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A Fight for your Life III

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 10
This is the third story in the A Fight for your Life series. Any information you will find in the Readme.txt file. Feel free to email me with questions, comments, sound files, and of course, you can review it.
The last cupple scenarios are not exactly what I wanted, and you will find out why in the readme.

ICQ: 95489374
AIM: DarkshineKnight4

6 out of 10 scenarios have 100 or more triggers.
Highly detailed maps. (Before the Golden land. I think. :))
Not as long as the second one.
New people
Music for some scenarios. (If you want this, email me. If you have hotmail, there might be a problem. Unless you have hooked it up to Outlook Express like me.)
If you like the other ones, you must get this one.

Alright, here is the "history/storyline."

It has been a short three years since William Wallace, Joan of Arc, Guy Josselyne, Belisarius, and La Hire killed King Roland. The world seems to be getting better. In fact, almost the way it was before The Dragon was destryed. Trees have grown back, the animal population has grown, fish are reappearing, and grass has made the earth green once again. So it seems that only the heroes knew about the "gate" and have kept it a secret...or so they thought.
The gate as you might recall was disturbed and was slowly transforming into a "black hole". This "black hole" was "killing" Wallace's world by combing both worlds. The disturbence was from when The Dragon was destroyed. The blast from The Dragon ruptured the delicate balance of the gate and did what it did. William Wallace was able to kill The Empire, but also died in the process. There was a way to bring Wallace back. And that way was to go into the gate. Joan and La Hire went through the gate and was able to bring Wallace back to life...and also brought back something else. A farie named Locke was able to get into La Hire's head. The heroes were able to seal the gate, so that a war between the Golden Land and the Green Land would never happen. Or so they thought.

As you might remember, Wallace and Joan got married at Castle City Jad after killing King Roland. After that, these two love birds was able to make a kingdom named The Land of the Bearded Dragons. The kingdom has been a great place. These two can not have all. But they were happy anyways.

Ah yes, sir Guy Josselyne tried to start his own kingdom called The Greatest Hero's Kingdom." But, it started out fine, but soon bombed due to Josselyne's bad rule. The peasents kicked him out and was going to kill him , but since he was able to kill King Roland, they just said to never return. And they also renamed the kingdom. Josselyne want back to being Belisarius' body guard.

Lord Belisarius, King of Doma isn't far from The Land of the Bearded Dragons. Since Belisarius was able to get Castle Doma back from The Empire, Belisarius did some remolding and has become a wonderfull place to live. Thses two kingdoms trade witheach other all the time.

King Arthur was given back Daventry after The Empire was no more. The heroes had to go her and go through the World Temple to correct the world. Even though Arthur had his doubts about them coming back, the heroes were able to not only go to this temple, but they were also able to fix the world. King Arthur and The Land of Daventry in still up in the ice caps.

Charles Martell, or Jax Figaro, was able to build a new Figaro Castle, and South Figaro. Charlemange is living in South Figaro. Jax was given back Figaro's land when The Empire was no more. These two place are still located in the desert.

The former leader of The Empire has given up all the land he had taken over. When La Hire found out that Wallace was his brother, he stopped the war. While in the Golden Land, he was able to give Wallace life again, but was also able to bring back a friend named Locke, a farie that lives in La Hire's head. Locke also gave La Hire a sword that is called the Golden Sword. La Hire has never been sighted back in Wallace's kingdom, but go to Doma quite often. There he gets the goods he needs and go back to what he was doing sailing the world.

Grasslands Country Forcena hasn't grown much, but the population shure has. King Richard now has started his training again to help the heroes out. Even though when The Dragon was destroyed, so was a part of the city. But it's fine.

Castle City Jad has gone back to the way it was. Docks are always full, gold has shown it's shinny side again. But can you belive this, the city brings in OVER 1 million gold a WEEK!

It seemed that everything was fine and dandy. Ontill a person by the name of King Dragon sent a letter to Belisarius. But how could this be? Well, it seems that the gate has opened. Well, not the old one, but a new gate. And King Dragon was able to go in and out of it. And he's come here for some reason...
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Before I begin, for your benefit, there is a spoiler at the bottom. Please note it will document only new characters and what is interesting in the storyline. Also, I had to rewrite this review because my computer crashed so I had to totally reqrite this.


In the first scenario, you cannot win. This is one of 2 or 3 other bugs which forced me to rate it at 3. In the 2nd scenario, you can easily bypass the trigger that prevents access to the main gate. In another scenario, the monk does not heal your units. In the 2nd last scenario, you cannot win without cheating. Apparently, when your units die, you immediately lose even if it was KD who did it.


Excellent balance. However, there are times when it's very hard. I won't mention them as they're very minor.


There are a lot of tricks included here which are impressive. Such as losing HP in the desert due to scorching heat. However, in the last scenario there is a huge ripoff of copyrighted material. From where? No other than Hollywood. See spoiler for more.

Map Design:4

Map Design was good but not impressive. Nothing much else to say about it.


Excellent story. However spelling mistakes forced me to deduct points.

Overall, I recommend you download this campaign now. All veterans of the series, you will not regret this.

P.S. I would've made the review longer, but I lost the bulk of my review in the crash.



There are many new characters. i won't disclose their names, however I will disclose their genders.

New Male Characters:3 good, 1 bad
New Female Characters:1 good, 0 bad

I shall disclose events of 3 of the last scenarios now.

7th scenario.

The beginning of the end. You lose one major character(no, it's not a charcter from the old campaign).

9th scenario

After using my campaign to scenario extractor to view the triggers, I have discovered the author intended for all characters to die except for Wallace. Who killed them? King Dragon and the evil Darkshine Knight who is introduced in the 2nd scenario. In the 10th(and last)scenario......

10th scenario

Prepare, for Bearded Dragon rips off Star Wars. Can you say....

Darkshine Knight: William, I am your father.

Anybody who knows Star Wars will know what happens here.

Finally, I believe this is the last in the series. Why? All characters except for Wallace died. And besides, the author doesn't seem to have anymore time, interest or demand to continue the series. Goodbye forever, dear series.

Map Design5.0
Okay, im not sure if this is the last one, but ill keep a lookout if you make anyothers......alright?

I gave this a 4 because I thought it was kinda fun through out the whole campaign...but I am VERY close to a 3 though.

5 is good. Since he has = both the "heroes" and the other units. Once again, not to hard, nor to easy. Although, some were a little hard...but not to bad.

I thought the creativity was alright. Not as creative as the second one though. Although, I had NO clue that ______ was ______ ________. (I don't want to spoil it. Play it for yourself!)

Map Design
One and last 4 on this review. The map design was good, but a little better than the second one, but WAY better than your first! Toward the end, the maps were getting cheap, and you could do WAY better throughout this whole series.

I have really enjoyed the storylines of the "A Fight for your Life" series. A sad ending though, thus I think it's the end of these great series? (I hope not!)

Overall, I say once again, if you liked the "A Fight for your Life" series, this is a MUST. It was a little buggy, but he says why (Or so I belive...) in the read me. And I belive that if he would not have been so busy, that it would have excelled! Well, if this is the last of the series, than I shall be done with the reviews. (I won't even bother reviewing the Magus one...quite bad.)
Map Design4.0
Well, first off let me say that all campaigns are hard to make, and most people (me) can not make them or get a series going like Bearded_Dragon. I know that it isn't as good as say The Quest or any other 5.0 campaign, but I have found that ALL of the "A Fight for your Life" series are worth the download. As you play through all these series, you find that each one gets better and better with the graphics, storyline, (Spelling, cursing ext.) and how the people interact with the suroundings.

Alright, just to say that this is my first review, so DON'T (please) make fun of me. :)

Some might say, "That's too high!" Others may say, "That's a good pick." But I am doing the REVIEW, so I may as what I want. I gave it a 5 because after I beat it, I went BACK through it just to see how the people and story came into one. So, I played it over and over.

You know, I have seen that Bearded_Dragon really tried to balance the units out, which isn't always easy to do. But...he didn't even them out to great. I would say that it is about (Thats right, ABOUT.) over average.

Not as creative as his second one. The second one had the ending part (I'm not going to give it away.) AND the Haunted Forest was VERY creative...but this one DID NOT have those in it. :( (I like the forest!) But, the whole thing with the enemies having magic powers (I believe so...) and able to disapear, AND to kill a unit. So, I say that if it wasn't for the desert that hurts you, I WOULD have given it a four, but since it had that, I gave it a five!

Map Design
A Fight for your Life I- BAD maps
A Fight for your Life II- Gets better toward the end
A Fight for your Life III- Good maps.

Alright, so I WOULD have given it a 5 BUT...the last couple of maps didn't really have ANY map design though.

Ah yes, the story! Throughout the WHOLE series, I have LOVED the story! And I loved this one also, but I have to say, did he HAVE to end it like this?! I am not going to say what happend, but I WILL say it kinda made me sad and mad. Sad because how it ended. (Once again I am NOT going to say.) And it made me mad because I think the way he ended it, there will be NO MORE of these GREAT series! I hope not!

Alright, I know that people arn't going to agree on or with me, but then again there ARE people that agree with me! I said it once, and so I'll say it again...


Knight of 2000
The Conquistador
Map Design3.0
This campaign has got to be one of the worst I have ever played.

Playability: There was none.. you have no idea what you are doing and the townspeople yap their mouths off but don't tell you what you do.

Balance: There was no balance.. not an enemy in site.

Creativity: It was reasonable, but nothing spetacular here. Actually, not much of anything.

Map Design: I don't see why the map design was any good in the eyes of TWO reviewers, it was no better than a modified Black Forest map that would only take about thirty minutes to take its roughest shape.

Story/Instructions: As I don't know what I am doing and I get stuck all the time because there is nothing other than the main objective screen letting me know what to do, I didn't see a story nor a good set of instructions. I am afraid this mark will have to do.

Final Thoughts: Just your average 'slap it together in two days and then release it' campaign. Defintely not worth the download. It will be a total waste of your time.

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Map Design4.0
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