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Start From Scratch

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
A challenging scenario. It is a normal conquest game but starts off with 1 villager,hero but no town centre
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Map Design3.0
Floods have engulfed the world, and only a few islands remain. You are competing with rivals to control the world, but your empire was largely destroyed in the floods, so you don't have much to build up with.

This is the sort of scenario that soon has an AoK veteren dozing. You start off, on a island random map, with a villager and a King Arthur hero. You must collect resources to build a town center, and then destroy all computer players. Choosing where your town center goes was fun, but the interest soon wore off. At the start, you don't have enough resources to build a town center (you only have 200 wood and 50 stone), so you first need a lumber camp to harvest wood with your one villager, and also a mining camp for stone if you are playing The Conquerors Expansion. Collecting 275 wood and 50 stone with one villager is never too exciting. Once the town center is up, the scenario plays like a random map. Presumeably because the computer isn't able to handle building a lumbercamp and harvesting wood for a TC, your seven enemies have the typical three villager + town center start, as well as a hero who stands in lieu of a scout. The only other thing to differentiate it from a random map is that one of the uninhabited islands has some gaia longbowmen and galleys on it. Finding these makes the scenario easy, as you can just destroy the shore buildings with these while going to the castle age. 1

Adjusting difficulty settings makes the scenario more or less hard. There are no teams, so the computers normally just attack each other, unless you are playing on hard, on which difficulty they will most likely gang up on you. Since you have no town center and only one villager, the computers have a huge advantage, and you will likely not last to the imperial age if you play on hard. Playing on moderate is reasoneable, provided you send a fishing boat to claim the galleons and longbowmen. It is neither impossible nor a complete pushover, but this scenario wasn't tested for difficulty issues. 4

The designer basically generated a random map, replaced all the scouts with heroes, deleted player one's town center and two of his villagers, and added some gaia units on an island in the centre. One-line start and end messages. Not much effort, and it shows. Add some triggers, write a better story, and create a concept other then the standard B&D fare to raise the rating. 1

Nothing other than a random map, so the score is a 3.

SfS has the bare bones of a storyline, but there is nothing much to say about it. No explanation of what is happening except that there has been a flood and all the world rulers must rebuild their empires. Your victory message is "you rule the world", and your defeat message is "you were wiped out from the face of the world". There are some hints, but not very useful ones. "Make the town center first." is pointless, as you don't have enough resources. So was the hint explaining that the force hidden somewhere in the islands would only be loyal to you if you found them first, since in single player only p1 can capture gaia military units. There were some spelling mistakes I could see, but nothing major. Story + hints is a 4, but a better storyline (with clear-cut characters) would be a vast improvement. A good story is probably the best thing you can do to make a B&D enjoyable. 4

I do not recommend this scenario.

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Map Design3.0
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