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Attila the Hun, Aetius' City V1.2

Author File Description
Mr MI6
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
This update is put as a new level because this is a harder version and some people like it easy.hope you like the changes Steve!
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Gwame This scenario is an update. Your old scenario was replaced.
I reviewed the old version and this one is certainly and improvement. Unfotunately the review on the old version has been deleted. It was rated a 3.4 but it deserves better now. The old faults were fixed, ie. Aetius's army used to be much too small but now it is bigger.
The scenario used to be quite easy but now it is harder.
Aetius's city looks better now aswell.

Nice work Mr MI6
Mr MI6
File Author
Thanks a lot Gwame but,.. the thing is.You still cant review me.its just giving our team a bad reputation.
Mr MI6
File Author
This is just a test because me and gwames emails are messed up.We just wanna see who gets the comment notification.
Magnum Zero
Map Design3.0
Attila The Hun: Aetius' City Review by Magnum Zero


Attila the Hun: Aetius' City is a scenario that takes the player and plants him into Atilla the Hun's armoured shoes.

This scenario was of decent playability. There were decent triggers and the scenario was fairly playable. There was no lag apparent.
The scenario starts out with your ally base under attack. (And, I have a camel scout in the middle of no where...but forget that...) If you don't rush to your ally's aid they are obliterated. If and when your ally is defeated a resign message from the default AI is sent through. That takes away from the realism. (Try making a custom AI). Also, your ally has a King...hmmm...strange...why would a King live in such a small, insignifcant village?
As the scenario progresses, players may come upon a suspicious path leading away into the forest. It isn't hidden very well, in fact, it's so blatantly obvious that no one except for WildCard:p a two year old could miss it. Anyway, I went down this path and I reach the end. At the end, some Gaia soldiers join me. They don't say anything. I didn't know Attila the Hun employed mute soldiers and civilians ;) learn something new everyday.
Moving on...After about a while my enemy attacks me...a good challenge was provided by the author here. It was both intense and entertaining.
After the attack on my beloved fort, I journeyed to my enemy's land...Aetius' "city". (If it can be called a city--it was way to small and un-realistic. Note to the author: remember, nature was there before the city, not after. So, it would make sense that there would be trees and more elevation...we'll get into this more in depth in the map design section.) So, right outside the city I skirmish with some of the soldiers--and I win. Not just the skirmish...the entire game. Wow. I didn't even have to break a wall or actually see Aetius to beat him. I just had to kill off 9 men. I guess life is good when you're Attila the Hun.
Verdict: 3.5 (4) out of 5.

I was a little disapointed at the lack of a challenge presented by this scenario. Sure, there was one heart pounding battle. Just one. It was only 2 minutes. What a disappoint ment. Later, I journeyed to Aetius' city (after I fended off the attack) and promptly won with only my beefed up, 850hp attila. Bad news for you Aetius, it's Attila on steroids. But seriously, Attila was way too strong and my enemy had little men after a couple of skirmishes. Perhaps make men constantly spawning?
On the plus side, Attila didn't have 4,000 hp and there were not millions of militia constantly charging at me...
Verdict: 2.6 (3) out of 5.

I didn't find anything that really struck me as brilliant creativity in this scenario...The theme was ok, but there wasn't enough information to back it it's creativity fell.
Verdict: 1.5 (2) out of 5.

Map Design
Hooray! Now I can award some good points to this scenario! Let's start with the good things:
Nice ransacked Roman camp...very, very real looking! There is a nice, consistant feel to the map and the trees are mixed to some degree. There are also random, scattered objects that add to the constant war feeling of things. for the bad things...the paths didn't look worn, there was very little terrain and water mixing, there was an island of stone (unrealistic), and Aetius' city looked too un-natural and it didn't look like a city at all.
Verdict: 3 out of 5

There was a very poor storyline to this. I had no idea what part I played in this so called "war." There was no emotion or atmosphere. There was no background information given, either. The objectives were clear and concise, however.
Verdict: 3 out of 5
Overall, nice job...maybe download this one on a rainy day...but don't expect it to live up to Ulio or Tannenburg...

Great job on making this scenario...just keep up the good work, the practise, and the positive attitude and you're well on your way to best of AoK!
Mr MI6
File Author
Thanks for the reviews guys! I expected around a 3 to 3.5 anyway! Sorry about the camel, i was -as gwame said- testing triggers and forgot to remove one of the testers. oops! And about Attila on steroids, lol! I started making the map ages and ages ago and i wasnt that experienced in making fair difficulty levels. Any way I was wonderin if you'd both review my new level, Attila the Hun, Up the Ladder. Thanks a lot!
Mr MI6
Gwame Ok, I'll review Up the Ladder when I find the time to play it.
Mr MI6
File Author
Why was gwames rating removed? It was a fair rating and I quit his team ages ago! He wouldnt rate me because we're friends, he'd prefer to be critical about it.

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Map Design3.0
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