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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Rheinland Pfalz II

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Rheinland Pfalz II

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of players: 6
Quik Start:
This map is designed for CONQUEST. Someone on your team should be a civilization that gets siege onagers. Teams are odd number players vs. even number players.

This is a meticulously well-balanced map with lots of great features. Its fair to all participants and therefore perfect for tournament play.

This map is an instant classic that has given me and my hardcore AOK friends some epic battles. It has many anti-rush features, plentiful resources, and real estate in the middle worth fighting over. We believe it's AOK at its absolute best; hilltop fortresses, interesting terrain, no grunt rushes, and great armies clashing for control of the middle of the board. And if you're the rushing type, BEWARE OF THE GUARD DOGS!

Setting Up the Game:
Here's how to get the most out of this map:

1. SET RESOURCES TO LOW. You'll start with 200 of everything except gold, of which you'll get 100 to start with. Believe me, there're plenty of resources on the board.

2. The game supports 2, 4, or 6 players very well. The player numbers alternate so that its the odd number players vs. the even numbers.

The player positionts are set up like the following:



5 6



3. For the most fun possible on this board, use the player configurations listed below. Basically, just alternate, so it's odd vs. even numbers:

For 2 player game:
[Recommended population limit: 175-200]
Player # Team #
1 | 1
2 | 2

For 4 player game:
[Recommended population limit: 125-200]
Player # Team #
3 | 1
4 | 2
5 | 1
6 | 2

For 6 player game:
[Recommended population limit: 100-200]
[Optimal number probably around 125-175]
Player # Team #
1 | 1
2 | 2
3 | 1
4 | 2
5 | 1
6 | 2


For eight players, try setting the population limit to around 175 and allowing two players to share civilizations 1 and 2. On this board, even the two-person civ has their hands full!

Hints and Tips

Tip 1: Though you're well protected in your fortress on a hill, don't spend every dime racing through the ages. You still need to establish your presence in the middle of the board. There are two choke points crossing the river. Stake claim to these if you wish to win--or just to survive!

Tip 2: Every single mine and both choke points are guarded by wolves. Research loom and build some archers before sending your peasant out like Little Red Riding Hood. This feature forces your grunt-rushing opponents to slow down a bit before putting that fire base next to your gold mine.

Tip 3: Don't bitch and moan about the wolves. They've probably already saved your life by the time you run into them.

Tip 4: While your base is spacious, it's designed to ultimately force you to expand. Build the remainder of your base in the protective shadows of your walls. Build most of your houses and your market outside your base. Establish forward bases near the choke points.

Tip 5: Remember that small sections of walls can be deleted with the DEL key. Delete sections or install gates to reconfigure your base.

Tip 6: There are thick forests that separate your team from the riches in the center of the map. Someone on your team should pick a race that has Siege Onagers, so you can quickly mow through the forest and reap the rewards.

Tip 7: The battle for the bridges can become bloody. Once you've smashed your way into the center (see Tip 6) cross the river and smash through the other side for a surprise attack.

Tip 8: Establishing a fire base on the opposing team's side by sneaking over some peasants is ALWAYS a good thing. Beware the wolves, however.

Tip 9: Use the cheap guard towers along the tree lines on your side, just to make sure no one smashes through without you seeing it (see Tip 7).

Tip 10: Establish trade.

Tip 11: If your opponents capture one of the middle sections, don't fret. The game is not over! Just nab one of the other middle sections.

Tip 12: If your opponents are on your side of the board, just remember that you have some great defenses going for you and plenty of reserve resources. Be patient, and remember that the best defense is a good offense. Take your forces and counterattack somewhere else on the map. Your base will take care of itself, for a while, anyway.

Enjoy the board.

Yours truly,
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