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The Islands 2.0

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
This is the 2nd Version of my The Islands Scenario. It is heavily improved. Please submit you ideas of what to do next with it. AOE inc Master made the transportation template I used.
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da hobo This isn't the greatest campaign, but its review seriously needs to be looked at.
limetangreturns This is soon to be updated.
It'll be easier to install the map will be more realistic AND it'll have a proper storyline with a cutscene at the beginning and a mystery at the end. PLEASE submit ideas from your extremely creative minds ;) There will be a delay becoz of Axis and Allies messin up my game and because i havent started yet.
It will be better i promise (The Islands 2 was better than the islands 1)It will be called the islands 2.1, only jokin im gonna think of a new name:D

limetangreturns PS give me name suggestions
Map Design4.0
This scenario is an odd one, and very hard to review.

Playability: 2

I read that the author intended the scenario to be played with the "All Roads Lead to Rome" modpack. It was about time I learned to install one so I gave it a try. Once I had it all installed I loaded up the scenario, but there were no instructions and I was thrown straight into the game with a message ‘Welcome to my scenario’, but nothing more. I didn't really understand what the intention was here - it could have been a role playing mission, with or without fighting; a utility; a pretty map, anything really. I walked around a little, exploring the map. I quite enjoyed this as the islands were designed well and it was nice to see the new Roman buildings.

On the first island there were jungle sections and farms, joined by paths. I walked around a little but none of the woman spoke to me. Suddenly I was engaged in a battle with another cavalry unit which I quickly killed. I was left wondering what that was all about, and carried on to a waiting transport.

I sailed for the Greek island, and took a brief tour. Sadly it didn't seem to have anything to offer me. There were plenty of units scattered around the map but they were all of the stationary non-interactive variety. With a lack of objectives I really didn't know quite what to do. Before I could reach the next island the AI resigned, ‘by mistake’ according to the AI’s chat message!

After looking through the triggers I discovered the author intended this to be a semi-playable utility style map with the main element being the transportation system. Playing normally without looking through the triggers though the player has no idea of what the map is about and what to do.

Playing was a confusing and unrewarding experience, but exploring the islands was a little enjoyable, mainly for the map design.

Balance: 4

Since the map is mainly roleplaying and exploring I'll give it the 'cutscene 5.0' for balance, and take a point off since there was a little fighting/quests involved, e.g. the duel at the start. Nothing in the level was challenging for me.

Creativity: 2

A creative map, an unexplained idea, and little creativity in terms of gameplay or story. There was good potential for creatvity if I could have explored the transportation system, but there is no instructions on how to access it, and the AI will probably resign before you can see it in action, so short of editing the scenario myself I can't reward any points for these aspects.

Map Design: 4

The map is a mix of different islands with Aztec, Roman, Greek etc themes. The map design is of good quality with creative eye candies, yet often a bit too creative and not so realistic. It looks great with the ARLTR mod.

Story/Instructions: 1

Empty messages and objectives sections, combined with only small clues in other areas make this difficult if not impossible to play.


The scenario seems to have been submitted in an incomplete form, and looking at the readme, the submission message here, and even the triggers, it's still unclear what the author wanted the scenario to be. It should have been finished before being submitted, as it leaves the player very confused and ultimately wastes their time. Furthermore it is unlikely that it will ever be updated. Something untested and unfinished like this is of little use to downloaders.

Overall: 2.6

Not recommended for download.

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Map Design4.0
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