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LotR Return of The King

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Welcome to the Return of the King.... watch the battle unfold in the Fields of Pelennor as Denethor sends his son Faramir unto his demise. Watch as the Riders of Rohan overcome the Orcish Hordes and then lead your army of fallen knights into battle with Aragon, Legolas and Gimli. Lead them to Mount Doom and the Black Gates for victory to be final.
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NooBiSh NooB 1.8 out of 5 Map design is poor only playable once
WildCardDoW I have to disagree with the review and hope the mods will correct it quickly, as it seems the reviewer has not even HEARD of the Review Tutorial (well he didn't give reasons why he removed marks at least and seems to be mixed up on what Playibilty is). Any way on to buisness, I found the start of the map enjoyable, though there are some parts I have comments on, for example (this is mainly about the story)
Faramir should have been killed by the witch-king, though for me he was just surrounded by 'orcs'. The start of the map was enjoyable and it was looking good but there are some movie-storyline bugs that should be corrected i.e The Riders of Rohan (Rohirrim) arrived a bit after Faramir had been slain and Minas-Tirith was already under siege.
The next is about Aragorn and when he arives on the Corsairs of Umbar. I THINK that you should have as depicted as in the film a battle as soon as he arrives and set a 'spawn' effect so that it seems as if the 'dead' are just walking out of the sides of the ships. Also there are some spelling mistakes that should be corrected i.e. 'Gandolf' this should be spelt should be GandAlf (the a is purposfully in capitals). I also noticed that Theoden lived and Eomer died in my version. I think if you put more effort into the battle that should be easier as both the Rohirrim and the Orcs of Mordor are computer controlled. I think that this map is enjoyable and it was a good attempt at the battle of the Pellenor Fields. (I also reccomend you not give the Rohirrim a city or the orcs..or at least no town center as messages came up in mine 'Such and Such' has advanced to the Castle Age. and the orcs became neutral to me). Put some MORE effort into this and I think you will have a very good map. (Not that there was no efort originally..there was).
File Author
I agree, just my first time to make a map such as this. Either I dont understand all the possiblities of triggers or the triggers are difficult to manage. I think I have set up what could be a great map and I hope someone like you with experience builds off the map and makes the triggers more stable. I actually didnt want Faramir to die either and have him end up back in the castle wounded but I didnt know how to do it. The second review.. great input.. If you can make mods and fix it I would very much appreciate. Thanks.
WhiteWolf I guess nobody has even heard of the book here. In my opinion the plot alterations given in the movie were absolutely terrible.
WildCardDoW Actually WhiteWolf..I have but since the scenario was obviously based upon the film I saw no reason to bring the book version into this..but there are some gaping holes in the story line that are missing in the film..but I think evertyone expected that by the 3rd film by now..funny enough there was some stuff that they got spot on..but I do miss poor old Beregond of the Gaurd..oh well.
WhiteWolf The worst change in the movie was that they ommited the home-coming part where the Shire is ruled by Saruman and his men, and the Hobbits fight them off. I hated the 3rd movie because of that change; I am quite a book lover.
But it is all right of course, if you want to depict the movie, depict the movie. :-)
Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
LotR Return of The King is a retelling of parts of the movie\book of the same name.

Playability 1

It could have gotten a higher score if only it was faster paced, but the player must spend ages corralling his forces and traversing a big ole map for no reason. Attacking the enemy base is pathfinding hell, dont even try using HD edition to play this one out.

There is quite a bit of lag later on. Infact my quad core cpu+gtx 1060 6gb was reduced to single digit frame rates at times.

Balance 3

I would suggest changing the players civ to turks, korean or maybe persians if you actually try playing this one out. The enemy forces, although not being upgraded much, are huge with a variety of unit types and plenty of siege onagers, castles, etc. Despite the player starting with huge resources and a strong army, its rough to take their fortress. Ultimately it isnt much fun though, as you sit with your massed longbows killing off the enemy army one chunk at a time as it comes out to counterattack.

Creativity 2

Its well differentiated from a random map, but in the end its just a movie\book cutscene the player has to play out, and not much as been done to make it fun.

Map Design 1

Its a nearly completely blank map, the only terrain that exists is to place boundaries for the gameplay to resolve itself within.

The author managed to include the classic scenario design sin, the diagonally broken cliff. Argh!

Story\Objectives 2

Its enough to avoid a minimum rating, telling you sufficient info to know what to do and all, but entirely relies on the source materiel to be known to the player.

Final thoughts: If the action was sped up greatly, it could have atleast been an enjoyable storm-the-castle-attack but you have to spend quite some time to get into the action.

[Edited on 02/25/17 @ 04:24 PM]

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Map Design1.0
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