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Unreal War

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

In this scenario you play the role of the Arabs who must rise to supremacy. Barbarians loom from all corners of the barren land and your task is to withstand enemy attacks within the timeframe of 30 minutes.

You must defend your castle and if at any time it is destroyed you loose the game. Kill as many enemy soldiers as you can to obtain army upgrades. Watch blood stain the scorching sands and fearsome weapons send hell fire towards your fort. Test your skills as war rages in an unyielding desert.

This scenario is purely fictional and is not meant to represent any incident in the past or the present. This is my first scenario I've decided to post on the web and if you enjoy it there are many others I can post. I am a newbie designer so please don't dis my work but rather provide constructive criticism.


- Blood map designed for single player scenario.
- Much enhanced map design from previous version.
- Kill over 2000 units while trying to keep a castle alive.
- No complicated objectives. Just kill, do if fast and properly!
- Upgrade system. The more you kill the stronger you become!
- Limit of 30 minutes. Don't waste weeks of your life trying to win.
- Soundtracks from MCrnigoj's The Battle of Hattin 1187 AD.
- Blood, gore and bodies everywhere!
- New and original bitmap created by myself.
- Minor bugs fixed from last version.


Do whatever you like with this map as long as I get appropriate credit.
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Leinad le Grand
Map Design3.0
Unreal War! You control the Arab army, and must defend your castle against a hoard of
barbarians. Kill over 2000 units in half an hour while destroying siege weapons that crush castles in seconds!

Playability (4)

The experience was terrific! I was blown out of my seat. There was a bit of lag (and this computer is pretty fast), but I did enjoy every bit of it. I don’t recommend it to people with slower computers. I played this and won by a fraction of a second. I loved it so much I played it again. I just want to point out that the enemy sometimes sticks in an area where the units come out of so you can’t get them without ranged units, so I think the enemy’s units should not be able to go to the unit spawning areas either. Otherwise everything is super! With thousands of men riding into battle to destroy your castle, this scenario truly lives up to its name.

Balance (5)

Excellent work here! There was no luck involved, you had to get units to other places as fast as possible, even delete some walls to make it passable! 30 minutes was exactly the right time to do it, since if I had to stay in that battle for a few more seconds, the castle would have been gone. The skill needed to complete this scenario is great, and I am sure people from all skill levels will be able to manage it. Unfortunately, although I did have a lot of trouble keeping my castle alive on standard, I only did it in one go, but that didn’t keep me from having fun!

Creativity (4)

Having units poured out as units are killed is a fun way to kill barbarians while the barbarians kill you is a good idea, and your little fort in the desert must be kept standing at all costs. The realism of the battle is poor, but that’s why it is called “Unreal War!” Since when do Arabs have Eagle Warriors and barbarians have massive siege weapons? Never, but still, Age of Empires is for everyone and everything; you can do what you like with it as long as it’s legal.

Map Design (3)

You didn’t use a random map, but the map design wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. A few
very simple tricks, and some flowers would do wonders to this map, but I don’t think anybody is going to be worried about the map design. Since they’ll be fighting off the barbarians they’ll be focussed on the battle and won’t be noticing the map design.

Story/Instructions (5)

There is not much story. Just a castle to be destroyed and barbarians to be killed. That doesn’t bother me, and quite a many scenarios have been made like that: no story, just kill kill kill. The instructions were clear. I didn’t find anything wrong with them, except that there was a grammar mistake in the hints (first sentence) and a spelling mistake in the instructions (receive with no middle E) but besides that everything is ok.


This scenario was excellent! I loved it. The action was everywhere. I love big wars with lots of people. The only thing I don’t like about them is the lag, but lag never bothers we when there is a big war where you have to focus on what you are doing! I would like to see a lot more of this stuff coming soon.

[Edited on 03/26/05 @ 02:33 AM]

File Author
Thanks a lot for reviewing my scenario. I have uploaded an update based on your criticism. If I’ve made more bugs someone please contact me so I can upload the original.
n1mrod9900 I downloaded it and really enjoyed it. I just have a simple question.
There is a soundclip titled "Unreal - Tension" {1:48 min long}. Can anybody here tell me where it's orignially from? It sounds so familiar but i can't place it anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
Jas the Mace1 I liked the hero fest or castle blood...I didn't get any lag...what I didn't like was the invisible barriers my men couldn't advance past...I won the battlefield and wished to continue to smash the town but couldn't get there...also I couldn;t get to the trebuchets & mangonels that were attacking my town from the north...

Still worth a play...


[Edited on 02/22/06 @ 08:33 PM]

Official Reviewer
Good game but too easy. Also a bit of lag. The only problem area was the onagers and trebs to the north. My castle was never in danger

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Map Design3.0
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