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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Battle Of Braavalla - 710 AD

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The Battle Of Braavalla - 710 AD

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
The Battle Of Braavalla is a singe player scenario which takes place in the land of Skaane, the southern peninsula of Sweden. Expect battles, vikings, longboats and weird trigger effects ;)

I made this scenario a couple of years ago and decided to share it with the rest of the world. I remember i put a great effort as well as a few months of trial and terror in this scenario. Since it was first written in swedish, I had to translate every dialogue. That was a mountain of boring work, and I guess there's plenty of sentences that seems like completely mumbo-jumbo to you, since my knowledges of the English language is all but acceptable.

I hope you'll enjoy playing this scenario as much as I enjoyed creating it.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"The Battle Of Braavalla - 710 AD" is an older, dated work from an accomplished scenario designer which has gone unreviewed until now;it should be understood that the reviewer knows the author has made fine works since and isn't intended to be dismissive of the author, and as stated by the man himself in various posts is just an older work from when he was a self-described noob.

Playability 1

A fairly chaotic fixed force start with a B&D segment to reach a battlefield, there wasn't much in the way of good gameplay at any time however. Partly because its a cakewalk as well, but also the B&D is cramped and awkward. There was a quite annoying spot where a trigger tasked every unit on the map to a spot repeatedly for a minute. The lag was noticeable at all times, maybe in part because of so many fancy trigger effects all over the map with lots of looping. Infact it got so bad that at one point a monastery i built stayed at 99% for 4-5 seconds after the villagers left to do another job...its slow and tedious to accomplish the objectives, and there is nothing waiting but a cakewalk battle.

As the author warned, the AI certainly isnt playing well and is fairly bizarre.

Balance 1

One thing that was quickly obvious is that the "lost" battle at the start is actually winning for the human, and you can keep these troops alive;heck, there is even random a bombard tower on neutral blasting away at the enemies and their transport ships. Your Joan of Arcs and Harald Hardrades go on a rampage after this and you wont really find a challenge anywhere in the scenario or even reasonable opposition;the AI is kind of braindead. I found it borderline impossible to keep playing due to lag so i would advance the argument that the scenario is broken in two ways;its too easy without much challenge, and too hard because i cant get through it.

Creativity 4

Whatever else you would like to say about this scenario, i certainly found it creative;there is a wide array of tricks and tropes used over the years;unfortunately, these are for the most part adding nothing to the gameplay experience and have a random chaos element to them. Its as if the inspired designer took every trick he had seen and liked, placing them in one scenario to test them for himself. I was quite amused to see the classic battle from the Joan1 mission depicted;"Stand back! A battle rages ahead!" Many map designers including Mark Stoker have included this scene or a tribute to it over the years in some of their works. The selection and usage of sounds and music was promising though the implementation wasnt the best.

In summary the map is a little too creative for its own good. If half this stuff was pulled off well and contributed to the game, and half the rest was just deleted, it would be an easy 5 i think.

Map Design 3

The map was looking quite nice at times, with many eyecandy tricks pulled off and good detailing. Still, it all comes back to a single word that describes this file; Random. Not random map, but a random pile of stuff heaped into one world and jam packed together with little logical cohesion. This scenario has it all;rainy areas, the cave in the forest trick, beaches with foamy waves and men serving ice cream to sunbathers, the flaming braziers, a volcano attempt, i could go on for ages describing stuff.

It also has a great deal of odd looking terrain, green gaia mountains placed with little detailing, some tightly squeezed forest areas with annoying deer swarms, random rock usage, lots of white outlines showing on gaia objects, i could go on for ages describing stuff, again.

In summary the map has enough eyecandy content for about 4 or 5 maps and needs some spreading out of the stuff with better execution and some nice terrain with countrysides and the like. It isn't aesthetically pleasing to my eyes due to its busy and jam packed nature, despite the terrain itself often having good detailing and terrain mixing.

Story\Objectives 4

Its a normal storyline with ingame dialogues and the such, with well written objectives, hints, and scouts report. The quality of the english is not really a problem for me at any point.

Final Thoughts: There is much more than could be written, but seeing as how constructive criticism on this work probably wouldn't be of much value to the author, ill leave off as is. This file will be the most interesting mostly for those with a personal interest in the career of the author. To me this file feels like an unfinished project in a very raw state.

[Edited on 07/06/17 @ 07:30 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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