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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction - TC Edition

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Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction - TC Edition

Author File Description
Mark Stoker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 7
This version of "Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction" requires the Conquerors expansion pack. If you do not own the expansion pack, please download the standard AoK version.

"Tamerlane moved like a whirlwind through Asia, commanding both fear and awe throughout the world. Rising to power in 1369 on the ruins of the Mongol Empire, his great armies criss-crossed Asia from Delhi to Moscow, conquering and re-conquering, razing some cities, sparing others. His activity was relentless and unending. His fame spread quickly to Europe, where he remained for centuries a figure of romance and horror."

"Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction" is a seven-scenario campaign about Tamerlane, the last of the great nomad conquerors. In this campaign you must lead Tamerlane as he rises from the chief of a small Mongol tribe to the conqueror of the Middle East.

- Six playable scenarios
- One cut-scene scenario
- Seven soundtracks
- Fun yet historically accurate gameplay
- Battle scenes that don't lag
- Supports all difficulty levels
- Game style is a combination of role-playing, fixed-force, and build-and-destroy.

This campaign also includes an 8.3Mb Music Pack (This is the same music pack that is used in the AoK version of this campaign. If you have already downloaded it, you do not need to download it again). It is not required, but please download it if you have a fast connection. This campaign includes music from the following albums:

"Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears
"BraveHeart" soundtrack
"Caravan" by Kronos Quartet
"The Edge" by Gnomusy
"Gladiator" soundtrack
"Music of the Crusades" by The Early Music Consort of London

This music is for sampling use only. Please do not copy it or circulate it among your friends. If you really like the music, go out and buy the CDs. All of these CDs are great, except maybe one of them ;-)


Campaign Designer: Mark Stoker (member of SCN Punk Team)

Playtesters (AoK version): Bob Michaels, Crusader14, EUIX, Freedumb, Gray Wolf, The Great Alexander, Manowar, Strider, and Transcora

Playtesters (TC version): AKM_3, Cat, GR8guy, RoyalLord, and The Red Chimp

Additional Credits:
- Beatrice Forbes Manz: Author of "The Rise and Rule of Tamerlane" (used to research the history for this campaign).
- The Downward Spiral: For letting me use some music and sounds from "The Nexus" campaign.
- The Rasher: "Map Tricks" scenario.
- Steve Ryan: For letting me use some sounds from the "Legend" campaign.
- Strider: For helping me find some great music.
- Sybex: Official Scenario Design Toolkit.

Mark Stoker - SCN Punk Team

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
jasthom Why this new version? The previous one works fine with my AOK-TC mode. Whats with the self-destructing gates in the 2nd scenario anyway ?
Frosty Outstanding Campaign.
One of the very best.
Mr. Stoker has mastered the art of intricate triggers.
The AI was well done, as was the map...Oh the Map..
For a player created map, it rivals the best that the ES could make. Absolutly great map and trigger work!
The only thing that I saw that was wrong was the characters. While the plot was well written and thought out, (obviously researched)
Gawain? - Gawain was a Knight of the Round Table. He was one of King Athur's favorites, up there with Sir Lancelot.
I was wondering what he was doing riding with the Horde =)
Anothe great thing about this campaign is, the music... The music pack is excellent. And the use of Brittney Spears is halarious!
The balance is excellent in this campain as well... If you want a real challenge try it on Hard Difficulty. Lets just say I had to save many times =)
All and all a GREAT Campaign, a Must Download, the TC Version is better than the AOK Version.
I give it a 5 out of 5!
Great job SCNPunk
Can't wait to see whats next =)
Just my 2 cents =)
DufferDave On a scale from 1 to 10, I could only give you a "10"! This was an excellent campaign! Looking forward to the next one.
Really enjoyed the music too.

Alfred Really well thought out scenarios. It really gives you a feeling of satisfaction, that you have truly used all of your wits and skill - in order to win. I've gotten past the Imperial City Scenario,...but, I have to confess, I can't find the answer to the next one. When I find the answer,..I know I'll be beating my head against the wall...again!!!
Alfred Oh,..yes,..leave it to me, not leave well enough alone... I just want to say that I sense a new level of "mellowing out", and maturity, your group. You've come a long way from "The Drunk Monk"!!!...I remember we had quite a rowe about that one,..he,..he....No,..actually, I always recognized your genius. Now, seem to care more about those who are playing your campaigns, cut us some slack!!
Cloud With a rating of 5.0, I can do nothing but downloading it..
El Moro Puta que campaña tan buena!!
Te pasaste, compadre!

Britney??...noooo!!! jajaja

Grande Sudamerica!
Viva Chile
the_red_chimp awesome.I shouldv'e downloaded the final cut earlier but i didn't. The beta was great and I still have it. So here goes. Thanks for including me in credits.
pabsthooligan This campaign looked great, but I faced some real problems.
In the first scenario, after the scout gets off the transport, nothing happens. Somebody else reported this bug, too, but I still had to "I R Winner" it.

The second scenario was great! Incredible map, great battle, hard but not impossible, creative things to keep a player busy (escorting the gold), and so on. The beginning had a little too much "point and click" interaction, RPG-style, but some people like that.

After the second scenario, the program crashed. I couldn't play any of the other scns because attempting to load the third one killed AOK. No clue why it didn't work for me but did for others.
Damn shame, because the second scn was so good.
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