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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » LotR Helm's Deep Improved

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LotR Helm's Deep Improved

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This is another one of my maps, well not mine actually but half mine. My brother designed the map and I put the units in and did the triggers.

Its the Battle of Helm's Deep! Go watch the movie or read the book, whatever your like.

To install the map just go into my computer, program files, Microsoft games and
then into the Age of Empires folder. Once in there put the map into the Scenario folder
and you’re ready to play!

Well enjoy this and check back at AOK Heaven to see if I put something new out.

It is strongly recommended to be played on Hard. Otherwise the enemy just sits there. Yes I know a good AI script would fix that but I couldn't find a suitable one. And no I do not make them nor do I care to. Put one in yourself if you have one. Enjoy.

Oh yes one more thing mates this scenario is best played with/and makes much more sense if you have the Uruk-hai, Orc Warrior, and Orc Archer Mods from the Middle Earth Total Conversion at:
Have Fun!
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File Author
Clear up:

Sorry when I said there was no motion animation I ment that for when they are standing still they don't look around or anything like that. They still walk and fight. And I also meant to play it on HARDEST.
File Author
There is no motion animation for the Uruk Units on that site yet which kind of helps actually, because there is SO many of them on the map! If they where all moving it would be REALLY slow. But they are not so its not so bad. I'll say this now, if you don't have the Uruk units mod or the orc archers its not worth playing, it won't make sense in addition to it being slow. Aside from that its great, I had as much fun making it as playing it. Enjoy Mates!
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
'Helms Deep' is a single scenario by ResidentEvilFan1, which features the popular Battle of Helms Deep in its simplest form and a whole lot of lag.

PLAYABILITY: This is a scenario created for a bit of hack-and-slash fun, but not a lot else. It's always a bit of mindless fun trying to defend a fort against a numerically superior enemy, but the immense lag here makes the scenario almost unplayable. I also expected some objectives to defend the keep or to keep your trio of heroes alive, but there was nothing of the sort - not even any unit renaming. There is no victory condition making this exercise an exhausting attempt to destroy every single enemy unit. 1

BALANCE: The author recommends the scenario to be played on hardest, or you could simply give the enemy a custom AI. The player has a standing force of 489 units, while the enemy begins with 3,836. Even with my high-end computer, the lag is immense right from the beginning, making the game almost unplayable. Both players begin on post-imperial age, thus it's elite longbowmen, samurai and champions against an unending tide of elite jaguar warriors and plumed archers, backed up by heavy scorpions and siege rams. You will not survive. 2

CREATIVITY: It's a basic recreation of the Battle of Helms Deep from the Two Towers movie, but with no story, objectives or even so much as unit renaming. The map design shows promise but it is overall very basic, and no doubt created just for a bit of fun. 1+

MAP DESIGN: Helms Deep resembles the one seen in the movie, with surrounding impassable mountains, and the wide open plain ahead. However, it's overall very basic with little to no terrain mixing or extra details to bring life to the scenery. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The author says in the description above to watch the movie or read the book, but otherwise there is no story, instructions or objectives. 1

CONCLUSION: This would be an acceptable way to spend 20 minutes, but the lag is too much.

In a sentence - Helms Deep + Lag = this.

In closing - Recommended only if you like lag.

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Map Design2.0
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