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The Siege of Middenheim

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Hello, I'm kinda new here, and this is my first submitted scenario, so be gentle. I made this scenario for the Warhammer fans out there, and its called The Siege of Middenheim. This isn't finished yet, so I am waiting for some ideas on how to make it better. I was thinking on making it on a bigger map. Thanks in advance.

-John C.
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Commander Merai
Map Design3.0
Really nice scenario! Especially for us devoted warhammer fans. A few faults though- like Brass Keep south-east, rather than guarding the northern approach through the Middle Mountains, middenland not being covered in forest, the Temple of Ulric at the far side of Middenheim, and finally Karl Franz and Valten taking part in the siege rather than arriving as reinforcements.

Sorry, just niggling things. As a scenario, here;s my lowdown:

Playability: 4, you have two options; send someone to search for reinforcements and retreat everyone to the city to wait out a siege, OR retreat the troops from Brass Keep, bring your whole army out of the city and do battle before the walls, with the reinforcements arriving pretty early. Both are great, and make for a massive game- the number of bodies was scary. However, a little unbalanced.

Balance- The problem here was that killing Archaon would win and with him tending to head out at the front of his army, that made it a bit easy. Also, the four Chaos Gods armies resigned suddenly at different points for no reason. They continued to fight me, but counted as defeated. I thought maybe I had killed their leaders, but Feytor, Strykaar and Harrgroth were all safe at their map edge (until my Knights reached them) Out of curiosity, did you include Melekh or Csypeth? Csypeth suits an eagle warrior well, as he has the head of a bird.

Creativity- Well, obviously it's based on the Storm of Chaos, but still excellent. The first siege scenario where the enemies actually attack your walls I've played in a long time.

Map Design- Not a strong point. Most of the map was just green, and Middenheim and Brass Keep were very plain. Also, continue revising your design of Middenheim, with the Temple at the far side it's impossible for Archaon to reach, and putting in a guld with the 4 causeways might be nice.

Stroy/Instructions- Clear instructions, I knew exactly what to do. However, if I wasn't an avid warhammer player, i wouldn't have known much about the story, so you try and explain it more in future.

All in all, excellent, I look forward to more Warhammer scenarios. I myself am working on a campaign based on the warhammer book Magestorm, but your scenario has inspried me to maybe do a Storm of Chaos mega scenario, with the attackers needing to destroy all the minor towns and villages before the time limit runs out.

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
'The Siege of Middenheim' is a single scenario, a FF with B&D elements, and based on the Games Workshop fantasy game Warhammer. The scenario is an excerpt from Storm of Chaos and portrays the Siege of Middenheim by the forces of Chaos. The Lord of the End Times Archaon has gathered a vast host and attacked from the north, through Kislev, and entered into the realm of men, the Empire, where he desires his vengeance, feeling betrayed from an affair many years before. His resolution and the hammer stroke of his army will fall hardest at the city of Middenheim, the city of the White Wolf, where the Empire will be hard-pressed, and their fate balanced on the edge of a sword.

PLAYABILITY: 'The Siege of Middenheim' is an enjoyable scenario, but one not without its flaws. You play as the defenders of Middenheim, and must overthrow the forces of Chaos and their general Archaon. I had fun defeating the swarms of enemy troops, to defend at either the city, mountain pass or make a counter-attack on the plains, but the poor AI, lag and lack of events in-between really affected the game play. The rusty AI needed a replacement with the enemy attacking walls or lagging behind the main crest of the attack, making for an always easy game, with no challenge and less fun than what it could have been. This makes for a slow and at-times boring scenario and with nothing in between to really set it apart from other scenarios of its kind. Other things like having too much resources to buy and build with makes things too one-sided. That said, if the player is willing to ignore all of this the scenario is fun to play and the atmosphere, which I particularly liked, is cold, dark and tense. 3.0

BALANCE: The scenario is too easy with player 1 beginning in Imperial age, with good armour and weapons, and an over-abundance of resources from which you can replenish your depleted forces, or build up impregnable defences at the city. For a more balanced game player 1 should be at least one age down, have less resources and the reinforcements arrive with less men. Currently the defenders have almost as many men as the enemy does. 2.0

CREATIVITY: Apart from some inaccuracies (according to the Warhammer lore), the scenario was particularly creative and which added to my overall enjoyment. The city was creative with temples, buildings and causeways, and the surrounding cliffs which made assault difficult. A small fort, which guarded a mountain pass from the huge force of enemy troops, had a good feel to it. In addition the ample renaming to represent both good and bad forces helped to make for an average score for this category. 3.0-

MAP DESIGN: Unfortunately, the map design was perhaps the poorest part of the scenario, despite showing some promise. The city was well-designed, together with a fort and a mountain pass, but most of the surrounding countryside had little to no terrain mixing and anything else in-between. More elevation is needed, as well as trees, Gaia and terrain mixing. Aspects of the design such as the city were promising but more is needed here to improve the overall rating. 2.0+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The scenario is presented with a good bitmap, clear instructions and hints, but more background on the event itself is needed. This is so players who may not be familiar with the Warhammer universe may enter the scenario with more understanding of the events regarding the Storm of Chaos. With that said there is no story in-game, only the portrayal of an event, which is executed fairly well, but could certainly do with much more attention. 2.0+

CONCLUDING: 'The Siege of Middenheim' is a simple, yet enjoyable scenario. Beneath its obvious short-comings, the scenario shows a lot of potential and is a good first scenario, and adaptation, for Warhammer. However, I would not recommend this scenario to just anyone. Those who enjoy FF scenarios or who are fans of Warhammer should appreciate this.

In a word - Fun.

In closing - Recommended for fans of FF-based scenarios.

[Edited on 08/14/15 @ 07:34 AM]

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Map Design2.5
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