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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Theodoric and the Gothic Rebirth (Public beta 1.1)

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Theodoric and the Gothic Rebirth (Public beta 1.1)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
Theodoric and the Gothic Rebirth

Scenario 1: Return from Constantinople
Around the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, it was not uncommon for royals to trade relatives as more or less peace hostages to keep two peoples in good graces.
Such is what happened to young Theodoric, given to the Byzantines as a young child, where he could take advantage of Byzantine teaching and intellegence. This developed him into a fair hearted man, but his Gothic blood still ran deep, and he had a taste for something more than math and science.
On his 21st birthday, Theodoric was released to return back to his people, and to take his spot as a ruler of the Goths. There are, however, problems to his return. First is a band of forest dwellers who have developed a hatred of the Franks. The second is Strabo, a rival Theodoric to the Gothic throne, who has amassed a large army, and will need to be dispatched if Theodoric the Goth is to regain his position.

Scenario 2: The Death of Strabo
Alliances are funny things. The Byzantines, now ruled by Emperor Zeno, have shown difficulty in deciding who should be the ruler of the Goths, and their allieances have been changing between the two Theodorics for awhile.
It has been a difficult time, though, and the tributes of gold have slowed to the Byzantines. Unable to pay this "friendship tax", Theodoric has fallen out of favor, and Strabo has been looked apon as the more rightful ruler.
Theodoric Strabo has been suffering for awhile, though, and the pains have been building up. Rumors have it that Strabo is not long for this world.
Hopefully the Byzantines will feel there is a divine right behind the rule of Theodoric when they discover that Strabo has been struck down in the prime of life.

Scenario 3: Eastern Push, Western Threat
The winter has been long, cold, and painful for the Gothic tribes. They have been pushed from land to land by the Hunnic warriors pouring across the boarder into Europe.
Theodoric has managed to establish a small fortress, however, but food and gold for his tribe have both been at a premium, and now are more or less depleated. Gold mines in the area are gone, and farming is impossible on land that has slowly turned to tundra. Theodoric needed a source of food, a source of gold, and needed to warm up his Gothic blood.
Byzantium was a beautiful target, and was open for the taking. Though Zeno was an ally, he also has done precious little to help the Goths in these tough times.
There is another Gothic tribe that has been having problems, as an ally of Theodoric has been usurped in Verona, but between here and there lie the Gothic strongholds on the Nonsa River and Ravenna.
And those will remain allied to Theodoric...won't they?

Since this is a public beta, I am asking, nay BEGGING for feedback, as at this moment I am three quarters of the way to 1000 downloads with no feedback. Even if you don't like it, tell me, and tell me why. I want this to be a campaign that all can enjoy, but it won't be unless I know what I'm doing right and wrong.

Happy gaming.
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Map Design5.0
I played this campaign on hard and although i was never in any danger of getting defeated i never lost interest.Also i never encountered any bugs or lag in any area.

I feel as though i started out too strong and combined with a
enemy that was not agressive enough i destroyed the ememy with ease.With this stated,my overall liking of the campaign still made it emjoyable.

There was a great deal of creativity in the map design with 3 different maps and alot of good triggers.

Map Design:
This is the strongest part of the campaign.There was a good use of elevation,eye candy,trail design and placement of resources.

The campaign had a good story,combined with easy to follow instructions and good hints it all came together to make an
interesting game.

In closing i would recommend downloading this campaign.

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Map Design5.0
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