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Rage's Rage

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
You are IRISH_RAGE, leader of the IRISH gaming clan. You have just discovered that you are a monkey. You must embark on a quest to change yourself to a human. Good luck.

Visit the Irish at

Author's Notes:

You CANNOT get money and you do NOT need it until you go to Temper's Hobos. Yes, you do start with no money, and that is a good reason. It does not seriously hamper your playing of this scenario when you cannot get money when you don't need it. Again, you CANNOT get money until you visit Temper's Hobos and 3 minutes have passed. This gives you more than enough time to finish the scenairo.

It is also recommended that you buy ONE of each thing that you must buy. If you buy one and ONLY one then you will finish the scenario without needing to withdraw money. If this is so, you should finish the scenario with 25 gold left only if you bought one of each item that you needed to buy.

Finally, DO NOT kill your sheep. It is the only sheep in the scenario and if you kill it you will have to start the whole scenario over again. Again, DO NOT kill your sheep. It is the one and only sheep that you will ever find in that scenario.

Sorry about my rant, but people have been asking me about the money thing, so I had to update this.

Drop me a line about this scenario or my other scenario, The Legend of Wind Racer. Its ID number is 17.

Enjoy this funny scenario!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
tHe fReAk Are you supposed to start with any money? And, I can't get any money from rage's house.
JG I have to agree with The Freak... It didn't matter where I placed the monkey and or how I clicked his house.. nothing, zilch, no gold ?!?

Give us a clue please.

JG I agree with the above comment. It didn't seem to matter where I placed the monkey or how I clicked the house.. nothing,zilch, no gold ?!?

Give us a clue please.

File Author
Alright, you cannot get money and you don't need it until you go to Temper's Hobos. After you get your wallet back, you go back and you get a hobo. If you need more money, which you probably don't, then you go back to Rage's house and click on it. This will extract 500 gold from the house, which is way more than enough then you need for the scenario. If you do everything correctly, then you do not need to withdraw money. Upon completing the scenario, you should be left with 25 gold.

DT I can't get gold if I klick on rage house please help me
File Author
If you have any questions, please, please e-mail me. Thnx.
dt if i have everithing i need for the magier but i can't do it help me and don't say enithing stupids
The Conquistador I cannot get gold from the monkey's house! And I can't cheat 'cause if I do I lose (hey, that rhymes!)! Please tell me what to do (or you will be sorry on the review).
File Author
What did I just write up there?
Didn't I tell you to read the author's comments?
Sheesh, what's this world coming to?
I have written this twice on this page and you still don't know how?
Just look up and you will see.
Angel Park
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
You start as Rage, the Monkey, finding out..well that he is a monkey. So he wishes to change himself to a human so he goes to talk with a witch on how to change and from there it is just a bunch of side missions.

It is fun reading the story and watching Rage trying to become a man from the time he is dumped by a girl and than later asking her out. But thats about it. Most of the time all you are doing is walking around doing small things to lead to Rage's human stage.

There was no fighting but funny at times. There is lots of walking in this scenario and really not many fun parts except reading the story.

If you lose in this scenario you really have done bad. You really cannot lose in this and it only takes about half an hour of walking to win.

Again story was creative and I liked the idea but still could of been more expanded and more eye candy and such.

Map Design
Not bad probably better than your normal RM map. I also liked the thing at the bottom of the map which you can only see with Marco Polo.

Probably the only really good thing in this scenario although should of said that Rage cannot get money from the house until after trying to hire one of the villagers. Could had a better story still though, it was very short.

If you've played all the best in AOK scenarios and just want a funny short scenario than I guess this is good for you. No strategy skills needed just need to be able to follow orders.
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Map Design3.0
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