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Ultimate Punk Massacre

Author File Description
AoK Punk
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of players: 4
Please Note: There is a soundtrack available for this scenario here. The zip is over 9M but contains 3 songs that were designed to play in the background of this scen. The scen works fine without them but is a nice enhancement if you've got a good connection...


-Single Player Map
-Multiplayer Map
-3 Soundtracks
-Non-Stop Music(no matter the lag or speed)
-A little bit of story
-Great Playability(Single and multiplayer)
-Around 100 triggers used
-Ability to Build structures
-Ability to buy stone and wood
-Up to 400 units on the map at the same time
-"As much as possible" reduced lag

*SoundTracks/Legal Stuff*

-Love of a Princess - Brave Heart the Movie Soundtrack
(22hz downgraded quality, 96 bits)
Copyright by Universal Studio
-And Nothing Else Matteres - "Metallica"
(22hz downgraded quality, 96 bits)
Copyright by Metallica
-Unforgived Part I - "Metallica"
(22hz downgraded quality, 96 bits)
Copyright by Metallica

All these soundtracks are for sampling use only, if you really like them when get your ass to the mall and buy them. Belive me this Massacre thingy runs much beter with 120bit, 44000hz music.


-Main Idea
-Map Design
-Sound Edeting
-Sound Selection

-Sound Recording
-Script Edeting

-Hours of betta-Testing
-Tons of Support

Plz sent any comments and/or suggestions to:
Or post it on AoK PUNK team` forum:

Hope you enjoyed this map as well as all our other stuff...

Btw, Rage of the Dutch Fisherman Episode I coming in a month or so, we
had accidently erased 2 of 6 maps, so we have to redo them. We
really sorry about it.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Angel Rasher
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
AoK Punk is certainly making a name for themselves among the top AoK Designers, even at this early stage in the life of the game. Simply put, this scenario is THE MUST PLAY if you are looking for a bloody, intense multiplayer action. If you have not read my review of the earlier version, you should definitely do so, as this scenario is similar to the original. HOWEVER, it is much improved. Some great new additions include better map design, more intense gameplay, some semblance of a storyline, beautifully rendered dialogue, soundtrack, ability to build Walls and Towers, and a host of other great new features, more than I can even list.

All four players start with a small fortress. So far this might sound like your average scenario, except for one thing: You have no units, no resources, and no buildings with which to build units! Now, before you freak out, let me explain that ALL units are created by triggers. Every number of seconds you will get a couple of units, which vary depending on which player you are. In the new version, unit production will not start until you bring a trade cart to your castle. This adds a sort of "race" to the start of the scenario, and once you reach your castle you receive a much-needed "tour" of your town, complete with profession-sounding dialogue. Now the bloodbath begins. It is possible to gain upwards of 300 units.

Although this sounds like it could disintegrate into a simple free-for-all, it does not. A lot of strategy is still involved, and the new ability for Walls and Towers can make a HUGE difference in the way the scenario is played. Ultimate Massacre is very well balanced, and is definitely the most fun multiplayer scenario yet. Only a few things keep this from getting a perfect rating: first of all, there are sometimes simply too many units on the map. It can get really confusing, and adds a lot of lag. Second of all, when a player resigns, his units keep building up, though they sit around doing nothing. So, he can have like 500 units, all just sitting around doing nothing.

Also, this scenario may not appeal to people who prefer a more resource-oriented scenario, or those with a quest-style preference. The final thing is that there could be more of a story, even for a multiplayer scenario. Such as some more messages as the scenario progresses, and maybe some warnings if the enemy gets too close to your castle. This scenario can also be played singleplayer, so some messages should have been added for those who prefer to play by themselves.

Overall, this is simply a great scenario, by far the best multiplayer one yet. Only those few things mentioned keep this from a perfect rating. AoK Punk is one of the designers to watch in the future, and I am sure that we can expect many more great scenarios from them as time goes on.

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Map Design5.0
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Size:1.14 MB