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Mad Dash 2.00

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
In this scenario, you play a guantlet runner- a gladiator attempting to escape Hell by running past a guantlet of vicious enemies.

Can you do it?
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Magnum Zero
Map Design4.0
[i]Disclaimer: Although Darckredd is in the same design team as me, I am reviewing this as I would to any other scenario. [/i]

This is not your normal, every day, scenario! Instead of killing and slaughtering you must escape the bowels of Heck(Language filtered. Hey, you never know who might be reading this review.). You are an Eagle warrior who must reach the end of the gauntlet of the Angel of death before you are destroyed by demons of fire and canons. There was no lag apparent and this was very enjoyable!
Rating: 4.9

One unit against hundreds sounds unbalanced. It isn't. You are an eagle warrior with 660 HP. For a more diverse difficulty slow down and speed up the game speeds (it really works!) But, you must play this in the editor (Like most scenarios) other wise the units are automatically up-graded and it becomes near impossible. When I played this I failed the first two times and won the third.
Rating: 4.6

I have never seen a scenario where you must run through and not get killed! Especially from a place that we all dread to go!
Rating: 5.0

Map Design:
Not the best Map design, but good enough for the type of Scenario that you are too busy running to notice it. (This is that type)
Rating: 4.1

A very original story (IMO). There were also very clear instructions. The story was also very well written. I could feel the angel of death breathing down my neck.
Rating: 5.0

My final thoughts:
This was a very cool campaign. Definitely worth the download!
Map Design4.0
Mad Dash 2.00 is a very quick fast paced game where you lead your hero through a path with enemies and other obstacles. The goal is to escape from hell without dying.

Playability: 2
The three and a half minutes this scenario lasted were action-filled. However, the gameplay was very shallow. The task was simply to get from point A to point B. Other than dodging mines and cannons, there is nothing that makes this game fun to play. If there was some strategy or choices to be made or even some challenge, then this game may have been interesting.

Balance: 3
This game is very easy, and I found no difference between standard and hard difficulties. Your unit has such a high amount of HP that I don't see how you would die to enemies unless you just stand there and not do anything. The only way I died was by the mines, and that was only because I was running faster than I could finish reading the instructions. After you figure out what a mine is, then they are so easy to dodge because you just click on a different spot. Unfortunately, this game has very little challenge.

Creativity: 3
The idea of an escape is nothing new, but this one's somewhat original because it's an escape from hell. Also, I guess the concept of mines as done in this scenario is somewhat creative as well. However, with the game of getting from point A to B that is the least you would expect. Your hero's name is a very uncreative "Gauntlet Runner".

Map Design: 4
The map design was one of the stronger points of this game. While it didn't give much indication that I was in hell, it was better than a random map and served its function of a path towards an exit.

Story/Instructions: 4
There is a short story and the instructions are sufficient as long as you read them quickly before running into trouble. Though it sets up the game well enough, the story isn't anything great.

Additional Comments: Not a very good game. I guess you could play it if you really think you'll enjoy 3.5 minutes of a very easy escape.

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Map Design4.0
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