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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Defend the Castle!

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Defend the Castle!

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Defend the Castle is a strategic game in which you must use your micromanagement skills to their full extent to last as long as possible.

The object is simple: Keep your castle standing as long as possible. Waves of Teutonic Knights and War Elephants will come charging as fast as they can run (which isn't very fast) and attempt to take down the castle. To kill them, you can use a variety of ways:

1: Explosives
Your Engineers (villagers) can put up explosives (palisade walls) in an attempt to kill the enemy. Five seconds after an explosive is planted, it will detonate, killing or severely damaging everyone in its blast radius. Be careful.

2: Archers/Knights
Your main line of defense. You can train converts into archers or knights (explained below) to use against the enemy.

3: Suicide!
You can also train converts to be suicide bombers (petards with + attack). Especially effective against War Elephants.

4: Conversion
Technically not a kill, but it is more effective. You can use Alchemists (monks) to convert enemy units to your side, and train them to be certain units using the menu to the right of your castle. Animals are not converted, but poisoned.

The game is based off the original game by XGen Studios. ( The original game can be found there.

This game has been tested many times over, and I believe all the bugs have been worked out. So, have fun!

To those who downloaded before 8/20/03: I have resubmitted the file before it appeared on the Blacksmith. If you have gotten this file before it appeared on the Blacksmith (via URL manipulation), please redownload it, because I have made an important bug fix.
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
tophat This is a must download senciorio it is very fun to play.You have a town and a castle. Your main goal is to defend the castle. You do start with a small army some Bowmen, an Ennigerner ( these guys rock!) and a monk guy.
You will get a random number captured units at the end of each round and use those units to train them into something better ( or worse lol).You can also convert units into plie right away.This senirio induceds many feaures and deatails I love the main menu thing.Oh and you can't convert war elephants.
Remember download this it's 2 thumbs up.
Jagatai Khan Yes it is very good.

My 4.4 is agreeable I think!
MayanHeritage Fun to play, which is what i look for in a scenario.
The_Follows Dude, I played that game on!! That was a cool idea to make it on AoK! I really like your scenario, it's addicting and fun!
Magnum Zero Great job, ZYX...I know that you mentioned a Defend the Castle 2...are you still making that?
File Author
Yes, I realize I'm answering an 8 month old question... I've put off this answer long enough.

Yes, there is a sequel planned. In fact, it's pretty close to being finished, although in all honesty it should have been done months ago. I only recently got the willpower to start working on it again, as I came upon a couple of minor, but annoying, designing flaws that made me feel like quitting the project all together.

Will it be better? Hell yeah. It's a whole new map from scratch, and I believe I've fixed most of DTC1's mistakes. And if you thought the first map was creative, it will be blown out of the water with what I have coming up.

Shameless plug? Yes. But hey, I had to do it.
Peej This might just be me, but when I played it, the screen kept moving to the left corner, and I couldn't do anything. Is this a bug, or just my computer?
File Author
Well, I've already answered one 8-month old question, might as well make it two.

First of all, the game was sorta sloppily made. You'll need to play the first part of the game in 800x600 resolution in order to see the text line up with the units on-screen. It was a trick that I thought was neat at the time, but ended up being more of a hassle than anything else, compounded by the fact that I used the ridiculous 800x600 resolution at the time. (I've since switched to the highest resolution AoK supports, and wonder how the hell I survived without it.)

Once you use the king to make the selection, you can continue playing the game, and switch back to whatever resolution you want to use.

Once you know what to do, you shouldn't ever need to switch back to 800x600 resolution, even if you decide to play again, because then it will be obvious where to move the king to select game options.

On a side note, 4200 downloads as of today. I must say I'm impressed, and thanks to all who have decided to play this scenario.
Official Reviewer
This is a great game! I'm on the 7th level, but it hasn't seemed too difficult as yet.

Edit: Alas, spoke too soon. The 7th level is very long and due to enemy saboteurs I lost a great deal of my units.Due to which 8th level was really hell and I struggled through it with lots of reloads and made it to the ninth with only 2 monks left ;) And then got out of course.

There are many strategies that can be applied in this game, and it has a lot of replay value.

[Edited on 02/12/07 @ 11:20 AM]

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