their way to a certain Inn. The story (if short and simple) unfolds from there. I don't want to give anything away, so I will not explain the entire story.

Playability - 5
This scenario was easy to play. It had absolutely no bugs. It's small length and lack of diverse triggers may have been the reason for that, but it was still nice to be able to play a scenario to the end without worrying about bugs.

Balance - 4
This is hard to judge. The beginning was very well balanced. I managed to die, without trying to, once getting to the knights (which says something, considering there are only 6 enemies until that point, including the knights). The last fight however, was out of proportion. it could be that it was meant to be this way, but it was far too easy to win, and required nearly no strategy. Because these two halves seem to equal each other out, this deserves a 4.

Creativity - 4
The scenario was somewhat simple. It wasn't however, bad. The dialogue, although hard to read on the white snow, was humorous. I especially enjoyed Jürgen's, the blacksmith's, german english mix. It was something of the different sort, and not the typical "go out and do nothing but kill everything" scenario.

Map Design - 5
Lovely. Not much else to say to that. At first I looked for some eye candy, until realizing many things seen as "eye candy" just don't show up in snow (a similar "problem" i have in making my own scenario). However, the forest was very nicely done and spaced out nicely. I also liked the passage which allowed you to go around the archers.

Story/instructions - 3
This is the part that's hard to judge. A summary of the campaign story line may have been useful in the zip file, but somehow, there was not much of a story to orient oneself on. The instructions, however, couldn't get any easier though. It was in no way confusing, and the single path made "getting lost" quite... impossible :-) Facing all facts however, the lack of story gives this a 3.

This looks quite promising, and I hope to see the full campaign, or at least more of it soon. A question stands however, is this the first scenario, or is there one which shows the escape from town and the reason for the escape?.

Improvement suggestions:
Maybe little side quests to get the gold could be built in, just to make the scenario somewhat longer and more interesting.
The final battle could be evened out more, either through less personal troops, or more enemy troops.
The path around the castle was looooooong! It's nothing all that bad to the point at which it deserves a point taken off, but it did annoy me somehow :-)
Map Design2.0
This game starts out with an interesting and fun development, then dies out to an easy victory.

PLAYABILITY: The beginning of the game has lots of action and dialogue, then when I make it to the castle and take on the responsibility of commanding an army, I meet up with very little resistance and the battle is short and easy.

BALANCE: Loved the beginning of the game for balances, my two heroes’ started the game in a damaged state but regenerating. They meet up with some serious resistance until half way to their destiny, then it goes soft, then an easy win.

CREATIVITY: The scene at the inn was quite good, but the part about the in keeper waking up in the morning scared and worried about attacking wolves was a bit puzzling. My hero’s destroyed the beasts but nothing followed, it would have been better if they just rode away and prevented the needless injuries, as it did not add to the storyline

MAP DESIGN: Travelling along the road, the map was ok, no eye candy, but a typical ride along a trail. When I got to the castle I had to climb a spiral array of cliff to the top which did not have a realistic feel. The roadway was narrow and had at one spot, a mill that didn’t fit in at all, there were houses as well. The scenery at the final battle was
basic , some trees, yurts,and army clustered together

STORY / INSTRUCTION: The game had good story and instruction, although short, it was still well done.4

Notes: The last battle would have been much more exciting if the heroes had only half the defensive army they were given, and perhaps even less, as they were the ones that could regenerate.

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Map Design3.5
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