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Admiral Yukimura's quest for the relic 2.0

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
I found some errors in the origional and I fixed them. Sorry.

Your allies, the Aztecs, have been at war with the Spanish for almost three years. Just two weeks ago, the Empire of Japan received a letter sent by ship from the Aztecs. It requested that the Japanese assist the Aztecs by taking their one holy relic to safety in Japan. It also stated that Japan would be rewarded if they did as the Aztecs requested. Japan's ruler, King Ozeski, selected his most highly honored Admiral, Admiral Yukimura, to retreive the relic.

You are Admiral Yukimura.
Find the Relic.
Bring it home.
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abhi_shek_p This a really good one.
I recomend this download to everyone.
elvenarcher25025 Very well done. I would, as abhi_shek_p said, Recomend this to anyone.

[Edited on 10/25/08 @ 08:23 AM]

MoX_MiThRaNdIr This download messed up my computer. when I try to select it to play, the game shuts itself down.

Edit: Checked file, it plays without any bug.
-Blacksmith Administrator

[Edited on 10/25/08 @ 08:29 AM]

File Author
Fadawah, thanks for reveiwing it. I was sort of a n00b at the time I submitted this. Thanks for the comments. I'll try to balance it better next time.
MoX_MiThRaNdIr: Do you have a pretty slow computer? If not, I don't know what's wrong.
Map Design3.0
The Aztecs have been at war with the Spanish for over three years. The allies of the Aztecs, the Japanese, have been instructed to retrieve a sacred relic and transport it to the safety of Japan. Emperor Ozeski sends his most trusted admiral, Yukimura, to secure the relic.

Admiral Yukimura is a B&D with little to distinguish it from a plain random map. Build up an army, wipe out the enemy, collect the relic, win. It's easy and rather unexciting. This update fixes a few issues (Yukimura himself is weaker and you don't have any samurai to begin with) but it's main problem remains unoriginality. But enough on that.

An issue that wasn't fixed is that once you have the relic you have to wait 300 years to win. Since your enemies are most likely dead by this point, there's nothing to do but leave the computer with the game unpaused and let yourself win. In a second update I'd advise giving the player some sort of challenge once he has the relic, such as a created army of Spanish troops that attacks once you've got the relic. And if Yukimura dies (unlikely though that is) nothing happens even though he gets addressed in the victory message. 3

Yukimura isn't quite the one-man army he was in the original, but he's still a bit unbalanced. You can easily knock down a gate and overrun the base of one (or both) of the feudal-age Spanish players. Maybe you should give the Spanish towers with extra attack in their bases or something to prevent this tactic. Even if you keep Yukimura at home, the scenario is easy. You can easily wall up the shallows and then just build to your heart's content. I'd definitely suggest using a custom AI if you intend to keep the scenario a pure B&D. 2

A point is salvaged by the cutscene at the beginning, but other than that there is nothing worth mentioning. The scenario is a straightforward B&D that plays the same as a random map. Even a few small things like a band of merceneries the player can hire or a time limit would raise the score. 2

Map Design:
A random map, with a small amount of eye candy and a bit of additional terrain. The burning mine was a nice addition, but other than that nothing to comment on. 3

For inexperienced players, Admiral Yukimura should be just the ticket, as the players is guided through every aspect of gameplay. There are reams of text written for hints, and you’re informed about the layout of the land in the scouts section, which many campaigns seem to neglect. There isn't much in the way of a story, however. 4

A few balance issues I can live with, but frankly I found Admiral Yukimura to be boring. Even with the update there's really no reason I'd advise playing Admiral Yukimura rather than a random map. If you decide to update again, the scenario needs to be much harder (trigger-created enemies or a time limit, maybe?) and also make it so that you don't have to wait 300 years without anything else happening once you've got the relic. Straying a bit further from the random map formula could also be an improvement.

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Map Design3.0
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