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The Mercenary

Author File Description
The Mind Trick
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
Disillusioned by the horrors he has experienced, hardened to the sufferings of men, the Scottish mercenary Malcolm Dunforth embarks from Sicily with a hefty commission from the pope. Having been ordered by the Papal See to lead a contingent of Crusaders into the Holy Land, the Mercenary sails across the vast expanse of the Mediterranean towards the coast of the Middle East with his band of seasoned Scottish soldiers in loyal attendance. However, these plans are soon interrupted as a colossal tempest falls upon the small flotilla, wrecking every single ship except that of the Mercenary himself, leaving Dunforth the sole survivor of the cataclysm. Now, direly wounded and bereft of supplies, the Mercenary finds himself drifting aboard his gradually sinking ship, clutching onto the slim hope that he will somehow find his way ashore.

N.B. This is my first campaign, so I am receptive to all types of criticism, positive and even negative. It should be noted that the AI files used in this campaign are my feeble imitations of others I have downloaded; therefore, while they may not seem as polished or professional as those employed by other designers, they will do the job. Also, some of the triggers may seem rough at a few places, despite my attempts to streamline their performance. Overall, though, I think this is a fairly good campaign. Enjoy.
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Scorcher Playability:
The only bug i ran into was when i traveled off the main road from the Monastery to the town on the first level.I tried this several times and crashed the campaign each time.It never occurred in the other levels at the same place.

I played this campaign on moderate and found the first 3 levels fairly easy,but was surprised on the last level and had a hard three front battle.

One thing i liked was the units from all over the world.This gave the campaign a unique flavor.The most creative part was the behavior of the builders in the final level.I won't go into detail and spoil it.

Map design:
It was a good design,but i would have liked to see a little more eye candy.

I loved the storyline and found it easy to follow.The instructions were always clear,but i did have to go back to the conversation box sometimes to read the dialogue.It would be great if you could actually hear what was said instead of reading it.

In closing,there was alot of research and effort put into "The Mercenary" and i would like to thank the designer for the tremendous effort.When will we see "The Mercenary" again.
abhi_shek_p This is a great campaign

I too found something, well iam not sure whether it is a bug. I found that in almost all the scenarios the gates get damaged when any unit passes through them.

Leaving this i have no other problems.
Map Design5.0
The Mercenary has an interesting theme: you're a cold-blooded villain who is stranded in a foreign land and will do literally anything to get back home. While journeying to a nearby city to look for work, he encounters a monk who is, I won't say anymore.

PLAYABILITY: fun, but "Mercenary" definitely isn't the type of campaign you want to play twice. Gameplay is mostly RPS and B&D, which is fine in itself, except the RPS portions require extremely long walks from place to place with few or no enemies to fight and nothing at all to do along the way. The B&D parts all revolve around sieging massive cities with multiple layers of walls and towers, which I happen to resent. Mercenary is easy, and it takes a lot of fun out of the game once you realise that your reward for walking from point A to point B is to kill a few hussars and camels with your 300HP and 30 attack hero. It's possible to play the campaign out of order: for instance in the Transgression scenario you can go to the farms instead of the market first and all the triggers will activate out of order. On a more positive note, Mercenary has a that "keep playing just to see what happens next" quality that few campaigns have got, and there were no genuine bugs that I could find. 4

BALANCE: the campaign's weakest point. Your hero is so overpowered I never even had to worry about his health. The RPS parts were all extremely easy. The B&D parts weren't total pushovers, but I noticed they were still mostly a case of surviving the enemy's attack with his initial troops, and then you could build up at your leisure as he wouldn't rebuild his army. Some parts were moderately tough, but they were few and far between and there were never any moments where I was really in danger of losing a battle. 3

CREATIVITY: no trigger tricks, innovative concepts or anything of the sort, but an outstanding story that developes well, a great map, a bmp, and some unusual objectives (such as trying to kidnap someone while disguised as an olive merchant). 4

MAP DESIGN: the same map is used for all four scenarios, and it struck me as being superb. Every detail is placed with care, there's enough eye-candy to make the map look convincing without overcrowding it, and terrain is mixed well. I'm not qualified to say whether the likeness of Anatolia is topographically accurate, but it's certainly sufficient from a visual point of view. 5

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: a well told and well written story, I liked it how you play as an anti-hero. Excusing all the playability issues, the story alone is worth playing this campaign. (Ok, I thought the ending was a bit flat, but that's a minor complaint considering the story you get in many campaigns is "your country is being invaded, you are the defender, let the repetitive and pointless battles commence!"). The campaign also has adequate hints and a bmp.

SUMMARY: it's easy, and its playability has some obvious shortcomings, but Mercenary has a captivating story and some fun and memorable moments. I think CerberusXXL has got the best review for this campaign, it's certainly not the best, but it's still great anyway.
Andanu Trisatya This is one of the campaign which is rich in a very well-written story and dialogues.

Though the role-playing parts would've been less boring if it weren't for the overpowered hero who's even more unstoppable with a self-healing ability.
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Map Design4.7
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