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Exploring_Man 1 and 2 The Explorer

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 2
Now i finally sent it out after a big break and some learning of how i can send thing over 2mb but it\'s to hard to do it in my mail. But anyway i\'ve putted some ai files in it, A picture, the first version of exploring man(the upgraded) and a text file.

I hope you\'ll enjoy it.

The story continues in
Exploring_Man 3 The Land Of The Mayans Demo
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: A 3, leaning towards a 4, because it was very enjoyable for me, and I'm sure others like it too. Many places (not the battle field scn, the other level) were fun, such as the fans camp, and there was plenty of action. However, you had to walk a lot, sometimes meeting extremely weak enemies or wolves, and that got a bit boring after a while.

Balance: a 3, because, well, it was 2 EZ in most places, and the last part was almost 2 hard. However, they equal each other out, and voila! A 3. However, one last thing - your heroes are 2 strong, as they can cut down normal units with one slash (that would happen in real life, but...)

Creativity: Well done, I liked some of the places and towns the person explores, especially the Arkendik town. You somehow managed to freeze vilagers as well, and I wanted to mention that. (how did u do that anyway?) A 4.

Map Design: Well done, you used lots of eye candy and your paths were nicely laid out, along with your towns. The part at the end, where you defeat the Bandits' army, I liked too. The desert there combined with rubble and ruins looked really good. A 4.

Story/Instructions: Gee, that's hard to judge. Instructions and chat were displayed throughout the game (positive), but your story was a bit weak and the end needed some BANG to it. However, although it wasn't gripping, the story was acceptable, but common. Hints were supplied, very helpful in fact. Scouts, well, that sentence was a bit helpful too.

Comments: A job well done, King_Arthur198!

Suggestions for the Author: Umm, maybe you could add colored display instruction notices, (<COLOUR OF PLAYER>blablabla) and a side quest would be nice too. Also, when someone selects an object with a loop text message, put in a 2nd condition: timer=10. Trust me it works! And last, if you toned down the heroes a tiny bit, and gave out a bigger p.1 army for novices, you would have a classic!

In closing: A job well done, I recommend this for everybody, and except for some minor details, this is a very good scenario.
Map Design4.0
Arthur is on another journey and fighting off bandits once again, this time he is accompanied by Trikistan

PLAYABILITY: The game starts of with the two hero’s fighting for their freedom in an arena, which didn’t pose much of a challenge, but at least gives them the freedom to start their quest. There is some resistance early on in the game and they have access to a monk. For the next while you are visiting towns and accumulating an army. When I finally encountered the bandits, they were on the far end of the map, so I had long slow journeys back for healing, which brings the fun aspect of the game down a bit.
Perhaps using a smaller map, or having a monk along with the army would have solved this problem.

BALANCE: The last battle where the leader of the bandits is camped out was a bit hard. I was greatly outnumbered and had to return back to the monk for healing. The enemy did not follow in pursuit, which was good in one sense but not good in another. Had they followed I would have been destroyed slowly, and because they didn’t it pretty much gave me the game in advance, as all I had to do was keep healing and returning.

CREATIVITY: There is a few parts where creativity is evident, such as how I acquired my first bunch of soldiers, and then there was the town that had its water supply dried up due to a rock slide.

MAP DESIGN: The map had a better than random look for the most part, and shows promise in the author’s ability. I used the Marco polo cheat after the game and noticed large portions of unused map, which actually contributed to the lack of fun. As I mentioned above a smaller map would have better suited this scenario by cutting down on needless walking. Overall, a nicer than random look and deserving of a higher score.

STORY/ INSTRUCTION: The story is given in the history, along with a bit of dialogue throughout the game. The instructions are given at the beginning of the game and are clear and easy to follow.

Recommended for those that like a moderate challenge.

To Author:
I like your Exploring man concept, and wish you well on future ones, however I would like to point out that two of the towns did not add anything to the game play, but had good potential.
(A suggestion) When I defeated the first smaller bandit camp, it would have been nice to find a cart carrying explosives. I could have brought it back to the town that had the rock problem and used it to blow up the rocks and restore their water supply. In return, the town could have given me some additional soldiers that would have increased the balance, creativity, and playability.
I hope this suggestion helps in your next scenarios.

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Map Design4.0
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