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The Adventures of Captain Morgan 1.1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Captain Morgan 1.1

Thank you for lookin and or downloading this scenerio. I put tons of work into it and some of my budy's at Era productions helped out too. They diserve some if not most of the credit.

The Adventures of Captain Morgan is a epic about a infamous captain fighting off wolves and pretecting the townfolk. Until he hears of the suns dilema. Of course if i told you more about it i'd kill the ending so check it out for yourself.

New Features.
- Voice acting done by me is now available for download at The file's about 16 megs big, so don't download if you don't have patience.
- Voices included.
-The sun
-Captain Morgan
-The King of the Golden city
-And many more...
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Map Design4.0

It's been a long time since the first RPG was uploaded to the blacksmith, but the basic mould remains unchanged. The Adventures of Captain Morgan (TAoCM) follows this mould, where you command a single unit, and lead him around the map following objectives. This single scenario revolves around the fictional life of a man whose village is under threat from wolves. He journeys out to slay the king of the wolves, to put an end to the attacks upon his village. What starts out as a relatively simple hunting trip gets a bit more complicated as he meets a friend along the way, who informs him that the sun is no longer shining, and the land has been engulfed by a perpetual winter. So, Captain Morgan agrees to undertake the dangerous journey to the land of the sun, to try and convince the sun to shine again. OK, so maybe the story is a bit light on credibility, but TAoCM has enough fights, surprises, and twists to satisfy fans of the genre. Most of the time, you command Captain Morgan and no-one else, but during the middle of the campaign you take control of a city to prevent it being overrun by enemies. Some parts of it are extremely confusing. For instance, in one objective you are told to "find Jim and get a boat." Er...OK, so where is Jim? Where do I start looking? This is the campaign's main shortcoming, it doesn't have terribly clear objectives. You are given ambiguous quests that I only figured out how to complete through trial and error. And in the scenario's finale, where you fight a duel with the Spirit of Evil, an error when setting up triggers means that you don't get defeated whe Captain Morgan dies. -4


I found the whole campaign a bit too easy, apart from the frustrating objectives slowing me down. Your hero is an overbeefed beserk who has been given a lot of extra HP and attack, and is more then a match for the assorted wolves, militia, light cavalry, and other units that are normally his foes. And since he regenerates, it is pretty difficult to actually die sometimes. There are a few "boss fights," such as with the Snow Wolf, the Village Chieftain and the Spirit of Evil, but they are all much weaker then Captain Morgan. 3


Mixed feelings. On one hand, it is a successful synthesis of "defend the city"-style gameplay and pure RPG. It has several interesting features, such as a tree that gives a huge boost in HP and attack to whoever goes near it, and those wolves stalking deer amongst the conifers. There is even a brave attempt to use intro maps (although this doesn't really work, they are far too large to fit on the screen). On the other hand, a lot of it was pretty boring and repeditive. Apart from the city defence scene, all you do is wander around, slashing at the baddies that stand around the map and blindly attack you whenever you go near. Even the most partisan player will find it begins to pall after a while. Some side quests and unusual situations would be nice. -4


TAoCM's strong suit. The map is very large, and (although it takes a long time to walk from place to place) done with a lot of detail. There are a few anomalies (such has having a frozen wasteland to the east, a scorching desert to the south, and lush forests everywhere else. But the map design was good, practically every tile has something different on it. The only real complaint I have is with the design of the city. It is just full of dark age hovels and militia, and looked very unrealistic. Not at all the glorious hub of civilization the author made it out to be. And also, the buildings were spaced too far apart to be really convincing, so there were huge gaps of empty space everywhere in the city. And just looking at just plain road terrain all through it got a bit boring. +4


TAoCM's story is a bit unconvincing to say the least, and also somewhat predictable. Forces of Evil are threatening the world. Hero has to save the world from Forces of Evil. You all know the drill. As I've said, the objectives could have been clearer. On the bright side, spelling was very good. According to the tutorial, having both a reasonable storyline and hints together is good for a four. -4


This campaign is marred by a lot of problems, but is still well worth playing.


-Nice Map
-Some Creative Ideas


-Objectives Were Not Very Clear
-Too Easy
-City Design Was Pretty Bad

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Map Design4.0
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