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The Mercenary

Author File Description
The Mind Trick
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
Disillusioned by the horrors he has experienced, hardened to the sufferings of men, the Scottish mercenary Malcolm Dunforth embarks from Sicily with a hefty commission from the pope. Having been ordered by the Papal See to lead a contingent of Crusaders into the Holy Land, the Mercenary sails across the vast expanse of the Mediterranean towards the coast of the Middle East with his band of seasoned Scottish soldiers in loyal attendance. However, these plans are soon interrupted as a colossal tempest falls upon the small flotilla, wrecking every single ship except that of the Mercenary himself, leaving Dunforth the sole survivor of the cataclysm. Now, direly wounded and bereft of supplies, the Mercenary finds himself drifting aboard his gradually sinking ship, clutching onto the slim hope that he will somehow find his way ashore.

N.B. This is my first campaign, so I am receptive to all types of criticism, positive and even negative. It should be noted that the AI files used in this campaign are my feeble imitations of others I have downloaded; therefore, while they may not seem as polished or professional as those employed by other designers, they will do the job. Also, some of the triggers may seem rough at a few places, despite my attempts to streamline their performance. Overall, though, I think this is a fairly good campaign. Enjoy.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Tonto_jlmk Great campaign! I give it 100/5! At least I didn't have any crashes with this campaign...
new guy Nice campain you made there mind trick just as everyone else has said. Lucky for me my game did not crash. I would like to see great designers like you to team up with other great designers like the guy who made William warrior of the sun or the punk team and make one great campain.
The Downward Spiral
Official Reviewer
*Jaw Drops*

What is wrong with you people? This is the most splendid masterpiece I have ever come across. If there is anything even close to a "professional RPG," this would be it in a split second. This dude should work for a major gaming company. I have a new favorite map maker... this guy, I believe, is absolutely amazing. Although the campaign may not be a 5.0, if there was a 4.9 rating, that would be it. My only complaint is that the fun factor is a bit dull at times... other then that, nothing (once again, in my own opinion) should be changed or needs to be improved. Excellent work, man!
_mid_knight_ This campaign is *TIGHT*, keep up the good work, and i'm looking forward to your next one!
EmperMaxis An in-depth and intriguing campaign. I really enjoyed playing as Malcolm in his travels, and would be interested to see where he goes from here if you ever plan to make a sequel. Great, Great job! You could make a game for nintendo or playstation easily.
The Conquistador
Map Design4.0
This is a re-review that expresses my opinions about this campaign. To me, the other reviewers is WAY too lenient.
This campaign is good, but there were tonnes of places where a lot of improvements are required to receive the mark it received.

Here are some glowing parts of the campaign that got its mark down. First of which, the playability definitely doesn't deserve a 4 because they talk for half the game! There is only 5 minutes of actual gaming in the 2nd scenario. Spineman said that a scenario shouldn't be marked down because it's short but we are talking no quantity OR quality. So a 3 will have to suffice. Second of which, the balance is only mediocore, since the two scenarios in the middle are extremely easy and the first and last scenario are pretty hard. But a 3 will have to be enough. Last of which is the creativity. How can anybody get a 4 for that? There just isn't anything that's unique and special (other than the long boring talks). Other than that, it's just minor disagreements.
_Mjollnir_ When i first tried to play this campaign it would quit early in the first scenario when you were on the trail to the city...I abandoned it for a while, and then tried it again, and it i have no idea why it was not working before, but after playing it, it is a great campaign...i hope there is a sequel soon
TNK This campaign rocked! I deserves more than 4.0.
Tamerlane This campaign is a masterpiece! Reinvents AOK/Conquerors into a new game. I got almost bored of playing a normal AOK game until I found this campaign. Cant wait for the sequel to come...there is a sequel right? excellent map and i'm looking forward to the next misadventures of Malcom Dunforth.....
King Jocular
Map Design5.0
Playability: To be truthful, I actually felt like I was an actor in a movie, manipulating the character and watching the story unfold. This was probably one of the most playable and most fun AOK experiences ever, a rare gem in a field of rotten oranges. I stayed glued to my monitor for at least a day playing and replaying The Mercenary. Seriously, you absolutely will not be able to stop playing this campaign until you reach its conclusion--you won't be able to wait to find out the fate of Malcolm and his revolutionaries. This is a must-play and a must-finish, unlike many other campaigns these days.

Balance: Wonderful balance. The Mercenary manages to combine impeccable cutscenes, easy "breather" missions (the defeat of Atorian), intriguing style twists (like the rescue of Grautus), and challenging levels (the invasion of the city) like few other campaigns. Although destroying buildings is a common objective, the paths that must be taken and the opposition that must be overcome require unique planning for each mission, and, besides, any such imbalances are also evened out by the rich diversity of styles incorporated within each scenario. Overall, The Mercenary has something for novices, something for experienced skilled players, and something for experienced unskilled players; in other words, it has great balance.

Creativity: As one player commented earlier, The Mercenary actually manages to transform Age of Kings into a whole new type of game. Part RPG, part strategy game, and part complex adventure epic, this campaign incorporates so many genres it is nearly impossible to cite them all. There are also a great deal of other original touches, such as the opening shipwreck, the supply camp, and the rescue mission. The Mind Trick is truly an innovative designer, and thus his campaign earns a shining 5 in this category, although it is the weakest area for the campaign.

Map Design: Next to story, this is where The Mercenary excels the most. The Byzantine city is flawlessly designed to look exactly like a bustling Anatolian metropolis, a shining center of wealth in the middle of grassland and desert. The rebel camp behind the cliff face is also original, with a sense of majesty about it befitting a former Roman temple. Also, the well-used elevation and terrain changes that this campaign offers are utilized with such mastery that its map is by far the most realistic I've ever seen. A stellar job, to be sure.

Story: This should really be a 7 or something, but I am restricted by AOK Heaven to settle for a 5. From Malcolm's very first monologue, you have a sense that The Mind Trick really knows how to write. And he does. The writing, the dialogue, in this campaign are truly special, as are the plot twists and story nuances that make the storyline so enjoyable. The characters, especially Malcolm, Grautus, and Basil, are multifaceted, deep, and complex, and the entire campaign reads like a prize-winning novel with great themes and writing devices. I know I speak for all those who have also played The Mercenary when I say this campaign has the greatest story I have ever seen in a campaign. I tip my hat to the master.
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