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The two paths

Author File Description
Derek the dark
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is my first uploaded game

The game is set where you (the player)find yourself in the middle of two paths pick the one of the paths and continue on.....
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Map Design1.0
Problems is all over the place. I diden't had much fun playing it. You have to pick one way and evry way you take you die no matter what.

No balance at all it's to easy if you pick the way behind the man and it's to hard if you pick the way in front of him. Charlemange is stronge then La hire.

Well not very good you end up dieing no matter what way you pick but some good is it in it, you know how to handle triggers and that is good. If you want to improve you better make some weaker men to fight and delete the damage trigger at the other site. + you you can only win if you take to hard way if you can run away from your enemies but anyway you can't win if you pick the easy way even if you pass the dead end.

Map design.
Not very good only four kinds of terrain(Leaves, destroyed road, grassy road, grass)+ the trees you better make some more terrain mix if you want to improve. One more thing is that the ground is totally flat no elevations.

Nothing at all not a single word or a letter just blank areas it would be great with just a little story so you can tell us why he want to take that challenge.

Overall: You can do improvement's in makeing maps and you got a little talent in thr trigger section.

I recomend that this map is for newbies and for rookies you can lern something about this map.
Map Design2.0
The Two Paths is a game where you the find yourself (totally inexplicabley) in the middle of two paths. You are La Hire. He has a lot more HP and attack than normal, though.

Playability--- Not So Good. There was some puzzle element. It involved doing a certain number of actions in a certain order. This game pulled me back to it 3 times before I got bored. this game is also impossible to complete. if you go one way, you die when you get to the end, and If you go the other way, you are killed by the horseman. have I missed something?

balance--- Not So Good. On one of the paths there was a capped ram (that nearly reverted me to tears watching it pathetically try to roll away as La Hire brought his sword down continuosly on it's roof) and two berserks. no problem for la Hire! On the second path is one of those heroes on a horse with a lance (I can't remember which) that totally annhialates you. This means either take the boring route or die...

Creativity--- Poor. No objects had their names changed, there were no eyecandy or tricks.

Map Design--- Not So Good. There was a certain amount of effort put in to the design of the map. Certain different tree types were used, but did not meld together very well.
Road was used throughout.

Story / Instructions--- Not So Good. There was an explanation at the start of what you had to do, although it wasn't spelled right. There was no story.

Just think about these things and change your scenario a bit and I'm sure everyone will enjoy your scenarios. Meanwhile, take a look at some experienced map designer's work and see how they do it.

P.S Welcome to AOKH!
Sir_Matthias Playability: Bad (2). You control La Hire, and there are two paths you can go. Once you go the direction of one, a gate locks behind you and you have no choice but to continue on. To the left are two berserks and a Capped Ram. They are easy to defeat, and you actually gain gold by beating them. However, you die with a damaging trigger once you reach the end of the path. To the other path, is a El Cid Campeador. If you choose to fight, you will get killed. If you choose to run, you may be able to get to the finish (and a monk who sells weapons too I think) but more than likely you'll get killed.

Balance: Very Bad (1) The left path is way too easy, unless you kill your own hero. The right path will get you killed more than likely, there is no way to defeat the hero.

Creativity: Bad (2) I noticed slight traces of creativity like: When you kill enemies, you recieve gold for a prize, there is a monk who sells upgrades, and some triggers are well-done. However, nothing is new, and it is for the most part uncreative.

Map Design: Bad (2) There was not much to mention, besides a few varied terrains.

Story: very Bad (1) Nothing much to mention...

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Map Design1.5
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