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Relic Roundup Version 1.3

Author File Description
Magic Scenario Design Tea
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 4
Try something entirely new! This scenario is designed for a 4-Player Free For All. The emphasis IS placed on Monks, but all units are available except for ranged siege (you can makes rams aplenty). You will not win this map without first building up a large army of mixed units. Features of Relic Roundup include:

***Monk based-resource gathering!*** Direct your monks onto appropriate prayer spots and The Gods award you with resources. NO VILLAGERS OR TOWN CENTERS! That's right, with 6 monks you can gather enough resources for Epic battles.

***Start in the Castle Age*** with everything you need to produce an army of your choosing on a well-defended island fortress. Pathways interconnect each player's IDENTICAL starting location to each other and the center of the map. 2 CPU's provide walls and towers to slow initial advancement.

***Collect Relics for Upgrades!*** Progressive bonuses are awarded for collecting relics. Reach the Imperial Age by collecting 4! Some are out in the open, others are well defended...what ones do you go for first? To place emphasis on relic collection, 16 of the initial 20 are visiible by each player at the start! Are your Holy Men up to the task of collecting all 20?

***Power-Up your monks through Conversions!!*** That's right, save your resources for other upgrades, and convert enemy units to EARN them! Or bite the bullet and pay for 'em if your monks aren't having any success :)

***!!!Circle of Power!!!*** Located in the center of the map, the Circle of Power is well-defended. If you can manage to gain control of it, and have 4 of your monks pray there, powerful allies will be summoned!

Fully documented, the first 30 seconds of the game or so will introduce the newbie player to the key points of Relic Roundup. Scenario Instructions/Hints are also available in-game.

Exhaustive playtesting was done on this map to ensure a bug-free, balanced, exciting game! Things start off at a slower pace, but it doesn't take long before the blood begins to blanket the Earth...

*****IMPORTANT***** Please view the readme file and make sure that all of the files are in the proper location before attempting to host this map.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send them to: or drop by the Magic Team's Forums:

!An Indie project brought to you by _Drewcifer_ and the Magic Scenario Design Team!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
anonymous A good scenario, worth the download. It is a cool way of getting resources, but loses apeal as you get into it.

A solid scenario, but WHY DID IT GET RATED 5.0???
No offence to the author or anything, its a good scenario, but. . . 5.0?
The Downward Spiral
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
As Drewcifer (author of this indie project) pointed out, there is a major lack of reviews for multiplayer scenarios. Therefore, me and Screw (AKA AoKWizard, team member of Magic Scenario Design) took the time to play this scenario. Overall it was pretty good. For more details read below.

The scenario's Playability started out great, but eventually dropped. You started out with a small town with no Town Center and no Villagers. You must use Monks to gather resources. There are places on the map where you can take your Monks to pray to the Gods. Afterwards the Gods will reward you (only the main prayer circle worked, with the others nothing happened). This was a great idea of gathering resources. Monks were very important in this scenario. Also, at the beginning the Monks had to gather as many relics as possible. This was your source of Gold. However, the idea of gathering resources with praying was great. But it took way to long. Once you concentrated on your military rather then gathering resources, you had to wait about 15 minutes before you had an army of substantial size. Perhaps you could have provided more resources when you prayed to the Gods. Because it took way to long to get the resources you needed.

The Balance of this scenario was perfect. The map was designed so that each player had exactly the same amount of places to pray, the same amount of relics, equal towns, and all the players were the exact same distance apart. I can't find one thing wrong with the balance.

The map's Creativity was nothing less then astonishing as well. I loved the concept of using Monks to gather resources. Due to the fact Monks were so important, I found myself using Monks in battle (conversions) very often. I recall one battle consisting only of Monks. I won this battle due to the fact I converted all the other Monks before the other player. Great idea, Drewcifer!

I was disappointed with the scenario's Map Design. The elevation changes were very "blocky." I did like the flower and path bridges crossing from island to island, however. Perhaps make more natural looking elevation changes in your maps. That would have brought the score up greatly.

The scenario's Story/Instructions could use some improvement. I really had no clue what I was doing when I first played the scenario. This score would have been lower if it wasn't for the story itself. I liked the idea of the "Elephant God" and all the other gods you had to pray for. That brought the score up a bit.

Overall, if you're looking for a nice multiplayer map this map is a MUST download. Good job Magic Scenario Design Team. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to your next release!
Map Design5.0
Let's think back for a moment to when scnPunk released "AoK Punk Massacre". That had to be one of the most fun, intense and creative Multiplayer games we'd played at the time, right? Well my friends, there is another Multiplayer marvel that has come across our monitors, into our hard drives and into our Multiplaying lives and that is "Relic Roundup". When I saw the post regarding this scn, I was really interested to see what the author would do with it. In the midst of all the typical "blood" type games, it was refreshing to see a new type of MP scenario.

Well, when I got the file in my Email account, I was astonished at the whole concept of the game. You see, instead of just getting an endless stream of computer generated militia, you are treated to FULL interactivity which is why this scn got so many fives. The basic concept is easy to understand. Pray at designated spots and receive different types of tributes or rewards for doing so. After you get enough food, gold, and wood, make more Monks and pray for more. Then create units to break into your foes base and steal his relics, etc, etc. Drewcifer went through great lengths to make this game as playable as possible.

In most multi-player games, you are so bent on destroying the other guy, scenery and little details don't matter. Well, no corners were cut in this masterpiece. Just looking at the map in an overall perspective shows that there was great care and time put into this game. Let your fingers stroll over to the triggers section and marvel at the amount of triggers, conditions and effects that were squeezed into the AoK editor. EVERY trigger serves an important purpose and I am glad the author took the time with them. But, he didn't stop there. The author even employed the aid of well known and respected AoK map and trigger experts. I don't think I can rave enough about this game.

I don't think it's really possible to rate the balance of a Multiplayer game because individual skills and strategies will play a large part in the balance. But I will say this, the author made a "balanced" map in every definition of the word. The game play is up to you. Also, in regards to instruction, if you just read the "Authors Comments" you will see that every aspect of the game, including instructions, is covered. Definitely worthy of a five.

In my opinion, this game well deserves the great score it has received. It not only is a fun game, but it is chock full of creative ideas, and obviously time and energy. My suggestion, my friends, is to grab this Masterpiece quickly, load it up on the Zone and have a great time...I know I sure enjoyed it.

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Map Design4.0
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