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~-{ Tales of the Ghostship V 1.4 }-~

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
~-{ Tales of the Ghostship }-~
Comrade DarckRedd

Tales of the Ghostship tells in a grim story about freedom and power's endless struggle for domination.

It all began so many years ago, when the Imperium died, destroyed by a forgotten evil. The Imperium's last legion threw down its life to imprison the evil on Tekcolo island.

Thousands of years later, a ship belonging to the Empire of Seoul, called the Cerberus disappears near Tekcolo, and the vessel Dragon Lord is dispatched to find the Cerberus. The dark force that lies on Tekcolo is beyond comprehension.

VERSION 1.2 This update squashes a number of bugs and alters gameplay.

VERSION 1.4 This update fixes more bugs and updates balance.
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Magnum Zero Great job! Great! I [i]would[/i] review it, although you're in my own design team.
Again, great job DR!
Magnum Zero
Map Design4.0
Tales of the Ghost Ship Teaser review by Magnum Zero

Note: The author has gone through the trouble to update his scenario. Therefore, I will update my review.

The captain of the Cerberus was always a bit... cavalier. Now he's certainly screwed things up. Captain Marshall has apparently trapped himself on some island, and now you have to find him and the Cerberus... You thought you were above rescue operations. -Tales of the Ghost Ship Intro

The Tales of the Ghost Ship Teaser is a scenario filled with mystery, doubt, and a pinch of paranoia. You captain the vessel The Dragon Lord, a ship of the Empire of Seoul.
You must deploy your men and your small armada of ships to find a missing ship--The Cerberus--that mysteriously vanished some days ago. On your way, you come across some irate natives scattered upon many islets...kill the natives, get rewarded. However, your primary goal lies in the heart of the map...there, on the centre island, a mysterious force guards your quarry...destroy them at all costs. For the Empire, with great sacrifice and honor, it must be done.

Playability: 4.5
This is a very playable scenario with no lag apparent. This scenario was fun and it was one of the only ones that I have seen where you predominantly control naval units. The music that the author chose went well with the theme. I had great fun playing this scenario, although it was short. You must battle pirates, and kill the pirate leader, Olgir the Red, to stop the pirate raids on your small yet important naval base. If you visit the islands neighboring Tekcolo--where the Cerberus is located--you'll find natives who are discontent with you intrusion on their islands...pesky natives. If you kill the native leaders, they convert over to your side, taken prisoner by your might.
The scenario starts with a lone turtle ship, The Dragon Lord, slowly sailing into a naval bay...mysterious music plays, and you gain control of the small base. The objectives tell you to head off and find the missing ship, The Cerberus. The ships shove off from your docks and are met by pirates, out to get your cash. So, brave off these valiant fighters, and kill their leader to stop them. So far, so good. No lag, nothing negitive. I journey on the rough seas to the island of Tekcolo.
I land there, and mysteriously, I am attacked by my own marines...ack! I must retreat back into my transports! Then I had my turtle ships fire upon the rouge marines from the waters. Too easy. Suggestion: May a "reef" or something around the island at certain points to allow only the transport ships through. Same thing with the Native's islands. In this new, updated version, the natives are more clever and they don't charge blindly at your ships.

After finding an appropriate spot to land, my men journeyed inland and they were soon confronted by a "Dark Being". The Dark Being was killed with ease. Then, suddenly, the Cereberus springs to life and attacks my men! My ships start slapping their oars upon the water, as I task them in a desperate attempt to cutoff the Cerberus' escape. My only disappointment here was that it was too easy to flush the Cerberus out. I barely had to set foot on the island. A major let-down. : (

Additional playability notes:
-When natives convert to my side, they increase my pop limit, which limits my production of new ships...stupid natives...*frantically hits delete button*.
-When I face the Dark Being, all I need to do is to kill him to get to the Cerberus, I don't even need to climb up the cliff. So, I completely bypass hordes of soldiers.

Positive points
+Extremely nice atmosphere
+No lag
+Cool theme
+Creative start position

Negative points
-Simple objective
-Population issues

Balance: 4
This scenario update is a vast improvement on what it used to be. The scenario is now balanced. The native islands are difficult and now, the natives don’t blindly charge at your hefty ships. The ending is a brutal battle between my ships and the computer’s. It is difficult, because there is a reef blocking my ships from The Cerberus. Eventually, after a couple reloads and a lot of effort, I thrash that hunk of metal that sailors used to call a “ship”. However, I wish there were some difficulty levels to go along with this scenario and the balance isn’t perfect, but it’s quite close.

Positive points
+Good land battles
+Good balance

Negative points
-Not difficulty dynamic

Creativity: 4
I always hate reviewing for creativity. It's such a hard category to judge. Most of the time atleast. This time, I found it easy. The ship-land combat was unique, the theme has never been done before, I felt like I was actually in the world the author created, and the base layouts were very neat. However, I found no new/old trigger tricks. Darn.

Positive points
+Cool bases/homelands
+Unique theme
+Unique combat
+Creative island sizes (small, good idea...)

Negative points
-No trigger tricks

Map Design: 4
Great job. The map "flowed" and the theme was excellent. My naval base was an example of an especially creative map design. Although, there was still more to be desired...maybe some Gaia objects, such as ruins or Old Stone Heads?

Positive points
+Map "flows"
+Perfect for the theme

Negative points
-Maybe some more Gaia objects? I don't know, I just felt that there was some to be desired.

Story/Instructions: 4.9
Unique storyline, great job to the author. There was plenty of history included about the Empire's past, and there was an opening BMP. I was never confused what to do next. However, there were some spelling errors...tsk tsk.

Positive points
+Good storyline
+Good history
+Opening BMP
+Clear, concise objectives

Negative Points
-Spelling errors

Final Thoughts
With some work, this scenario can be improved. I suggest for everyone to download this great campaign and feel for yourself, the terrors of The Ghostship.

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Map Design4.0
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