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With Avengence

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 8
This is my first ever Campaign. Please tell me your comments or questions. If there is a bug or a error, post it at the scenario forum board please.

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File Author
please feel free to tell anything about the campaign here at this comment board. I check it reguarlly.
Gamer1101 Umm cam, usually they use that field for describing the campagn and or scenerio. Why, your campaign could be about a fishing boat is cheated or something...we dont know what it is about besides the fact someone wants vengence. IM sure its cool and all but what is it about?
File Author
You take control of Sir John Roland. The taxes are rising because of the French and English war, and the citizens are becoming restless. Roland is a man for the people, and tries to help them by talking with the head tax collector, Capt Mordred. Roland is caught up in the middle of a rebellion and is mistaken as a traitor. Roland and Mordred become bitter rivals, and the rebellion rages on.
The Conquistador Based on the comments and the review, I would say that you didn't use the attribute changing ability of the X-pack. The only thing that could justify this is the fact that once you change any attribute of a unit, no upgrades will affect it anymore. Which makes a RPG scenario much less fun, since you no longer has the luxury and pleasure of seeing your hero getting stronger with upgrades available in the scenario. I haven't played this campaign yet, but I will do that soon.
The Conquistador Thank you for commenting my campaign. If you read this message and this message is for everybody, I respect your opionions about my campaign. Based on your personal experience and tastes, how would you describe the perfect campaign (aside from Mark Stoker's 'Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction', which by the way is one heck of a campaign is literally the best of the best)? I am very pleased that I am actually getting someone to give me comments, although they are not exactly good to my standards. I hope your attitude towards my campaigns when I finish the sequel to "Empire of the Rising Sun", 'Conquest of the Mediterranean'.
The Downward Spiral
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Well, so far this is the best AoK: TC campaign out! Heh, but AoK: TC is still a baby, and I'm sure eventually other campaigns will rise above this one. But if you're bored, and want to play a little quickie campaign, this will hit the spot!

Playability - 3: This campaign is basically a mix of fixed force and roll playing. The scenarios are all basically short. I was very fond of a few missions. Especially the episode where you had two strike teams, and had to take out both of Mordred's supply camps. Many of the scenarios are good, but nothing outstanding.

Balance - 2: The campaign was simply too easy. I'm not a fan of impossible campaigns that take months to finish, but a two year old could finish this one ;-) However, if you're a newbie at AoK, or you just plain old suck, this campaign's difficulty will probably be a blast for you.

Creativity - 3: The campaign was fairly creative. There were a few cutscene episodes, and a few concepts that were new... or rarely used. Nothing that stuck out in my mind as absolutely inventive or genius, but the campaign was fairly inventive.

Map Design - 4: I liked the map design in this campaign. It was fairly detailed, and there was some pleasing eye candy. I especially liked the swamp in the first scenario.

Story/Instructions - 4: The story itself of this campaign was very emotional. It isn't just the tale of a rebellion. It goes further then that. It goes into enmity between characters, and friendship between characters. A shiver went down my spine in a certain scenario. The instructions however were poor. There were several spelling mistakes, and also some scenarios lacked mission objectives.

In conclusion, the campaign is well done. Although the review is a bit short, so is the campaign. One thing that disappointed me, however, was how the author didn't utilize the "Change Name," and "Change HP/Attack" triggers. They were basically my favorite additions to the new editor, and were barely (if at all) used. Other then that, I was pleased with the campaign. Good work on a well done campaign!
Tonto_jlmk This is really great! I loved this! I'd rate it 4.0!
Andanu Trisatya Haha, I remembered this campaign. The first campaign I d/l-ed when TC came out. It's a good scenario overall, the map design is simple and nice with some minor eye-candies here and there. There's not much challenge, but the story is pretty good, strong and emotional.

I'm downloading it again.

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Map Design4.0
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