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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Shadowmind Episode 4

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Shadowmind Episode 4

Author File Description
Shadows/AoK Dragon
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
- Saves points are placed at important areas, where you are advised to save
- Boss Battles
- Huge Battle scenes
- 3 in 1 scn, you have the chose of either being three differant units, each with there own path
and storyline
-Speacil Dragon appearances
- A secert unit you may be, with their own storyline also...
- The story of War, Deception and hates end with this final scn.
- Detailed map.
- Numerous Triggers
- Custum Sound track : Braveheart
-"Portal Holes"
-Time FLuxes..and examples..

Story: This is the final scenario in the Shadowmind series. This one I can guarentee will be the best of the 4 scenarios that
have been completed. The story starts where E.3 The Rise of Power left off..but it starts like no other scenario has ever started.
After the short dioloque you have the choice of choosing the two last remaining unit..they should be obvisous who you can choose.
Also..there is a secert unit to play as, which I use for a more humorous side..for so far all my scenarios do not have much humor
in them.
So basicly the story is what you make it..

Credits: I would like to thank some people..for helping me from the very beginning of the end...

Rodrigo: I owe you a freind, and as my boss you have helped me all the way with Shadowmind..being the first AoK
Dragon Projects..I hope I did well.
TDS: A good freind of mine..who showed me that in my eyes my creations may not be good, but in others it may be a
masterpeice..thanks man, you always cheered me up when I was down.
Irish_Women: Your interview was nice..and you humor always kept me up to beat..:-) Good luck with your Joan CPN.
The Great Alexander: Probaily one of the best testers I have ever met, and a good freind of mine. I am still in the clouds
by how you found all those bugs in my scns...almost 20 at times...and those questions you asked that made me think more
about my plot..and ways to improve it.
Knightofthecross: It is sorry to here that you had to leave, but it was always nice talkning to you...:-)
Iamanaokfantic: you are just a messed up guy who I always enjoyed talking to...and your mods are always
the best..
Rob the Brave: remember that conversation we had about americans and there foods? Heh..that did
Cat: Ah, what a good freind you are..and a good tester just the same. And you are always up and well when I am, late at
night when things are queit..great time for our long conversations!
Inquizative: I owe alot to you as well, your attitude about life made me think differantly.,.and your advice was always important
to me...Good luck with you Forbiddion city cpn :-)
Red Monk- Truely..without you..I would have never been able to finish Shadomind in the way I did. I thank you very much
for helping me with the last portion of the story...THANK YOU!!!!

If I forgot someone I am very sorry...

SCN Punk: Hey freedumb..I think it is rather ironic that we had the same idea of choosing your own unit, and I am glad there are
no hard feelings. I must say to everyone..when The Invasion is released..DOWNLOAD IT, it has the same choose your own
path style as E.4 and is made by the it should be a hit.

AoK Dragons: Thank you..I would have never gotten this far without you support..and I owe you for giving me a chance as a
person and a designer

If you have any comments...suggestions or me at

Thank you and good bye.
-Aok Dragon, AoKasino, Magic Scn Team.

The story starts in Shadowmind, continues in Shadowmind Episode 3: The Rise of Power and ends here.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Oh, WOW!
Nice scenario!

Almost perfect playability, and only one bug. the problem with the one bug is that it makes it impossible to go on from that point as that character... when Zorlon gets the relic and arrives at the shrine, he disappears. This is all well and good but the author forgot to give you another unit instead, and 0 units = defeat. However, even with the bug it is still a great scenario. If the author were to make another version, I am sure that it would get a 5.

The balance was well done, but seemed a bit erratic. it is very easy to deal with the zombie scouts, but becomes extremely difficult when facing the pikemen or cat (The one with the chu ko nu, the berserk, tha hand canoneer, and champion). I was only able to win that by placing my units over the spaces where the champ and berserk were created (for non-scenario designers, no unit can be created on top of another unit). Other then these minor glitches (Which were still surmountable, and probably even easy for somebody with more skill at the game then me.) it was great.

VERY CREATIVE. It had a choose-sides bit at the beginning, and you could play as either the evil magician Zolron, or the noble king, TDS. Plenty of new ideas, objectives, etc, rather then just the stale "Find the boy who was kidnapped" or the classic "Save XXXX city from bandits!".

The instructions could have been longer, and were'nt perfect, with a few spelling errors and typos. BUT, all of that is completely made up for by the riveting storyline, and the good humour. Samllamounts of language that you wouldn't want say, a nine year old to see, but who cares. I'm somehow doubt that any nine year olds will be downloading this :).

All-in-all, a truly wonderful piece of art. Definetly deserves a place among scenarios like "The Nexus" and "The King's Best Men"

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Map Design5.0
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Size:3.36 MB