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The Nomad DEMO

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
This is a demo of an upcoming campaign called "The Nomad." It's the story of how a man that has lived on a mountain alone for 10 years, and has decided to go back home. In the demo, you must climb down the mountain while facing Enemy Archers and a boss at the bottom. Of course, there is a glitch or two. that's why it's a demo. Go ahead and comment me on how crappy it was. Go ahead. D/l it and tell me how crappy it was. Go. now. JUST GO!!
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Map Design1.0
Playability = 1:
If there's anything I hate, then I really hate spending an hour of my life simply killing off archers, one by one, then killing a so-called 'boss' at the bottom of the map. Only ONE BOSS! Who is an Archer of the Eyes, vs. your Theodoric Goth. Archers of the Eyes, as you know, are just two Arbalests in one. Even just a Huskarl could beat that.

Balance = 1:
This scenario is even easier than the William Walace to Samurai campaign. The Archers are scattered so far from each other, that you can not only regain HP, with your Hero's regeneration ability, but you can KILL Archers in two hits! Especially as you are a Huskarl. Hmmmm. Let's see. Over 60 archers to kill, one by one, against a 450HP- beast? Unbalanced Hell. No matter HOW many archers you would have to kill one by one, you would WIN.

Creativity = 1:
Creative = NOT. Uncreativity results in unplayability, right guys? Not much creative about a huge HILL with just cliffs and archers. To be more creative, side-quests, more units than just archers, and more bosses would make this more creative... but it gets a 1 for leaving out creativity.

Map Design = 1:
Pathetic, Pathetic, PATHETIC!!! Too much of the map consists of a 'maze' of Cliffs. OK, so there are trees too, but they just aren't enough to wipe off the saddening effects of a 'maze' of cliffs! The villages did not look OK either... not many villages are made of simply huts and villagers! The trees were even placed so badly, that one was in the way later and I could not continue...

Story / Instructions = 1:
[quote]You have been a Nomad, living on Mount Pine for ten years now, you must go down to the sign that says which way Mount Pine is.[/quote] Oh, why do we HAVE to defeat an Archer of the Eyes, as if when the AotE dies the city of Pine will appear out of NOWHERE? Plus, I agree with the victory screen, WHERE DID THOSE ARCHERS COME FROM? A better story could include why you left Pine City, why the Archers want to kill you (for an unknown reason as mentioned), and where they came from? Instructions don't sound any good either. You must go down the mountain to the sign which says which way Pine is.
Not only is there only ONE way (because of the mazes of cliffs) to Pine. I 'marco poloed' the map after reaching a dead end, and no signs existed, just a flag at the end, where you cannot go.

Overall, this is not recommended unless you think 'crap' means 'best thing in the world, ever'.

Imporvements you could make:
+ Make GROUPS of archers, and extra quests like finding a statue head, going inside it and finding an underground cave with a relic you need to take out. (NOTE- this idea for a quest is to be put in my new RPG campaign, Fight of Kazyakak, so don't try this!)
+ Add more units to kill, like champions?
+ Make your unit a 'jack-of-all-trades, but master of none'. For example, a unit with medium armor, medium offense and medium HP- something like a King Alfred would do fine. (from the hero sections)

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Map Design1.0
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