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The Mercenary

Author File Description
The Mind Trick
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
Disillusioned by the horrors he has experienced, hardened to the sufferings of men, the Scottish mercenary Malcolm Dunforth embarks from Sicily with a hefty commission from the pope. Having been ordered by the Papal See to lead a contingent of Crusaders into the Holy Land, the Mercenary sails across the vast expanse of the Mediterranean towards the coast of the Middle East with his band of seasoned Scottish soldiers in loyal attendance. However, these plans are soon interrupted as a colossal tempest falls upon the small flotilla, wrecking every single ship except that of the Mercenary himself, leaving Dunforth the sole survivor of the cataclysm. Now, direly wounded and bereft of supplies, the Mercenary finds himself drifting aboard his gradually sinking ship, clutching onto the slim hope that he will somehow find his way ashore.

N.B. This is my first campaign, so I am receptive to all types of criticism, positive and even negative. It should be noted that the AI files used in this campaign are my feeble imitations of others I have downloaded; therefore, while they may not seem as polished or professional as those employed by other designers, they will do the job. Also, some of the triggers may seem rough at a few places, despite my attempts to streamline their performance. Overall, though, I think this is a fairly good campaign. Enjoy.
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EagleEye this might have been a good campaign if it would have been pre tested, the first scenario crashed the game and after using the I R WINNER cheat to get passed it the second and third scenario did work without any bugs that I saw, the 4th scenario however again did more than crash the game it crashed my computer, next time get the bugs out before submitting, imho this campain should not be downloaded till the bugs are fixed.
The Mind Trick
File Author
I was afraid something like this would occur. I managed to prevent it from crashing on my computer, but I assume that did not carry over. At any rate, I really do not know how to fix these bugs, so nobody else should even bother with this campaign.
The Mind Trick
File Author
By the way, if anyone happens to download this campaign despite the warnings about its bugs, I would be very appreciative if you sent me a diagnosis later of exactly where the bugs occur. This is my first campaign, and I think it has potential; I do not want to surrender it to failure without at least attempting to update it first. Thanks.
tHe fReAk Exelent scenario! I love the discription, you must have put a lot of work into that and the design is good. But the discription is the very best I have ever seen!
The Conquistador You can fix crash bugs by deleting some starting units, if that doesn't work, try to delete more units. But a scenario may be "beyond repair" if you fix the bitmaps too many times and tries to cover the old one with new ones, because every time you cover up a bitmap, the scenario increases in size. It doesn't affect lags or anything like that, but the game will be more likely to crash. :)
tHe fReAk I found that my scenarios will crash because of an unused/messed up trigger.
Dire Wolf III This is an incredible campaign, and it really deserves a 5.0! And I didn't even notice any bugs bugs. If your computer is fairly decent it ought to get by them without crashing. Anyway, the storyline is about as good as I've ever read, and I really thought the map design was pretty cool. Make more, Mind Trick!
Hari Kari
Map Design5.0
Playability: Probably the weakest area. There are a few bugs that occasionally pop up during the first and fourth scenarios. My computer managed to get past them most of the time without crashing, but others may not be so lucky. I still had a whole lot of fun in this campaign though, and it was a blast to play and to read. And it was challenging enough to get you to play for hours while still having a really good time. Overall, it deserves a fairly low 4.

Balance: There's a good solid balance throughout this campaign, but only enough to get a low 5. The difficulty level is hard enough to keep skilled veterans interested, but low enough so that beginners don't committ suicide in their frustration. The mission where you had to destroy the twin fortresses Castor and Pollux was especially challenging; I played it twice just because. In short, it is just hard enough to keep players of all skill levels in the game, and, after all, isn't that the point of balance?

Creativity: I had to deduct a little bit from this category since most of the victory conditions dealt with destroying enemy buildings; more variety would be needed to earn a 5, I'm afraid. However, the creativity of this entire imaginative campaign, the uniqueness of the twin fortresses Castor and Pollux scenario, and the originality of the covert rescue mission of the star enemy general all kept this campaign from sinking to a 3. A very high 4 is deserved here.

Map Design: Wow. The map design on this campaign is truly incredible. The arid desert beach at the opening, the prosperous but foreboding Byzantine metropolis (which, by the way, has a wall design much more innovative than the usual boring square plan most people use), the mossy forest paths, the rocky traitors' canyon, the ancient Roman university, the hidden Japanese camp... I could ramble on all day giving examples of the beauty and attractiveness of this map. I even used Marco Polo just so I could see everything on the map, and, man, was I impressed. This one's a 5, and what a 5 it is.

Story/ Instructions: If last time was "Wow," this time it's "Wow Squared." This guy Mind Trick is really an incredible writer, and his storyline is one you could probably find in a great novel or a top-notch, Braveheart-esque, "Freedom!"-type movie. All of the characters, especially The Mercenary and General Grautus, are surprisingly complex, and the villains are ones you can imagine vividly in all their evil nastiness. There are also some really complex themes in this campaign (such as the sinner-to-saint thing, probably the most obvious one.) Plus, the scenario instructions featuring the brooding narrations of The Mercenary are entertaining and really well-written. If I could rate this area a 10 out of 5, I certainly would, but I guess it will have to settle with a 5.99999999999.

Overall, I wish I could just give this campaign a perfect 5.0, but in truth there really are some things Mind Trick could work on, notably the glitches that might ruin the entire campaign for some. If an update fixing these flaws comes out, though, I'm sure it will deserve a perfect 5.0. Until then, a 4.8 should suffice. Bravo, Mind Trick.
mujo7 How soon do you plan to have the update, because my game crashes right after the conversation with the priest in the scenario.
The Mercenary I have received a few reports that The Mercenary freezes up for some people's computers; however, it also seems to work perfectly--or, at least, decently--for most others who have posted or e-mailed me their comments. Therefore, I am not quite sure I will update this campaign. If you are having problems running The Mercenary, please send me or post a thorough, comprehensive diagnosis of every single bug or glitch you can possibly find and I will try to see if I can fix these problems summarily.
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Map Design4.7
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