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Chess style AoK

Author File Description
Cheerful Chum
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of players: 8
A Special & New Game Type: CHESS
For all you gamers who prefer tactical warfare to an economic one.

Upto 8 players can play this map. There are, however, only two player slots to chose from. Therefore, we can have a 4 player coop vs another 4 player coop... or a simple 1vs1. The choice is yours.

I just thought up a new game type very similar to the game of chess, the only difference being that this is RTS Chess. From time to time, many others along with me get a little bored with the extreme emphasis given to economy in the game. What we seek are epic battles where tactical judgements matter. A war where the better general would lead his troops to victory against an opponent with an equal or better equipped army.

The game as of now, is very much economy based. 90% of the game is economy. It doesn’t leave much scope for military tactics to be employed. Think about those great wars where a general lead his army to victory simply by proving his superiority tactically… I want that magic to be recreated in AoK. Sure, a better economy is a great boon, but so should be the use of better tactics. It should be possible for a weaker army to challenge a stronger one if it uses better tactics, in the battlefield. The key words… better tactics In The Battlefield

Currently, the “Slam-Bam-Thank-You-Mam” approach works the best, provided you have a strong economy to supply your stronger army. You plop a castle, a TC coupled with a military building or two…produce trebs and smash a town…process repeated…another town smashed. How about the edge that the mongols had over the eastern European kingdoms because of their great military tactics? I want that magic to be recreated…

Therefore I introduce you to the new game style: The AoK Chess

As in the game of chess, each player will start with an equal army in number. Only difference here will be that the civilization bonuses would make the armies a bit different. As in the game of chess, you would be required to manage your army in the best possible way to ensure victory. As in the game of chess, each type of unit here would have its own strengths and weaknesses and the winner would be the one who makes the best use of his own strength and the opponent’s weakness.

The player with an army left standing wins.

Starting Conditions
Age: Post Imperial
I suggest that players alter the unit numbers to suit the number of players. Right now I assume that most of the computers can handle 500 units on the screen, i.e, 5 player games with population limit of 100. I am listing the units for a 1vs1 game. If you plan to make a map for a 2vs2, then divide each number by 2 to get the number of units.

10 Paladins
10 Siege Onagers
20 Pikes
20 E. Skirms
10 Monks
10 H. Camels
10 Bombard Cannons

20 Elbows
20 CKNs
10 Mamelukes
10 Cataphracts
10 Mangudai
10 Samurais
20 Janissaries
10 Teutonic Knights
10 Elephants
10 Berserks
10 Huslrals

10 Saboteurs

…and lots of Outposts scattered throughout the map. The reason for the outposts is that it would give the players a reason to attack so that the opponent goes blind. For the same reason ”spies” technology should be disabled.

0 of every other resource

How the units match up
The choice of units was a major factor while thinking this all up. I shall give a brief summary about the unit types for a 1vs1 game. If you have a better plan please let me know.

Parting Note
I would need all your help to make this game a popular game type… well, it may turn out to be a flash in the pan but an extremely enjoyable one at that. How can you help?
Here is how:
1. Suggest changes to make this game a better one.
2. Make your own versions.
3. Try making map suitable for such gameplay.

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