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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Fixed Force
Just one huge battle.Around 4000 units.recommended for those whose system resources are much more than that required.
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Map Design1.0
I don't really mind big huge battles of 300 v 300 that much, but this one I couldn't play through.

Playability: 1 - Let's see, there are over 4,000 units. You start off with 622, with Teutonic Knights, Hand Cannoners, Janisarries, Paladins, Cavalry Archers, Mangudai, E_Longbowmen, E_Berserks, and heroes ... Subotai, Genghis Kahn, Lancelot, Erik the Red, and Robin Hood. You have 100 cavalry, 101 Cavalry Archers, 316 ranged units, and 100 infantry. Try selecting all of that into regiments. Also, your units are strung out across a map. Transporting them and making sure they hit the enemy at the same time is an incredible pain. And your allies? Green occupies a large area along the top right diagonal, cyan and grey are tightly organized in line formation, across the middle of the map. They don't move. Sitting obstacles between you and your enemy! What's the point of over a thousand allied troops if they do nothing? This wasn't a whole lot of fun. I attempted to throw all my troops at the enemy; they arrived in scattered intervals and got creamed...then I found out I still left back a lot of scattered troops back home.
Balance - 1 - Also poor balance, because you unless you have a handful of saboteurs in supply, there is no way your army of 622 can go up alone against four enemies, all with over 600 units at the least (and one with over seven hundred). Your allies do nothing (except send large - well, 20 or 30- groups of ppl up against the enemy so they can get mass bombard cannon'd to death), and the enemies are even enemies to each other, and so some poorly placed Persian samurai (Persian samurai??!) are immediately attacked by a horde of Frankish...Mangudai??!
Creativity - 1. I guess this is a bit better as far as creativity goes because you actually have allies...but you don't interact with them...
Map design: 1 Looks like a random map. Some gold, some sheep, some stone, lots of forests, grass1, and desert...some bamboo and spots of what looks like water that was added in later on...random maps aren't that bad. But if you have 4000+ people fighting...maybe you might want to give it some more open space. All grass1 would have made it more playable.
Story/instructions - 1 - I guess I can sum it up like this. The beginning is the Microsoft logo AVI (pointless). The story makes a bit of sense. It informs you "TO ELIMINATE YOUR OPPONENT WITH THE HELP OF YOUR ALLY - THOUGH DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH HELP." History? "TEST OF YOUR MILITARY SKILLS" Hints? "CAUTIOUS IS THE WORD." If you win, you are lauded and told to "GO JOIN THE ARMY." If you lose - well, first of all you get to watch the opening movie of - and then you are told "YOU SUCK...BIG TIME."
Overall: 1 Huge SIX HUNDRED times three vs SIX HUNDRED times 4...scattered all over the map, tough just to get your units located in one place...allies offer no assitence except for computer AI warfare, which sends large groups against the enemy - large by the computer's views. On hardest, the best I ever got was two groups of oh, thirty five or so Elbows - which were promptly bombard cannon'd to death. Useless movies at beginning and end, poor instructions, lack of balance, very low playability...
This needs a lot of improvement. Don't d/l yet...and did I mention lag?
Official Reviewer
Your red enemy slaughters your orange enemy because for player 2 the diplomacy stance of 7 and 8 got mixed up.

You should say in your hints that your scenario has to be played on hardest difficulty level. At least your enemy attacks your allies on that level and you get the needed support.

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Map Design1.0
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