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The Bodyguard

Author File Description
The Bodyguard
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
The Bodyguard is a roleplaying adventure, maximaising all of the editors capabilites.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Leinad le Grand
Map Design2.0
The Bodyguard, created by the Bodyguard, is a scenario about four bodyguards who have the
task of escorting a cart full of supplies for a village. These bodyguards must take the supplies
through think and thin to reach the village.

Playability: 1
I did not enjoy this scenario very much. A thing all inexperienced designers should do before
creating a scenario is to ask people how to do things. First of all I would like to point out that
most of the things I had to did not work. I could not understand what was going on when all of a
sudden something unexpected would happen, and I would be left in confusion. The triggers were
not made well, and almost everything didn’t work properly.

Balance: 2
In some places the enemy did not attack, but instead would wander around allowing you to shoot
them dead. Your victory would rely on where the enemy units are at that exact time when you
plan to attack them. Immobile Units AI can fix this problem by allowing units to stay put and not
wander around. A good AI to go with a scenario can help a lot with movement and behaviour of

Creativity: 1
This scenario is a “bring object to area” scenario. These scenarios are excuses made by the
creator to get out of making a long and complicated storylines. “Bring object to area” scenarios
can be fun and creative, if made in the right way. One should always think carefully before
planning a scenario, and usually the more time and imagination used in creating a scenario there
is, the more creative the scenario is likely to be.

Map Design: 2
The map was rather bland. Most areas were ordinary with no special effects. Not everybody has
good talent in creating maps. My first maps were random maps, but soon afterward I moved to
scratch-built maps with a small bit of eyecandy. A bit of flowers here and there, with some nice
rocks and good use of GAIA objects will easily make a scenario look much better.

Story/Instructions: 2
The instructions were very unclear, and I could not find out what to do. It was a bit of trial-and-
error for me, because every time something happened, I didn’t know what to do about it. The
messages that appeared were vague, and nothing told me exactly what to do. The story was also
confusing, and nothing much was told. It was like starting to read in the middle of a book without
reading the other things before.

Additional Comments:
I can’t say this scenario was all that bad. The story was ok, but it was put into Age of Kings in the
wrong and bad way. This could be remade with repair of broken triggers and revision of

[Edited on 03/20/05 @ 02:39 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
The Bodyguard is a RPS; your mission to escort a trade cart to a city in need of supplies.

Playability: The scenario is no fun to play. It is too easy, confusing, full of bugs, and a long journey on an unpleasant map. At the games start, a demolition ship destructs itself for no reason, failed bridge destruction. One of the four spearmen misses the upgrades at the start. Entering the town, you get automatic upgrades for the 20 gold; can change your spearmen after that against weaker archers at no cost, which is superfluous. You can buy two mercenaries for forty of gold, get 20 for a side quest killing wolves, should get another 20 for 4 sheep, but there are only three. Alternatively, you get four cavalries for 10 of gold each marching with a unit alongside a market, with the four spearmen together I got three cavalries for 10 gold and the fourth for another 10 of gold. 1

Balance: The scenario is too easy on hardest difficulty, impossible to loose. The stronger units do not fight back; trigger effects freeze them and the standard AI uses one after the other to scout. 1

Creativity: Many scenarios use accompanying a trade cart as a side quest, to spice up the game, as the only objective it is neither interesting nor creative. Furthermore, there was no game play enhancing feature, no creativity in the design, story or to balance the scenario. 1

Map Design: The design is below random map quality, missing terrain mix, blending, elevations as well as a realistic design of towns and city, which looked deserted. 2

Story/Instructions: One objective, an attempt to include 'story' in the instructions so you know why you accompany the trade cart and that bandits led by Jagan invest the vicinity, a four rating by the tutorial. However, there are various reasons to deduct from there. The main objective confusing as you do not know were to bring the trade cart in the city, the necessary hint, "You must get to the end of the map without the trade cart falling!" does not help as a victory message and a failed in game objective to bring four sheep with only three on the map. Confusing the unnecessary upgrades and change of units, which make no sense, you only need the four cavalries, which are as strong as the spearmen after upgrading. 3-

OVERALL: 'The Bodyguard' serves as a good example of an untested scenario.

SUGGESTIONS: Edit your scenario and I will edit my review. Delete the freeze triggers, choose Immobile Units Gold as personality for players 2 & 3 and change diplomacy between them to ally. For a better balance, remove player 3 units or change them to player 2 in trigger 'Ambush 2'. For the sheep quest, place a fourth sheep; trigger 'sheep 1' effect 1 use 'Source Player 3' 'Target Player 1' instead of the opposite and attribute 20 gold to player 3. For the horse trick, use one tile only as 'set area' in condition 0 for triggers 'Horse 2, 3, 4 & 5'. For the bridge destruction, change starting state of trigger 'Bridge Timer' from 'on' to 'off', change condition 0, timer from 20 to 7, effect 1 'Source Player Gaia' instead of 'Source Player 2', you should change to 'Source Player Gaia' also for effect 2 & 3, just to avoid a red line on the mini map. For the end scene, trigger 'Trade Cart', delete condition 1 and effect 1, new effect 1 activate trigger 'victory', create new trigger 'victory', starting state 'off' condition 0 timer 15 effect 0 declare victory player 1. Work on map design and place the victory message in the hint section. ;)

IN CLOSING: The above is not a recommendation to download.

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Map Design2.0
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