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Time 2 Die

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
A relly hard game with a few triggers in. best played on hardest. Can I please have some reveiws
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Magnum Zero
Map Design3.0
Time 2 Die review by Magnum Zero

Time 2 Die is a Build and Destroy scenario where the player must destroy the other player. It’s simple enough.

Playability: 1
What is this, a random map? Each player ends up starting with a modest town…except player one has 6 castles surrounding his. This map looks as if it is a random map, fortress to be precise. Therefore, this is simply a normal game of AoK. Well, that’s boring. When I download scenarios, I expect to see storylines and plots…no storyline here. This scenario has an AI included…that cheats. There was one instruction on the scenario: “Just fight everything!!!” Ok, so there was no lag in this scenario. That’s a good thing. However, 25 minutes into the game I’m taken quite aback…Gaia tributes to me the maximum amount of resources possible. That’s odd. Now, it’s a standard game of AoK with a cheating AI and massive amounts of resources coming in.

In the hints section the author tells me to use “Aegis” 25 minutes into the game. On my first game I didn’t. On my second game I did. In the second game, I could build literally hundreds of castles with aegis coupled with my resources kindly tributed to me by Gaia. I thought this was quite a boring and lackluster scenario.

Positive points
+No lag

Negative points
-Just like a normal game of Age of Kings
-Requires the use of Aegis
-Thousands of resources tributed to the player by Gaia

Balance: 1
This is supposed to be a difficult scenario. It is if the player does not attack the AI early. However, with the starting resources and units, the starting castles and the starting state of the AI’s town, it is easy to defeat if attacked in the very beginning. After 25 minutes however, it becomes extremely difficult to survive. The cheating AI sends legions of units to attack your base. To make things worse, it’s an all tech game, which means the Elite War Elephants that the enemy has greatly over power your civilization, as you get no extra techs.
As said above, Gaia tributes to me the maximum amount of resources possible. This allows the player to build hundreds of Castles, which, are promptly destroyed by your enemy.

Positive points
+Can be challenging

Negative points
-Easy, and then impossibly hard
-Player starts with huge army
-Gaia gives thousands of resources
-Aegis and resources allow player to build hundreds of Castles
-Yes, this is supposed to be challenging, but it is too hard at some points.

Creativity: 1-
Creative? Not in the least. The scenario was basically a normal game of AoK, like a random map game. No names were used, no units were used, and a fairly small amount of triggers were utilized.

Positive points

Negative Points
-Small amount of triggers
-No creativity
-Resembled a normal game of AoK

Map Design:3
“A random map is a 3. All a designer needs to do to score a 3 is to use a generated random map.” --Review Tutorial. There were no Gaia objects and no outstanding features of the map.

Positive points
+Random map

Negative points
-No Gaia objects
-No outstanding features

Story/Instructions: 1-
My instructions were merely: “Just fight everything!!!” There was no history, no storyline, no opening BMP, and no characters.

Positive points

Negative Points
-No storyline
-One objective
-No characters
-No history

In closing, I found this scenario to be extremely boring, to say the least. It resembled a random map game of AoK. I would not recommend downloading this scenario.

File Author
PS you need to install the ai file to make this games worth taking up the space on your computor

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Map Design3.0
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