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The Last Samurai

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
The Last Samurai

This is a fictional scenario about a samurai called Nobunaga. The story takes place in feudal Japan where misery and chaos prevail.

V110 Features:

-Over 346 triggers.
-The story is a mixed of several of my favorite video games, Japanese animations, and Samurai movies.
-Talk to everyone you meet by selecting unit(s).
-Main characters (units with name) will have new comments/information as you progress through the game.
-4 Cities, 3 towns, 2 villages, and more.
-The game has plenty of secret scenes and dialogue, which help understand the story better.
-Features Xpension advantages.
-RPG elements such as gaining experience after every battle and more.
-Lightning Samurai Action.

Finally, I would like to thank all the playtesters because they have contributed a lot on improving and optimizing this game into what you see today.

Good luck and most importantly have fun!!!

The story continues in The Last Samurai II/The Last Samurai III Demo
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Conquistador
Map Design5.0
After considerable criticism about the former mark of this campaign, I came to the decision of revising the review.

The playability, like in the orginal review, is just awesome. The author is excellent at using triggers to make up an enjoyable play experience. All the mission issued to you are exciting and there is hardly a dull moment in the entire game.

The balance was revised completely (for those of you who recall the balance was a 2). Why? Because this time I actually took the time to explore the game and found TONNES of additionals. I also tried to do a different thing than the first time I played it and found the ending to be totally different. I was so impressed that I boosted the mark up.

The creativity mark is not changed. Other than the the rewards of increased HP from killing units, there was no super-impressive things that are required for a 5. But a 4 is pretty good.

The map design is simply awesome. Like I said before, in this particular area, the author is worthy of being compared to some of the best scenario designers out there. His map is just phenominal as there were lots of eye-candy and it just looked beautiful.

The story mark was also boosted as I found there was actually a story in the campaign. I didn't realize it the last time I reviewed it. This was one of the major reasons for the revised review. The story wasn't exceptional, however, so a 4 will have to suffice.

+ Points

-excellent map
-compelling gameplay
-reasonable balance if you explore all the possibilities

- Points

-just an average RPG
-lacking in the story

Final thoughts: Definitely one of the best scenarios I've ever played and the second one to get into the Best of Aok that I have reviewed. This revised review should be regarded more than the old one, for those who read the original one. Keep up the good work, Cereberus!
Map Design5.0
A wonderful campaign. The reason why I'm re-reviewing this is because I feel the author did a better job than Stan thought. Anyway...

Excellent! Brilliant even! I never got bored. It it wonderful to play. It is impossible to describe how replayable it is. I've replayed this so many times! I have never regretted downloading this.

The balance was ok, but the author needs to make things harder. Nobunaga never died. But that's just me. Anyway, try to make it more challenging if you ever create another scenario/campaign or update this.

The author was very creative. The author was very creative with all his tricks in the scenario. I would feel urged to compare this to Chiang Ning's William Warrior of the Sun. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough and it left me wanting for more. Also, as people have said, he used already used names in the scenario. If you take things from movies/books in a campaign not based on the movie/book then I deduct one point.

Map Design:
The author is a talented map designer. Everything on the map was beautiful and contribute to my fun. I never if not rarely like scenarios which have bad maps.

Brilliant! I loved it. And I don't remember a single spelling error. The author including a list of cities in the scouts section was something which I had never seen before.

Final Verdict:
All you people out there! I am pleased to announce we have a future expert map designer here! If you loved Chiang Ning's William Warrior of the Sun or any RPG for that matter, download this now! You will not regret it! You will never regret it! Your CPU, mind and heart are crying out for this! Download it now! Btw, one last thing. If you want to be Ingo Van Thiel Cerbrerus, make up your own names. Please? If you need some, email me and I'll be glad to give you some(my family used to live in Japan).
Map Design5.0
"The Last Samurai" is by far one of the greatest RPG available at the blacksmith. This campaign has also received some pretty good and detailed reviews, but yet I can't say that the final score was doing justice to this campaign.

The playability was absolutely amazing. The game was very fun and entertaining for the whole quest. This game also features tons of secrets goodies that will keep gamers busy for a long time. As an illustration, by trying unusual thing such as changing diplomacy and killing Lord Shimaru I discovered some sweet extra dialogues. In addition, this campaign is huge and it is literally bug free which is surprising and it's a great thing for gamers.

The balance was on the easy side for most of the game as it is quite difficult to die. However, at the closing of this adventure "The Last Samurai" becomes far more challenging and may require a bit of tactics. In short, if the balance had been slightly harder, the campaign's balance would have been right on.

As far as the creativity is concern this game really delivers. CerberusXXL included a lot of new concept such gaining experience like real RPGs. Furthermore, the way that the secrets are unlocked was also very creative as the players are rewarded by trying new things or at different time during the game. The way that the cities and country side were designed were also very creative and really helped to draw the players further into the game.

The map design in "The Last Samurai" was absolutely brilliant. I must
admit that this is one of the best map design that I have seen and it deserves to remembered among the classics such as the Quest and the Swallowed Realm series. To be more specific about the map design I have to mention how much attention to the details have been included into the cities and countryside. The final results really pays off as everything seems to blend in, which creates a very picturesque map.

The story line was quite intriguing and really draws the player into the game. However, there is a catch. If the player simply complete the missions that are mandatory without trying the secrets the story line won't be complete, so it is a must that players go after the secrets. The secrets missions and extras are very fun and worth the extra efforts. Moreover, the instructions were perfect. Everything was flawless and if it wasn't enough there was even some map direction under the scout feature.

All in all, "The Last Samurai" is a masterpiece and an absolute must have for every campaign fans. Now, without further delays download this classic and let the good time roll.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Wonderful! Really fun to play! The game went smoothly without any bugs or lags, whatsoever. Never once did I get bored while playing, from the beginning to the end!

Balance: 5
The balance was good. However, I felt it was a little too easy sometimes. I beat the game the first time I played with not very much effort. I think the campaign should be made a little more challenging. However, I felt it was fun to play and no frustrations so I’d give it a five.

Creativity: 4
I really like how the characters gain hp/attack points as you kill more enemy units. It gives the players a sense of reward for attacking, and adds the fun factor to playability! Other than this, there really isn’t much extraordinary things in this campaign for me to give the creativity a perfect score, so I’d give it a 4.

Map Design: 4
Nicely designed map with feudal-Japan-type towns with really neat looking quoi ponds! I like how the villagers in the town walk around, working, and interact with the player. It made the town seemed very lively! Overall, the map has an enjoyable look. However, the map lacks those meticulous, extremely detailed designs such as in “The Quest” or “William Warrior of the Sun”. Hence it is definitely a 4 .... but not quite enough in my opinion to get a 5.

Story/ Instructions: 4
The instructions were very well written. Very clear! I was never confused on what my missions were in the game. I would say the same to the story: easy to understand. However, I felt the story was very unoriginal since I have played the SonyPlayStation game called “Tenchu: Stealth assassin”: this campaign was almost like a déjà vu to me. The names of the characters, the missions, and even specific dialogues were carbon copies of the Sony game “Tenchu”. I felt this campaign *borrowed* a little too much of its story from the Sony game, and was going to give it a 3. But since the author seemed to have putted in some works for making an Aok version of it, I felt it deserved +1 point for this.

Other than some unoriginalities in the story, everything else in the campaign absolutely, without little doubt, made this campaign belong in the "Best of Aok" section. This will surely be among the best and most fun RPG campaign for a long while!! If you like RPG campaigns, you should not miss The Last Samurai!!
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
REVIEW of THE LAST SAMURAI v 110, file updated 2001/07/31, considering the date of version 110 the below review is the first after the edit.

The Last Samurai is a single scenario, mainly a RPG, to become a RPS with FF elements in the end. It is the first part of the unfinished three-set Last Samurai Series, based on the Sony Play Station game Tenchu. The scenario is a classic, one of the all time best of AoK.

Japan is in great turmoil, bitter wars rage and chaos prevails during the rule of Lord Shimaru. The Samurai had sworn to serve and protect their master to the death, as Nobunaga who would lay down his life for his Lord without a moment's doubt.

PLAYABILITY: This is a story of honour, tradition and revenge. Nobunaga mourns his sister Ayame, his character was well developed with his sense of honour, his devotion and personal fate; in plus the author arranged a great atmosphere for his Samurai story, which made the scenario a very enjoyable experience, real entertainment. I liked the aspect of having some mandatory missions besides the main objective for the Lord and more side quests at the players will to gain strengths. There are many things on this map to discover, to give you pleasure and to help the story, assuring a high replay value. 5

BALANCE: As the author requested in the read me, the scenario was played on hard difficulty. The balance improved over the versions I played, the final battle is challenging, especially when the player omitted to do all the upgrades, which makes the scenario kind of difficulty level dynamic. We have to take the author's intent and goals into account. CerberusXXL: "I could have made the game really balanced, but if I had done so, the whole concept of this game wouldn't be true." You control most of the time only one character, making balance difficult but not impossible, a task the author was not even considering. At the end of the second mission Nobunaga has to defeat two guards, followed by Gemma, achievable without any pause to heal. The focus was the honourable death, the Hara-Kiri, not the fighting before. The author sacrificed challenge for playability, he wanted the player never to be bored (self healing periods), to explore a fantastic map and to develop the story during the missions. The scenarios goal is to give an impression of the life of a Samurai with its duels, which is told, not fought, a tale of honour, not of survival. 5-

CREATIVITY: The scenario is highly creative, the conversion of the Sony game Tenchu into AoK, a good job here; the units are renamed with different AP and HP, giving them individuality; creative idea to gain experience by fighting; the depths of the main character; the map design, as well as the developing balance aspects from the RPG style playing Nobunaga to the final showdown between Lord Shimarus' Samurai and the followers of the Manji Cult. 5

MAP DESIGN: CerberusXXL belongs to the top map designers of the blacksmith; the map of the Last Samurai is one of the best I have ever seen. Very detailed, good design of landscape, villages and towns with Koi ponds; snowy mountain regions in the north blend perfect to the southern warm sea climate. 5+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Clear instructions, I always knew where to go or what to do; perfect scout section with a description of every town and village; a BMP on the spot for the theme; good hints, a bit confusing as some referred to the second part of the tale and not much of a story. The Last Samurai does work as a stand up alone scenario, but the story is too simple as it stands for the highest rating; some missions, a murdered sister and the revenge. 4+

OVERALL: One of the AoK classics, a masterpiece.

OBSERVATIONS: Reading the comments and reviews I was surprised that the adaptation of a game to AoK was ground for critics and reason to knock off points. We want a historical scenario to be as true as possible, the story of Robin Hood told as we know it and Lord of the Rings followed closely by the book; Tenchu is Tenchu. ;)

SUGGESTIONS: I know that the story will have twists and develops in part two and three. The review has to rate the story for this scenario only, in other words when we review From Prince to Renegade, we rate the story of that scenario and not the story of Moses Liberator of the Hebrews. To score a perfect 5.0, place the scenarios into one .cpx and tell us the end of the story please.

IN CLOSING: D/L The Last Samurai, you get an interesting RPG and one of the best maps this game has to offer and I also recommend ID 573 The Last Samurai II /The Last Samurai III Demo.

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