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Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction - TC Edition

Author File Description
Mark Stoker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 7
This version of "Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction" requires the Conquerors expansion pack. If you do not own the expansion pack, please download the standard AoK version.

"Tamerlane moved like a whirlwind through Asia, commanding both fear and awe throughout the world. Rising to power in 1369 on the ruins of the Mongol Empire, his great armies criss-crossed Asia from Delhi to Moscow, conquering and re-conquering, razing some cities, sparing others. His activity was relentless and unending. His fame spread quickly to Europe, where he remained for centuries a figure of romance and horror."

"Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction" is a seven-scenario campaign about Tamerlane, the last of the great nomad conquerors. In this campaign you must lead Tamerlane as he rises from the chief of a small Mongol tribe to the conqueror of the Middle East.

- Six playable scenarios
- One cut-scene scenario
- Seven soundtracks
- Fun yet historically accurate gameplay
- Battle scenes that don't lag
- Supports all difficulty levels
- Game style is a combination of role-playing, fixed-force, and build-and-destroy.

This campaign also includes an 8.3Mb Music Pack (This is the same music pack that is used in the AoK version of this campaign. If you have already downloaded it, you do not need to download it again). It is not required, but please download it if you have a fast connection. This campaign includes music from the following albums:

"Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears
"BraveHeart" soundtrack
"Caravan" by Kronos Quartet
"The Edge" by Gnomusy
"Gladiator" soundtrack
"Music of the Crusades" by The Early Music Consort of London

This music is for sampling use only. Please do not copy it or circulate it among your friends. If you really like the music, go out and buy the CDs. All of these CDs are great, except maybe one of them ;-)


Campaign Designer: Mark Stoker (member of SCN Punk Team)

Playtesters (AoK version): Bob Michaels, Crusader14, EUIX, Freedumb, Gray Wolf, The Great Alexander, Manowar, Strider, and Transcora

Playtesters (TC version): AKM_3, Cat, GR8guy, RoyalLord, and The Red Chimp

Additional Credits:
- Beatrice Forbes Manz: Author of "The Rise and Rule of Tamerlane" (used to research the history for this campaign).
- The Downward Spiral: For letting me use some music and sounds from "The Nexus" campaign.
- The Rasher: "Map Tricks" scenario.
- Steve Ryan: For letting me use some sounds from the "Legend" campaign.
- Strider: For helping me find some great music.
- Sybex: Official Scenario Design Toolkit.

Mark Stoker - SCN Punk Team

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Overall Rating: 4.8

Playability: (5)

According to the Reviewing Guidelines, the playability category is “simply a gauge of how much fun you had playing this particular scenario.” Well... I loved it. I had just finished re-playing all of the official AoK:TC campaigns and I went to AoKH to find another like them. This one fit the bill wonderfully, and I loved playing it.

Balance: (4)

--Prologue: The Siege at Balkh – This was a cinematic; balance does not rate if it is part of a campaign.
--The Blue Horde – You were given a small set of units and then sent out to make it across hostile territory. I was worried that it would be impossible, but it turned out to be reasonably balanced here. Once you got the city, you would have assumed it would be easier. In fact, it was still well balanced, since the enemy kept up the string of attacks to keep you constantly on the defensive for a while. Well balanced.
--Lord of the Horizon – Once again, very well balanced. The start was a guaranteed loss, but it was intended that way. Once you got the city, you would have assumed it would be easier, since you now had defenses and an army. In fact, it was still well balanced, since the enemy, as in ‘The Blue Horde’, kept up a long strong of attacks to keep you constantly on the defensive for a while. I also liked the idea of a side-enemy demanding tribute. That kept it even more well balanced, as you never knew when he would turn on you.
--Regicide – Well balanced. Whenever you think you are gaining the upper hand, a trebuchet shows up and proves you wrong. But then the enemy holds back enough where you can defend your town. I loved the back-and-forth balance here.
--The Imperial City – Well….uumm…. it was well balanced once I figured out how to get additional troops to help me break into the prison. I didn’t find the slave-owner unit until I had died four times on prison break-in attempts. It was partially my fault, since I didn’t realize there were “orange units” to talk to within the Imperial City. I thought the orange units were only in the orange towns. Still, I couldn’t give you a perfect 5 in this category.
--The Subjugation of Syria – While the main game play was general B&D, the saboteurs you were able to get gave you an un-beatable advantage. All you had to do in order to win was to mine gold and then use saboteurs. (I tried it, just to see if it worked, and I was able to defeat the enemy using nothing but saboteurs.) This greatly lowered the balance score here.
--Thunderbolt – This scenario was a little harder for me. It required more subtle tactics than I am used to in order to defend the oasis. That, however, was not what lowered this score to a 4, since that was my fault. What lowered your score was twofold: 1) There was a constant hail of attacks on my base while I was trying to get fortified after losing much of my army at the oasis, which made it difficult to establish a base of operations, and 2) The king fleeing to the west. After one of my scouting units strayed too close to the castles, the king fled (I had withheld from attacking the castles, because I had gotten the impression that the king would not flee until the castle was attacked). My cavalry were in position attacking the city’s eastern flank, and they tried to catch him, but they couldn’t reach him in time. So I lost, after being careful to do everything right. Not too balanced in that regard. Other than those two points, it was a combination of area-defense and standard B&D with average balance.

Creativity: (5)

--Prologue: The Siege at Balkh – Very well put together and creative. You did it well. It was intriguing, even though it was an extended cutscene. The ways in which you portrayed the story were good as well. It felt quite real.
--The Blue Horde – Very nice. At first, I was thinking it would be a boring, walk around the enemy and then win. Instead, I found experimenting monks, sudden cavalry charges, traitors, and a man selling a longboat that wouldn’t help you at all. Then, when I thought it was over, I find that I have to build a city and annihilate the enemy. Surprise!
--Lord of the Horizon – Wow. I loved the ability to chose between the two towns, and, as I said above, the idea of a side-enemy demanding tribute. I really liked those aspects of being able to make more choice in the flow of the campaign.
--Regicide – Don’t think I’ve ever seen a user-created scenario where you are forced to fight as one guy, and then his enemy who is really the good guy. Very unique idea, while tying in the basic regicide game-play. I also liked Subotai randomly coming into the game. It was a seemingly random move that caught me off-guard.
--The Imperial City – I liked the creativity of it all (wow… that was redundant). It was all a fixed-force find-and-destroy, but it had such a spread in scenery and methods that it still wins a 5.0 here. The slave thing was also something I was not expecting and had not seen before.
--The Subjugation of Syria – While the saboteurs may have detracted from your balance score, they really helped here. As this scenario was otherwise just basic B&D, the saboteurs kept your creativity rating up for this scenario.
--Thunderbolt – Very nice. I liked the idea of the alliance with the neighboring tribes, and their subsequent anger when I mined on their land. Very well done, there. I had also never played a scenario where the first goal was to defend a desert oasis. Unique idea.

Map Design: (5)

--Prologue: The Siege at Balkh – The entire map looked brilliant. It was a well designed city, and the mine, countryside, and village were also very well put together. Good arrangement within areas, and an overall nice use of available space.
--The Blue Horde – Incredible. The use of eye candy was nice, and the varying of terrain and scenery kept me going. There were many nice areas of un-discovered scenery as well, such as the marshes and the wolf den. Well done.
--Lord of the Horizon – Again: wow. You have a serious talent for Map Design, my friend. My favorite part of this scenario: I absolutely loved the half-destroyed town. It looked as if it had been attacked and left to burn, which was the desired feel. I also loved the shipyards in the first city, and the overall varying of terrain. Well done here.
--Regicide – It seems as thought I can’t say “wow” enough in this review. Incredible map design. You varied the terrain well. You used the entire map. The city lay-outs were well thought-out, and they looked incredible.
--The Imperial City – I need to find another word for “wow.” Umm… amazing. This map, as with the others, had an amazing spread of detailed and diverse map types and scenery. Well done, again.
--The Subjugation of Syria – Very well done. I loved your ability to create multiple, distinct tribes within one map. I especially liked the way in which you made it clear that Tripoli was an active port city. Well done here.
--Thunderbolt – Very nice. My favorite part of this scenario’s map design was the use of elevation to create sand dunes. I had never seen this before, though it makes complete sense to do, and it worked very well. The oasis looked brilliant. I especially loved the diverse use of forage bushes, trees, flowers, and so on, as opposed to using just trees as one would usually find in an AoK oasis.

Story/Instructions: (5)

The storyline was awesome, and you did I very good job with instructions. The “hints” sections were very helpful, and I likely would have failed on numerous occasions without them. The story was well developed, thanks to the “History” sections, the “Instructions” sections, and the in-game dialogue. Also, very nice use of the “Scouts” section, something which many scenario designers do not use nowadays. Very well thought out story; the story you provided was on the same level as those of the official AoK:TC campaigns. Well done here.

Additional Notes:
Recommended for Download
Very well done scenarios, and an amazing overall campaign. This campaign is of the same caliber as the official AoK and AoK:TC campaigns, and is just as enjoyable to play. Varying types of maps and scenarios keep the campaign diverse and creative. Well done.

[Edited on 01/12/09 @ 06:17 AM]

mangusto I changed my mind. great campaign!

[Edited on 08/23/14 @ 02:56 AM]

Ronnie Junior To the Author:

Can I translate this campaign to my language, Portuguese(using the campaign Manager)?

I assure that I will not post this campaign in other sites, I just want to understand it better and learn tricks to do a good campaign.

I understand if you refuse my propost.
Official Reviewer
If you translate it for your own use and do not post or distribute the campaign, it should be okay. Btw we have six files in Portuguese at the Blacksmith; you find them by putting Portuguese into title under Advanced Search.

Age Of Soccer V2, Forte San Korvus, Portuguese campaign v.3, João Victor's Adventures, Aldeia dos macacos (demo) and EC-AOK-01 - A Cathedral.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
One of the best campaigns by one of the best authors

Playability: 5
Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction is a fun and humorous campaign which is a mix of B&D, RPG, FF, RPS … everything! 100% on all of this. You have FF, B & D, RPG, RPS all thrown in with a tremendous effect, so that the playability is effortless.

Balance: 5
Extremely challenging in many areas. Much micromanagement is required. It's definitely winnable, however. Lots of side goals and quests to fulfil. The campaign brings the best out all of the game styles.

Creativity: 5
The were many creative aspects. There was a lot of humour, like when Minamoto was being tortured with Brittany Spears Music and the multiple choices you can do.
I liked how in the second scenario how you could choose what city you wished to build your base in and the different BONUS Mission which Mark Stoker implemented is the campaign.

Map Design: 5
This campaign has seven beautiful maps. Mark Stoker has used loads of Eye-Candy and there are wonderful uses of terrain mixing. Also there is a good use of GAIA Items. These maps are 100%. Very Detailed.

Story/Instructions: 5
A historically accurate telling of Tamerlane in a seven scenario campaign. The story was very fun, enjoyable and interesting. The Instructions were very clear and I knew what to do at all points.

Additional Comments:

vonstranglej just finished-awesome campaign!
CommandoDude Very good campaign. A love the detail, and was surprised to find how much effort was put into parts of the map that were well out of the way. Although, there could have been more stuff out there, oh well.

The only thing I would have to complain about was the script writing, which was sorely lacking in some aspects. Especially the dungeon scene with...Britney Spears music...There's such a thing as breaking the fourth wall, and then there's breaking game immersion. Some sentences could have been made...better. I guess.
TheLaughingMule This file is 10 years old. Good to see that folks are still enjoying it.
DarkSymphony I'm new to this place and just recently came back to Age of Kings. Ss far this is the best campaign i've come across. Lots of interesting tasks and superb designing. 10/10 from me.

[Edited on 04/20/11 @ 06:23 AM]

nico_khan14 Man I have to say it was awesome!!! i think its the best job i have ever seen!! i would be glad about know what other campaigns you hace done!
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Map Design5.0
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