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Forest Trek

Author File Description
Mo 200
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
This is a good little map. It involves you, William, tasked to help the King. You have to find your way through a dangerous forest, facing bandits, seeking allies and trying to stay alive.
This is the sort of map for people who have a spare ten minutes.
Feel free to leave any suggestions and comments.
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Raptor the Good Very cool. Kind of hard though. How do you keep from being killed at the part with trebuchets?
Map Design2.0
(This game is for AOK TC)
In this game you are William trying to make your way to the king Henry, but are encountering resistance from bandits along the way. The game is a bit on the short side, but offers a lot of action.

PLAYABILITY: The map is laid out as a trail that leads to your destination, so there are not many options of play available. You meet up with and fight every enemy on the map, except for one place where you are urged by an ally archer to go around some enemies. The game starts with you and some of the Kings men engaged in battle, but you have little control of the game, perhaps intended this way so the hero comes off victorious but badly beaten up. If it weren’t for Williams self healing , the game would not be winnable.
After each battle, I had to stop and wait for a complete healing, and on the final battle had to run while being chased by a couple of enemy soldiers. I’ve played games where running away was sometimes the best tactic , but running away from a battle with an inch of your life left, and running just to buy some time to heal is to me, a fun killer. If the soldiers I picked up along the way were a bit more numerous or stronger ,I would have had more enjoyment from the game.

BALANCE: The games balance could have been improved on. William had fast self-healing as mentioned so I sent him in ahead and drew out any pockets of enemy resistance, then after my life dropped low, i ran to my men which put up a meager fight, and was quickly killed off. A stronger army unit would have given the game a better balance.

CREATIVITY: There was a modest attempt made in this field. An archer waiting along the road warned me of a strong enemy post that lay just ahead, and brought me to his secret camp. When I arrived at the Kings town there was a siege team already there and the walls were heavily damaged, which I found added a realistic touch to the game. A couple of cut scenes are also included.

MAP DESIGN: The map is a bit plain and lacking some detail in important areas. The wooded areas has a path but not much else,, so it looks a bit unrealistic. The trees are planted on grass, so there are no blends of dirt, path, and flowers. A little more attention to detail would have added much to this aspect of the game.

STORY/ INSTRUCTION: you are given instructions at the beginning, and they are adequate enough to get the job done. There is not a whole lot in the way of a story though, however during the game there is a bit of dialogue that does add to this part of the game.

I recommend this game.
Map Design3.0
Playability: This was a fun scenario, naturally, being a "Journey through the forest" type RPG. I would've rather seen the hero as a mounted unit, simply for speed purposes; it would've kept my interest a little better. Nice move with the archer giving the advice and leading you through a different route.

Balance: While it seems quite simplistic, I had trouble with this scenario. The first parts are a cinch, but it gets very difficult near the end; almost too dificult. I had to constantly move aside my hero to let him rejuvinate his HP's, which makes me lose interest in the game.

Creativity: The "journey through a forest" idea isn't cutting edge, but I liked your adaptation of it. You were pretty creative in William heading to a king, and the whole thing with the archer leading you on a different route was creative.

Map Design: While this was a big map, you didn't utilize much of it because most was a narrow path through a forest. Also, you really needed to put some eye candy on this map, and add more to the otherwise basic layout; all green grass and trees. It also would've been cool to have seen more forest towns or villages or fortresses.

Story/Instructions: Instructions were okay. But this scenario BEGGED for a storyline. There are so many cool twists you could've put on this scenario if you had taken the time to write a creative, interesting story to go along with the scenario. There was a lot of room for it, and I was disappointed you didn't put one in.
DanielF Nice map! I had fun with it. I liked the story and comments by William.

Raptor the Good, by the time I got there, I only had William and 3 extra soldiers. What I did was I made them attack the purple soldiers then ran away to the woods people village. Then I had William turn back to destroy the trebuchets, which were now unguarded.

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Map Design2.5
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