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Adar's Rise v1.1

Author File Description
AoK Dragon Team
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 13
Early in life Adar's father was killed and he and the rest of his family were taken as slaves by the Barbarians. Eventually he escaped, sadly leaving his mother and sisters behind.

Now it is your job to guide Adar on his quest to not only save his family, but also to bring long-awaited vengence upon those responsible for his father's death and the misery of his homeland.

So follow along as the great story unfolds, meet and destroy powerful Kingdoms and Empires and build your own that will stand atop the ashes and rubble.

Note: This campaign was designed and tested with AoK and may not work properly with AoK:TC.

Creator - Red Monk
Testers - Cat, the Great Alexander

Adar's Rise v1.1

Click here to download Adar's Rise v1.1 without the AVI file.  This download is only 2M.

This update corrects two bugs:

Bug 1: In Scenario #4 (Family Reunion) the bug allowing you to pay the mercenary army with any amount of gold instead of the required 25,000, has been fixed.

Bug 2: In Scenario #6 (Sacred Palaces) the bug requiring 2 relics to be garrisioned in the monastery instead of just one has been fixed. This bug is the main reason for the update, as the scenario cannot otherwise be completed.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Demolition Ship Captain I didnt play this yet (still DLing) but i was one of the original testers before (until i quit AoK for a time) ... the story is interesting though :)

you start out as nothing and build up... that's what makes it fun :)
Demolition Ship Captain ok, i'm on the 4th scenario...

it's very buggy, i found 2 bugs so far...

first off, if you build a market and use the gold to buy stone/food/wood, you can pay the mercenary leader like 400 gold and still get the army! :{

2nd bug (this one is bad), when your bringing the mom and 2 sisters to the flags, and if you bring adar along, adar also gets removed! and you lose! :(

there's some other small bugs on the other scenarios... not important though (these bugs dont do anything to affect gameplay)

BTW, for the 1st scenario, the victory message, it's sarcastic... dont do that...

[Edited on 12/19/06 @ 07:43 PM]

Red Monk DSC: The second one with Adar dying isn't a bug. The instructions don't tell you to take Adar there, just to get his mother and sisters there.

Anyway, no need for a running commentary, just post your overall thoughts when you've finished it.
cat This campaign is a very good campaign. I like the way the author changed things up, from some scenario's to the next. As to Demolition Ship Captain, Adar, his Mom & both sister's ALL have to arrive at the flag, If not then you do loose. It is not a bug, thats what you are supposed to do. I playtested this campaign from 1 all the way to 12, and I know the Objectives for each one as well. Please play the fourth scenario over and read the hints and objectives clearly ok?? I really loved this campaign but I warn you it is a wee bit hard. So Download it now :-) Thanks Red Monk for a very interesting story and campaign :-)

AOK Dragon Tester &
The Conquistador I generally enjoy your campaigns and I am sure this would be no exception. Keep up the good work!
ThisNameWorked2 Park, you're going to review this? Mind if I do it?
Red Monk BUG: In Scenario #6 (Sacred Palaces) there is the bug at the end that will mean you can't complete the scenario. You can either use the cheat "i r winner" or download the update.
The Hyper Duck Hey there!

Bet ya forgot all about me :)

From what I've seen of the scenarios you sent me, this campaign is great and I'm downloading the full version of it as I write this.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“Adar Rise” is a massive campaign that spread over 13 scenarios. This is by far the longest campaign that I have reviewed so far and I was a bit worried about what I was about to find. To my surprise “Adar Rise” is actually a pretty good campaign with a lot of variety and different game styles.

The playability of “Adar Rise” was excellent, as the goals of each scenario weren’t necessarily the same. As an illustration, in some scenario we have to capture a gold convoy, which was pretty exciting. In another scenario, I found myself playing through a scenario called “Sacred Palaces” which was totally out of the ordinary. In short, the playability ran strong with the exception of one or two scenario which weren’t really fun like “Adrian Unity” where the player simply has to advance to the imperial age and gather resources and more resources. I feel “Adrian Unity” scenario had no business in the campaign and could have been skipped. Finally, when I look at the big picture the playability was indeed very strong.

The balance varies from scenarios to scenarios but nonetheless the quality remains fairly high through the campaign. I mean each scenario have their own challenges which will require major changes in tactics.

The creativity was very good and the use of triggers was used intelligently. The only issue here is the fact that some of things we see here have been done in other campaign, so this campaign did not earn a 5.0 even though it was very close.

The map design was slightly better than the standard random maps. Some of the scenarios had interesting layout, but overall the map design was no where near a 5.0.

The instructions were great and very helpful. As for the storyline I must say that it was a pretty intriguing story. Adar who is the main character and hero starts as a simple gold miner, but his courage and great leadership will lead him to a fantastic adventure where he will rise to glory and create a colossal empire.

In conclusion, Adar Rise is an excellent campaign so don’t let the length of this campaign scare you away because this is definitely worth your time.
Map Design4.0

Adar's Rise is a fictional campaign about a young man's rise in the world. Through the various scenarios he rises from a slave in the Amalite mines, to the most important man alive. The first thing you should notice about Adar's Rise is it's size. At a chunky 4.8MB and 13 scenarios in total, Adar's Rise is one of the biggest campaigns ever uploaded to the blacksmith, both in terms of file size and length. As a campaign, Adar's Rise is of mediocre quality. The gameplay is most B&D with a tiny bit of FF and RPG. Most of the scenarios play like random maps for my liking. There is also the bugginess factor to take into account. Namely, Adar's Rise is full of them. In many scenarios, you don't lose if Adar dies. In the Amalite assassination part where a saboteur is sent on a suicide mission to kill the Amalite King, I killed the King with the saboteur, and yet I got a message saying that the assassination attempt had failed! The idea is good, but in the end the campaign fails to deliver the goods. The RPG and FF parts are usually made up of long walks from place to place, and sieges where you attack enemy cities with dozens of bombard towers in them with a couple of trebuchets. It seems that many features have been put down with the intention of simply hindering the player. All in all, this campaign is frustrating. -3


The Standard AI is used in the campaign, so how hard it is is determined by the difficulty setting. On easiest the enemy never attacks. On hardest, the enemy always attacks. The whole campaign has the air of not being playtested thoroughly. In the 10th scenario, the enemy can't get to your base at all. On the brighter side, playing on hard is a challenge. You have to deal with stiff enemy attacks. It is helped by the fact that often you have little or no resources, and you must fight to claim gold mines. While it is not exactly fun to have to destroy thirty bombard towers with two trebuchets, that is not an issue of balance. 4


Paradoxically, Adar's Rise's best and worst point. 13 scenario campaigns are in their own right almost unheard of. Add to this an .avi file (which the author graciously gives the designer the opportunity to not have to download), an individual .bmp for each scenario, and a good storyline. However, this campaign takes a lot of cues from other designs. Each scenario was more or less a repetition of the one before it -- build up, attack your enemies, and maybe a text message or two to amuse yourself with. Blah blah blah. After a while, it starts to feel more like Adar's Crawl then Adar's Rise. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as the Hidden Wonders scenario, but they are few and far between. In one scenario, the player must go to the Imperial age and build a castle, when he starts in the castle age with no villagers, a town center, and only 50 food in his stockpile. Because of the extra novelty tie-ons for the campaign, I'll give it a good score. But the designer should have worked a bit more on actual innovation in gameplay rather then just tedious B&D after B&D. -4


Adar's Rise has decent maps, but little in the way of eye-candy. For the Hidden Wonders scenario, it was just a forest map with paths made of leaf terrain. Typing in marco/polo, I could see that a lot of time was invested in the maps, but there was scanty decoration. As I've said before, some things seem to be placed just to hinder the player, such as the map in the sixth scenario. You must wander through a long forest path that is literally packed solid with wolves. You have to stop every few seconds to kill the wolves attacking you, heal your men, and then press on. -4


Adar's Rise has a great storyline, which somehow doesn't seem to fit in with the stultified gameplay. It was very heartening to see, in the final scenario, Adar marching down a city street with a huge crowd lined up on either side, cheering him, as he goes to the castle to be crowned. The author has gudd sp3ling skilz, I couldn't see a single mistake. The pregame and endgame messages leave a lot to be desired, however. At the end of the first scenario, the endgame message is: "Congratulations, you've shown you are capable of moving units around the map! Good for you!" Hmm...something a bit more uplifting would have been nice. Each of the .bmps were high quality. 5


Adar's Rise was fairly good to play, but the repeditive gameplay killed a lot of enjoyment for me. I'd recomment it to new players.
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Map Design4.0
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