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Not Another Helm's Deep Scenario

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
By Oliver, member of Tsunami Studios

I know what you're thinkin': "Nooooo! Not another helm's deep scenario!" But yes, here it is!

This is not the best of all the scenarios in the heavengames blacksmith libary, but it's definetly better than most of the LOTR-scenarios. It's fun to play, although it's not very sophisticated. However, in comparison to other Helm's Deep scenarios, I think it's worth a download.

This scenario might kill your CPU, due to the amount of Uruk-hai soldiers. At least it killed my six-years-old-piece-of-shit Dell.
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Map Design3.0
Not Another Helms Deep Scenario is suprisingly enough, a Helms Deep recreation in AoK. Having played the majority of Helms Deep scenarios in the Blacksmith, I think I can say that this is probably the best I have seen, although it is not without its faults.

Playability: 4

This scenario is a fixed force (FF) defend your fortress style scenario. Despite the simple formula, the gameplay was suprisingly fun and enjoyable. I put on some of the Lord of the Rings music by Howard Shore on in the background, and was pleasantly suprised by the fun I had. What sets this scenario apart is that the author has put some thought into unit choices and the strategic element of the battle has been considered. I was pretty dismayed when, having grouped my elvish longbowmen into strategic points along the wall, the first enemy units to arrive were a flood of skirmishers. The strategic challenge of deciding what to do with your units and finding the appropriate counters was good, and the addition of villagers to repair and build structures was an interesting addition. I did have some gripes; even on standard difficulty (a difficulty level even easier than 'easiest' on the original game) the sheer amount of enemy units, including lots of seige units, meant that the scenario played like a lost cause up to the arrival of the Rohan. I will touch on this further in the balance category. It was also interesting that the hero units did not have to survive; in fact when I played legolas copped it early on when cornered by skirmishers and Aragorn was run over by seige units midway through. This scenario also avoided the problem of lag that so many other scenarios of this type encounter. 4.

Balance: 3

This category is difficult to rate for this particular campaign topic, as the battle is meant to be near hopeless, less so in the literature than the film, but still the odds were poor. In a sense the author has achieved this; the battle certainly was hopeless, even after the arrival of the Rohan. Even on standard difficulty (as mentioned above) the sheer amount of enemy units meant that I was forced to retreat to the Hornburg very early on. In fact, all the Rohan reinforcements were killed and I finished with 13 men and a few villagers when I played. I would recommend adding in some more Rohan reinforcements; I simply did not have enough for the keep to be given a respite and I lost nearly all to war elephants and pikemen. The scenario is also difficulty-level dynamic, a useful feature, although I can't imagine that the game would be possible to win on hardest. 3.

Creativity: 4

This campaign was one of the more creative Helms Deep scenarios. The design of the Hornburg and the Deeping Wall was very well done (see map design), and some interesting strategic challenges were added, for example the timed arrival of seige units kept the player on their toes. It was also nice to see something happen after the battle, although that section was very straightforward and easy to accomplish. Features such as the addition of villagers allowing the player to repair damaged buildings (which I was forced to do a several times) and to build new military structures was an imaginative addition. The fortress was also well planned out, with space behind the Hornburg being an interesting addition. The author also included such features as walkable cliffs (note to players: beware!) which added to the fun. 4.

Map Design: 3

The map design of the Hornburg and the Deeping Wall was very good. There was good use of shallows, paths and flowers to create the mud behind the Deeping Wall and the Hornburg fortress was cleverly done, with the castle set into the wall. The road leading up to the main gate was too thin however, meaning the player never felt the full force of the enemy attack there as units could only attack the gate there one at a time. However the second objective meant the player had to leave the fortress, and in this area the map was very barren; only dirt terrain was used and there was no elevation, which detracted from the score. Isengard was recreated fairly well, although the size and shape could have been portrayed better; there was enough room on the map to expand it and make it more circular. 3.

Story/Instructions: 3

The rest of the scenario was very good, and it is a shame this category lets the score down as this is one of the easier categories to score highly on. The author provided a very clear set of objectives and some very informative and useful hints. However, there was no story or background detail given. The author assumed every player would know the story. Whilst the large majority probably do, even a little background detail would have been good. I recommend spending more time on this section to improve the score here. 3.

Additional Comments:

I don't know why you called this 'Not Another Helms Deep Scenario' oliver, as that certainly isn't the case. I would recommend this scenario to any designer or player out there, including non-LOTR fans. A very good effort, worth the download.
BaronPraxis This was a beautiful map but really really plain. More trigs should have been used on the Characters names. But otherwise it was fun.
I played Easy mode the first time and didn't use villis when they attacked the destroyed my wall and heros but when The Riders of Rohan came no Uruk-Hai were standing in the way of me and the wonder. Great Game

File Author
Why do people still download this half-crap I made three years ago, now that I have uploaded some new fresh stuff? =P Bah, I gotta make some new LOTR stuff...
Dantares IV Ya, you should make some more.

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Map Design3.0
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